Xavier Course Reviews

Xavier University

CJUS 101Introduction to Criminal Justice45551
CSCI 220Data Structures & Algorithms54551
CSCI 170Computer Science I45551
CSCI 240Systems Security Fundamentals53551
CJUS 102Introduction to Law Enforcement55551
BIOL 159Integrated Biology Lab00000
ATTR 485Advanced Rehabilitation II00000
BIOL 299Prof Comm in the Sciences00000
BIOL 450General Microbiology00000
ARTS 271History of Art II00000
BAIS 220Mgmnt of Info Tech00000
BUAD 302The Business Profession III00000
BIOL 142Hum A&P II for Allied Health00000
ASLN 298Community Based Learning00000
BIOL 231Genetics Laboratory00000
ARTS 202Drawing II00000
BIOL 360Cell Biology00000
ATTR 562Clinical Experience 200000
BLAW 300Legal Environment00000
APEX 100Leadership and Transformation00000
BUAD 603MBA Internship00000
ARTS 404Printmaking IV00000
BAIS 368Intro to Enterprise Systems00000
BAIS 499Data Visualization00000
ARAB 202Intermediate Arabic II00000
ARTS 409Ceramics IV00000
BAIS 633Global Supply Chain Mgmnt00000
BIOL 132Life: Human Biology Lab00000
ASLN 201Intermediate American Sign Language I00000
BIOL 147A&P; II Lab for Social Sciences00000
ARTS 111The Art Experience00000
BIOL 201Microbiology Lab00000
ATTR 346Orthopedic Injuries II00000
BIOL 260Introduction to Enviromental Science00000
ACCT 500Foundations of Financial Accounting00000
BIOL 350Ornithology00000
ATTR 531Therapeutic Interventions 100000
BIOL 397SEM: Air and Water Pollution00000
ARTS 208Photography II00000
BIOL 472Human Anatomy II00000
ATTR 650Contemporary Issues in AT00000
BUAD 101The Business Profession I00000
ACCT 385Financial Modeling00000
BUAD 481Doing Business In Europe: Germ00000
BAIS 330Intro Robot Process Automation00000
BUAD 605Analytics Practicum00000
ARAB 102Elementary Arabic II00000
BAIS 459Fundamentals of Security00000
ARTS 407Sculpture IV00000
BAIS 551Operational Analysis00000
ACCT 415Nonprofit and Govt Acct00000
BAIS 660Programming For Analytics00000
ARTS 442Graphic Design IV00000
BAIS 680Intro Data Mining for Managers00000
BAIS 755Bus Intelligence & Analytics00000
ARTS 101Two-Dimensional Design00000
ARTS 493Internship00000
BIOL 102Life: Human Biology00000
BIOL 124Life: Biology of Disease Lab00000
ARTS 542Graduate Graphic Design00000
BIOL 136Life: Ecology and People Lab00000
ARTS 107Sculpture I00000
BIOL 145A&P; I Lab for Social Sciences00000
ASLN 210Deaf Lab00000
BIOL 152Human A&P II Accelerated BSN00000
ACCT 498Tutorial in FIn Actg00000
BIOL 162General Biology II00000
ASLN 301Advanced ASL II00000
BIOL 211General Botany Lab00000
ARTS 130Intro to Arts Management00000
BIOL 250Ecology00000
ATTR 410Athletic Training Organization & Administration00000
BIOL 271Introduction To Entomology Lab00000
ACCT 309Fin Actg & Reporting III00000
BIOL 310Foundations of Pharmacology00000
ATTR 521Lower Extremity Injuries00000
BIOL 355Human and Comparative Anatomy Lab00000
ARTS 206Fiber Arts II00000
BIOL 370Endocrinology Lecture00000
ATTR 541Research I00000
BIOL 414Adaptive Animal Physiology00000
ACCT 750Financial Accounting00000
BIOL 461Developmental Biology Lab00000
ATTR 610Administrative Concepts00000
BIOL 497Experimental Biology Lab00000
ARTS 215Web Design00000
BLAW 750Viewing Business Through a Legal Lens00000
BAIS 120Introduction to Business Tech00000
BUAD 201The Business Profession II00000
ACCT 303Internship / Accounting Junior00000
BUAD 401The Business Profession IV00000
BAIS 303Internship / Info Syst Jr00000
BUAD 495International Business Capstone00000
ARTS 402Drawing IV00000
BIOL 106Life: Biology of Aging00000
ARTS 503Graduate Painting00000
BIOL 112Life: Growing & Evolving00000
BIOL 118Life: The World of Plants00000
BAIS 359Hardware, Software & Security00000
ACCT 200Introductory Financial Accounting00000