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WWU Course Reviews

Western Washington University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MATH 224Multivariable Calculus and Geometry I44441
ANTH 102Introduction to Human Origins45231
GEOL 212Historical Geology44111
ENVS 297PCities, Nature and Society00000
ENRG 397DEnergy Symposium00000
ELL 462Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners...00000
EECE 210Circuit Analysis II00000
ENVS 410Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture00000
ENG 321Survey in Literature & Culture: The 20-21st Centuries00000
ENVS 463Native American Planning and Natural Resources Policy00000
ENG 371Rhetorical Practices00000
ENRG 284The Business of Energy00000
ELED 492Practicum: Experience in Literacy Methods00000
ENRG 497BBuilding Energy Efficiency Analysis00000
EE 360Communication Systems00000
ENVS 361Introduction to Planning00000
ENG 236Asian American Literatures00000
ENVS 429Pyrogeography00000
ECON 482Advanced Topics in Environmental Economics00000
ENVS 493Environmental Impact Assessment00000
EECE 344Embedded Microcontrollers II00000
EDAD 538Case Studies in School Administration00000
ENG 402Professional Writing and Community Engagement00000
EECE 400Directed Independent Study00000
ENG 437Natl.Lits:IrishPoetry&Politics00000
ENG 453Creative Writing Seminar Poetry00000
ENGR 104Introduction to Engineering and Design00000
ELED 473Developing Teaching Practicum00000
ENRG 381Biofuels00000
EDUC 101Rethinking Schools in Communities00000
ENRG 466Life Cycle Analysis00000
ELED 538Current Issues in Assessment and Evaluation in Elementary Li...00000
ENTR 446Advanced Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experience00000
ECON 430Experimental Economics00000
ENVS 331Canada: Society and Environment00000
ENG 110Writing, Designing, Remixing with Western Reads00000
ENVS 381Introduction to Education for Environment and Sustainability00000
EE 472Energy Project Research and Development00000
ENVS 419Applications in GIS00000
ENG 308Seminar in Literature & Culture: Early Modern00000
ENVS 454Environmental Policy Analysis00000
ECON 325Labor Market Economics00000
ENVS 476Disaster Reduction and Emergency Planning Studio00000
ENG 350Introduction to Creative Writing00000
ENVS 497OPower, Privilege, and the Environment00000
EDAD 501Introduction to Educational Research and Evaluation00000
ENG 397LLiterature Across Media and Modalities00000
EECE 372Electrical Power and Electromechanical Devices00000
ENG 415Natl. Lits: FirstNationsVoices00000
ECON 365The Canadian Economy00000
ENG 442Studies in Literacy00000
EECE 472Energy Project Research and Development00000
EDAD 548School Law00000
ENG 458Nonfiction Wrtg: Autobio&Photo00000
EECE 493Project Software and System Implementation00000
ENG 464FilmStds:Bergman&AuteurThry00000
ENG 501Literary Theories and Practices00000
ENG 594Practicum in Teaching00000
ELED 456Literacy Assessment00000
ENGR 197CEngineering, Design & Society00000
EDAD 647Seminar for School District Leaders00000
ENRG 345Energy in the Global South00000
ELED 479Literacy: Fluent Communicators Practicum00000
ENRG 391Energy Speaker Series00000
ECON 397AGlobalization00000
ENRG 421Energy Science Laboratory00000
ELED 521Seminar in Elementary Curriculum00000
ENRG 482Greenhouse Gas Mitigation00000
EE 321Electronic Systems00000
ENTR 246Entrepreneurship and Innovation Foundations00000
ELL 433Culture, Equity, and Advocacy for Bilingual Students00000
ENVS 201Understanding Environmental Data and Information00000
ECON 310Public Sector Economics00000
ENVS 321GIS II: Computer Cartography00000
ELL 535Instructional Methods for Academic Language Proficiency in G...00000
ENVS 350Energy Policy and Politics00000
EE 400Directed Independent Study00000
ENVS 372Natural Hazards Planning00000
ENG 215British Literature00000
ENVS 397KEcological Design I00000
ECON 447Methods for Teaching About the National Economy in the Publi...00000
ENVS 414Editing the Planet00000
ENG 297AIntroduction To Professional Writing00000
ENVS 423GIS Processing and Analysis00000
EE 493Project Software and System Implementation00000
ENVS 442Regional Environmental and Economic Resource Modeling00000
ENG 317Survey in Literature & Culture: Medieval00000
ENVS 457Environmental Dispute Resolution00000
ECE 435Child Abuse and Neglect00000
ENVS 471Campus Sustainability Planning Studio00000
ENG 338Women and Literature in North America and Europe00000
ENVS 487Conservation Psychology00000
EECE 300Directed Independent Study00000
ELED 297Understanding Washington St. Tribal History, Culture, & Gov'...00000
ENG 509Internship in Writing, Editing and Production00000
ENG 520Poetry: Radical Ecopoetics00000
ENG 364Introduction to Film Studies00000
CSEC 122Understanding Scientific Research00000
ECON 300Directed Independent Study00000
ECON 385Comparative Economic Systems00000