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Yale Course Reviews

Yale University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIS 633Population & PH Informatics00000
CBB 645StatMethodsinComputationalBio00000
BENG 352Biomedical Signals and Images00000
BIS 534Stochastic Models & Inference00000
BENG 434Biomaterials00000
BBS 681AdvancedTopicsin CancerBiology00000
BRST 177British Art and Landscape00000
AFAM 227FrmVotingRightActto#blacklives00000
BENG 404DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 260BlackAtlanticVisualTradition00000
BIOL 103Genetics and Development00000
BENG 463Immunoengineering00000
ASTR 666ClssiclStsticlThermodynamics00000
BIS 562Clinical Decision Support00000
AFAM 207Sexracefrcdlaboraftercivilwar00000
BIS 681Statistical Practice II00000
BENG 249Intro Biomedical Computation00000
BURM 120Elementary Burmese II00000
AFAM 184DDiscussion Section00000
CBB; 7133Rdlabrotationcompbio&Bioinfo;00000
AFAM 232Constructions of Whiteness00000
BENG 410DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 190DDiscussion Section00000
BENG 449Biomedical Data Analysis00000
ASTR 570High Energy Astrophysics00000
BENG 485Fundamentals of Neuroimaging00000
BENG 469Single-Cell Biology00000
ASTR 600Cosmology00000
BIS 505Biostatistics in PH II00000
AFAM 198Propaganda,Ideology &Democracy00000
BIS 550Topics Biomed Informatics & DS00000
BBS 503RCR Refresher for Sr BBS Stdnt00000
BIS 621Regression Models00000
AFAM 172DDiscussion Section00000
BIS 645Stat Methods in Human Genetics00000
BENG 205Discovery and Design00000
BNGL 150Advanced Bengali I00000
AFAM 215African American Art 1963-Pres00000
BRST 211Queen Victoria & Royal Reps00000
BENG 350Physiological Systems00000
CBB 555UnsupervisedLearning Big Data00000
AFAM 148Monuments in and throughout CT00000
CBB 750CoreTopicsinBiomedInformatics00000
BENG 356LDDiscussion Section00000
CBB; 752Biomedicaldatasci:Mining&Mdlng;00000
AFAM 186Contesting Injustice00000
BENG 406Medical Software Design00000
AFAM 256The Migrant Image00000
BENG 422DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 160Rise &Fall of Atlantic Slavery00000
BENG 444Medical Imaging00000
AFAM 270Poverty&PoliticsInU.S.Cities;00000
BENG 456Molecular&CellularBiomechanics00000
AFAM 192DDiscussion Section00000
BENG 467SystemsBiology ofCellSignaling00000
ASTR 575Exoplanets00000
BENG 476Advanced Computational Vision00000
BENG 472Special Projects00000
ASTR 595Astrophysical Flows00000
BIOL 101DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 196Race,Class,GenderAmerCities00000
BIOL 104Ecology & Evolutionary Biology00000
ASTR 610Theory of Galaxy Formation00000
BIS 525Seminar in Biostatistics00000
AFAM 170Sickness and Health00000
BIS 537Stat Methods Causal Inference00000
ASTR 711Professional Seminar00000
BIS 560Intro to Health Informatics00000
AFAM 202Life&WritingsFrederickDouglass00000
BIS 600Directed Readings BIS00000
BBS 640WritingScientificRsrchProposal00000
BIS 628Longitudinal&MultilevAnalysis00000
AFAM 125The Long Civil Rights Movement00000
BIS 639Desc Analysis of Pop Hlth Data00000
BBS; 550Skilldvlpmtdvrsscntfccareers00000
BIS 650MS BIS Thesis Research00000
AFAM 212Af Am Lit in the Archives00000
BIS 686Health Informatics Capstone00000
BENG 230ModelingBiologicalSystemsI00000
BRST 153Anglo-Saxons and Vikings00000
AFAM 183Afro-Modernism in 20th Century00000
BRST 206Art & Arch Of Medieval London00000
BENG 280Sophomore Seminar00000
BRST 220London Metropolis00000
AFAM 220ArchiveAesthetics&CommStory00000
CAND 999Prep: Admission to Candidacy00000
BENG 351DDiscussion Section00000
CBB 567Topics in Deep Learning00000
AFAM 017Blk Amer Nature: AFAM Writing00000
CBB 7122ndLabRotationCompBio&Bioinfo00000
BENG 355LPhysiological Systems Lab00000
CBB; 645Statscalgenetcs&Bioinformatics;00000
AFAM 231Sex&Gender inThe BlackDiaspora00000
BENG 403Economics&Science of Medicine00000
AFAM 011Literature of the Black South00000
AFAM 115HistoriesQueer&TransPolitics00000
AFAM 162DDiscussion Section00000
AFAM 195DDiscussion Section00000
ASTR 580Research00000
BENG 474Senior Project00000