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York Course Reviews

York College (CUNY)

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BUS 476Systems Analysis and Design00000
CHEM 490Independent Study00000
BIO 490Independent Study00000
BUS 366Transportation Management00000
BUS 220Fundamentals of Cybersecurity00000
BIO 234Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CHEM 241Instrumental Methods of Analysis00000
AVIA 100Private Pilot Ground Course00000
BLST 202The Black Experience in the Caribbean00000
AVIA 400Aircraft Ground Preparation00000
BUS 360Airport and Aviation Security00000
BUS 287Communities, Social Network and Information00000
BENG 200Modern Bengali Literature00000
BUS 410Ethics Issues in Aviation00000
ANTH 415Advanced Seminar in Anthropology00000
CHEM 111Principles of Chemistry II00000
BIO 452Developmental Biology00000
CHEM 342Instrumental Analysis II00000
ACC 492Accounting Independent Study II00000
CLDV 210Western Civilization00000
AVIA 281Air Traffic Control00000
BTEC 489Special Topics in Biotechnology00000
ANTH 205Anthropology of Sex00000
BUS 250Aeronautics00000
AVIA 425Airline Management00000
BUS 349Entrepreneurship Basics00000
BUS 311Human Resource Management00000
AVIA 645Modern Airport Planning and Management00000
BUS 362Commercial Aviation Safety00000
ANTH 303Food and Culture00000
BUS 371Supply Chain Modeling00000
BIO 130Biology of the Brain and Behavior00000
BUS 460Information Retrieval00000
ACC 339Advanced Fraud Examination00000
CHEM 106Essentials of College Chemistry00000
BIO 301Molecular Biology and Biotechnology00000
CHEM 232Techniques of Organic Chemistry I00000
ARAB 102Elementary Arabic II00000
CHEM 322Physical Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry00000
BIO 480Theory and Experimentation in Biotechnology00000
CHEM 450Advanced Topics in Chemistry00000
ACC 245Budgeting and Comptrollership Accounting00000
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese I00000
BLST 101Introduction to Black Studies00000
CLS 330Human Anatomy and Physiology for Medical Technologists00000
ANTH 101Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
BTEC 302Theory and Methods in Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals00000
AVIA 360Airport and Aviation Security00000
BUS 201Computer Applications in Business00000
ACC 261Internal Audit II00000
BUS 237Introduction to Emergency Planning and Management00000
AVIA 414Airport Planning and Management00000
BUS 283Business Law and Ethics00000
ANTH 235Economic Anthropology00000
BUS 301Management Theory and Practice00000
AVIA 510Organizational Behavior & change in Aviation Business00000
BUS 348Production/Operations Management00000
BUS 315Health Care Management00000
AVIA 630Airline/Airport Emergency Planning & Management00000
BUS 357Family Business00000
ANTH 289Understanding Youth in the Urban Context00000
BUS 361Management of Compensation00000
AVIA 660Aviation Marketing and Strategic Planning00000
BUS 365Materials and Inventory/Production Control00000
ACC 335Auditing I00000
BUS 368E-Business Technology00000
BIO 111First-Year Seminar in Biology00000
BUS 376Organizational Knowledge Management00000
ANTH 350Anthropology of Tourism00000
BUS 420Corporate And Business Aviation00000
BIO 201Biological Principles I00000
BUS 465Enterprise Resource Planning00000
ACC 238Fraud Examination00000
BUS 491Independent Study in Management00000
BIO 265Clinical Microbiology00000
CHEM 108Principles of Chemistry I00000
ANTH 490Independent Study00000
CHEM 230Essentials of Organic Chemistry00000
BIO 311Animal Behavior00000
CHEM 235Laboratory in Organic Chemistry00000
ACC 350Income Taxation00000
CHEM 310Inorganic Chemistry00000
BIO 466Immunology00000
CHEM 330Structure and Mechanism in Biochemistry00000
ASTR 102Introductory Astronomy: Stars, Galaxies and the Universe00000
CHEM 412Biochemistry00000
BIO 487Special Topics in Biology00000
CHEM 461Biochemistry II00000
ACC 201Intermediate Accounting I00000
CHEM 491Independent Study00000
BIO 492Independent Study00000
CLDV 100Introduction to Multicultural Studies in the 21st Century00000
AVIA 237Introduction to Emergency Planning and Management00000
BLST 103Intersections: Black Women in the Atlantic World00000
ACC 102Principles of Accounting II00000
ACC 203Intermediate Accounting III00000
ACC 293Accounting Internship00000
ANTH 246Ethnology and Ethnography of North American Indians00000
AVIA 620Aviation Safety Management00000
BUS 335Case Studies In Aviation Financial Management00000