Yale Course Reviews

Yale University

AFAM 418Marx & Abolition Today00000
AFAM 518Diagnosing&DemonstratingRacism00000
AFAM 256The Migrant Image00000
AFAM 380Antebellum America00000
AFAM 303Afro-Cuban Dance History00000
AFAM 230AncGreece,Africa,BlackDiaspora00000
AFAM 455Anti-Racist Curriculum00000
AFAM 190DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 275Afterlives of Slavery in U.S.00000
AFAM 196DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 354Fictions of the Harlem Vogue00000
AFAM 325U.S. Social Policy &Inequality;00000
AFAM 215African American Art 1963-Pres00000
AFAM 403Black Women &Pop-Music; Culture00000
AFAM 185DWriting Section00000
AFAM 440Intercultural Literary Hoaxes00000
AFAM 241Music of Sub-Saharan Africa00000
AFAM 478Intro to Surveillance Studies00000
AFAM 162DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 584Inequality Race & the City00000
AFAM 193Dub & Hip-Hop00000
AFAM 287Postcolonial Theory & Lit TR00000
AFAM 170DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 310Black Disability Studies00000
AFAM 198Propaganda,Ideology &Democracy00000
AFAM 348James Baldwin After 196400000
AFAM 330Writing Trauma00000
AFAM 211Morality And Black Literature00000
AFAM 363Blackness and Mysticism00000
AFAM 184DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 396The Social Imagination00000
AFAM 222Runaways,Rebels,Wenches,Rogues00000
AFAM 408Africanamericanpoets:Modernera00000
AFAM 150DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 425Literary New Orleans Performed00000
AFAM 234Gospel Music in Church & World00000
AFAM 448Race, Gender, and Surveillance00000
AFAM 186DWriting Section00000
AFAM 469DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 248Golden Age of Television00000
AFAM 500Global Black Aesthetics00000
AFAM 115HistoriesQueer&TransPolitics00000
AFAM 537Art, Race, and the Body00000
AFAM 262Rom Coms and Cinematic Romance00000
AFAM 605Intro to Documentary Studies00000
AFAM 164Politics of "The Wire"00000
AFAM 279Black Women's Literature00000
AFAM 195Gandhi, King & Nonviolence00000
AFAM 299Black Freedom Struggles00000
AFAM 118Diagnosing&DemonstratingRacism00000
AFAM 30619th-C. Black Freedom Movement00000
AFAM 197RaceEmpireAtlanticModernities00000
AFAM 315Black Feminist Theory00000
AFAM 172DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 326The Postcolonial City00000
AFAM 201Politics of Black Religion00000
AFAM 346Black Atlantic Photography00000
AFAM 335BlackExperimental&IndepentFilm00000
AFAM 207Sexracefrcdlaboraftercivilwar00000
AFAM 352Caribbean Diasporic Literature00000
AFAM 183DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 359Gospel Music In Modern America00000
AFAM 213Medicine, Race, Slave Trade00000
AFAM 373White America00000
AFAM 148Monuments in and throughout CT00000
AFAM 381Black Feminist Theory00000
AFAM 216FamilyNarrativesCulturalsShift00000
AFAM 401Intro to Documentary Studies00000
AFAM 185Harlem Renaissance00000
AFAM 404Epistemic Oppression00000
AFAM 227FrmVotingRightActto#blacklives00000
AFAM 412Race and Comedy00000
AFAM 060Significance of Slavery00000
AFAM 422Plantation Societies00000
AFAM 231DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 428Dance & Black Popular Culture00000
AFAM 186Contesting Injustice00000
AFAM 446African Urban Cultures00000
AFAM 237Black American Women Poets00000
AFAM 450NOLA in the American Imaginary00000
AFAM 160DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 459Migrant & Refugees in Lit.00000
AFAM 246Intro African American Cinema00000
AFAM 472IndepStudy:AfricanAmerStudies00000
AFAM 190Protest Music & Black Culture00000
AFAM 485Black Cultural Theory00000
AFAM 252Cinema of the Black Diaspora00000
AFAM 507Black Atlantic Environments00000
AFAM 015Black Girls in American City00000
AFAM 522The Beautiful Struggle00000
AFAM 259Education and Empire00000
AFAM 550Race, Affect, and Cinema00000
AFAM 192Third World Studies00000
AFAM 270Poverty&PoliticsInU.S.Cities;00000
ACCT 270FoundationsAccountng&Valuation00000
AFAM 017Blk Amer Nature: AFAM Writing00000
AFAM 125DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 180Caribbean Baseball00000
AFAM 203Coltrane and Hendrix00000
AFAM 340NarrativesBlacknessLatinAmer00000