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WVU Course Reviews

West Virginia University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
LING 311Intro Structural Linguistics12111
PHYS 112General Physics13441
MATH 261Elementry Differential Equatns42341
BIOL 346Human Anatomy Laboratory00000
BIOL 315Communicating Natural Science00000
BCOR 370Principles of Management00000
BADM 631Managerial Economics00000
BIOL 411Intro To Recombinant Dna00000
BIOC 751Advance Molecular Biology00000
BIOL 436General Animal Physiology00000
BIOC 797Research00000
BIOL 298FHNRS: BIOL 219 Add-On00000
BCOR 330Information Systems/Technology00000
BIOL 335Cell Physiology00000
BADM 591HADTP: Business in India00000
BIOL 365Conservation Biology00000
BIBY 695Independent Study00000
BIOL 422Current Topics Genome Biol00000
ART 191First-Year Seminar00000
BIOL 455Evolution-Infectious Diseases00000
BADM 644Legal Environment And Ethics00000
ART 328Advanced Typography00000
BIOL 104General Biology Laboratory00000
BADM 656Law and Medicine00000
BIOL 111General Biology00000
BIOL 116Principles of Biology Lab00000
BIOL 298EHNRS: BIOL 219 Add-On00000
BCOR 289Internship00000
BIOL 303Genetics00000
BADM 573Prof Development Practicum 300000
BIOL 321Total Science Experience Lab00000
BCOR 350Principles of Marketing00000
BIOL 340Invertebrate Zoology00000
ARSC 293ASPTP: A&S in the Classroom00000
BIOL 350Plant Physiology00000
BCOR 460Contemporary Business Strategy00000
BIOL 393CSPTP: Paleobiology00000
BADM 591BADTP: Exp Learning-Org Engage00000
BIOL 417Biotechnology00000
BIOC 701Biochemical/Oncogenic Signalng00000
BIOL 426Molecular Biology of Cancer00000
ANTH 359Anthropological Thought00000
BIOL 450Plant Systematics00000
BIOC 791BADTP:Free Radical Biomedicine00000
BIOL 461Principles of Evolution00000
ART 223Introduction to Graphic Design00000
BIOL 102General Biology00000
BADM 652Marketing Strategy00000
BIOL 107Biotechnology and Society00000
ANTH 488The Capstone Experience00000
BIOL 113Inquiry/Reasoning-Biologists00000
BADM 662Executive Project 200000
ART 526Graduate Sculpture00000
BIOL 118Introductory Physiology Lab00000
BADM 691BADTP: Managerial/Team Skills00000
BIOL 191First-Year Seminar00000
BIOL 216Biochemistry for Pre-Pharmacy00000
BIOL 240Microbiology00000
BCOR 199Introduction to Business00000
BIOL 298GHNRS: BIOL 310 Add-On00000
BADM 551Global Planning and Strategy00000
BIOL 298CHNRS: BIOL 115 Add-On00000
BCOR 320Legal Environment of Business00000
BIOL 310Adv Cellular/Molecular Biology00000
ARHS 694BSem: World's Fairs00000
BIOL 317Developmental Biology Lab00000
BCOR 340Principles of Finance00000
BIOL 325Molecular Genetics Laboratory00000
BADM 591UADTP: Practicum 300000
BIOL 337Physiological Psychology00000
BCOR 360Supply Chain Management00000
BIOL 343Systematic Zoology00000
ANRD 697Research00000
BIOL 348Neuroscience 100000
BCOR 380Business Ethics00000
BIOL 361Plant Ecology00000
BADM 591PADTP: Tech for Business Dev00000
BIOL 386Undergraduate Research00000
BCOR 490Teaching Practicum00000
BIOL 409Biochem Basis Of Therapeutics00000
ART 109Basic Drawing 1 for Non-Majors00000
BIOL 413Molecular Endocrinology00000
BIOC 393ASPTP: Biochem Journal Club00000
BIOL 420Genomics00000
BADM 591FADTP: Professional Field Exp00000
BIOL 424Protein Structure & Function00000
BIOC 730Current Topics in Cell Biology00000
BIOL 432Forensic Biology00000
ANPR 367Poultry Production00000
BIOL 440Comparative Anatomy00000
BIOC 790Teaching Practicum00000
BIOL 453Molecular Basis of Disease00000
BADM 634Health Services Marketing00000
BADM 693ASPTP: HC Ldrship/Cult. Comp.00000
BIOL 220The Living Cell Laboratory00000
BIOL 225Biology Methods00000
BIOC 793ASPTP: Professional Development00000
AGEE 699Graduate Colloquium00000
ANRD 495Independent Study00000
ARHS 593BSPTP: Andean00000