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WVU Course Reviews

West Virginia University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHYS 112General Physics13441
LING 311Intro Structural Linguistics12111
MATH 261Elementry Differential Equatns42341
ACE 602Action-Based Research-Coaching00000
ACE 497Research00000
ACCT 441Income Tax Accounting 100000
HPML 626Internship00000
ADRC 103Intro to Adventure Recreation00000
ACCT 520Advanced Technology for ACCT00000
ADRC 491Professional Field Experience00000
ACCT 591AADTP: Advanced Corporate Tax00000
ACE 473Strength/Condtng Coach Technqs00000
ACCT 348Financial Statement Analysis00000
ACE 569Strength/Cndtnng Mthds-Coaches00000
AGEE 538Program Planning in HS AG Educ00000
ACE 698Thesis or Dissertation00000
ACCT 491Professional Field Experience00000
ADRC 293DSPTP: Intro to Rock Climbing00000
OTH 493BSPTP: Careers in OT00000
ADV 455Creative 200000
HTOR 141Kitchen Layout00000
RESM 493ESPTP: Special Topics in GIS00000
ACCT 712Archival Accounting Research00000
NRSC 497Research00000
ACCT 798Dissertation00000
ACE 265Diversity and Sport00000
ACE 457Intro Sport Tech & Sport Sci00000
ACCT 312Intermediate Accounting00000
ACE 489Practicum Coaching Youth Sport00000
AGEE 520Laboratory Teaching Methods00000
ACE 530Coaching Education Adminstratn00000
ACCT 420Fraud Examination00000
ACE 593ASPTP:Intro Sprt Tech & Spt Sci00000
HTOR 293ESPTP: Patisserie00000
ACE 665Strngth/Cndtng Prgrm Dsgn Coch00000
ACCT 450Accounting Technology00000
ADPR 457Martin Hall Agency Experience00000
DENT 717Physical Diag. & Urgent Care00000
ADRC 201Leadership in Adv Recreation00000
ACCT 495Independent Study00000
ADRC 303Mgt of Adventure Resources00000
DSCI 593ASPTP:Data Scienc Collaboratory00000
ADV 347MHA: ADV Tactics00000
ACCT 581Fraud Investigation00000
ADV 493ASPTP: Portfolio00000
OTH 511Occupation Performance Eval 200000
ACCT 691AADTP: Advanced Tech for Acct00000
HTOR 293FSPTP: Garde Manager00000
ACCT 794ASem: Acct Research Methods Sem00000
GEN 593BSPTP: Plant Biology00000
ACE 168Sport Officiating00000
OTH 509Neurobiologic Foundations00000
SBHS 621Grant Writing for Foundations00000
ACE 315Sport for Exceptional Athlete00000
PLSC 493ASPTP: Crop Physiology00000
ACE 350Career Planning In Sport00000
ACE 361Tech of Coaching:Soccer00000
ACE 410Training Theories for Coaches00000
ACCT 202Principles of Accounting 200000
ACE 469Basic Strength/Condtng-Coaches00000
WMAN 493ESPTP: Costa Rica Biodiversity00000
ACE 480Fitness Certification00000
ACCT 322Accounting Systems00000
ACE 493GSPTP:Tech of Coaching Lacrosse00000
HTOR 130Inventory/Labor/Cost Control00000
ACE 518Psychology of Coaching00000
ACCT 380Fraud Examination00000
ACE 541Positive Youth Develpmnt-Sport00000
AGEE 530Teaching Agriculture00000
ACE 582Program Evaluation for Coaches00000
ACCT 425Accounting Analytics00000
ACE 593HStudent Teaching: K-5 PE00000
DENT 714Oral & Maxillofacial Radiology00000
ACE 630Coaching Education Adminstratn00000
ACCT 445Corporate Financial Management00000
ACE 688Coaching Techniques00000
ASTR 497Research00000
ADPR 421AD/PR Audience Ins/Analysis00000
ACCT 473Personal Financial Advising00000
ADPR 559Advertising & PR Campaigns00000
HTOR 295Internship00000
ADRC 121Introduction to Rock Climbing00000
ACCT 493BSPTP: Corp Fin Management00000
ADRC 221Lead Climbing00000
ESLP 000Intensive English Program00000
ADRC 293BSPTP: Lead Climbing00000
ACCT 511Fin Accounting Theory/Practice00000
ADRC 401Risk Mang & Legal Issues ADRC00000
AGEE 534Effective Learning Environment00000
ADV 201Advertising and Society00000
ACCT 541Federal Tax Research/Writing00000
ADV 419Advertising Strategies00000
HTOR 111Food Production 200000
SM 490Teaching Practicum00000
ACE 365Tech of Coaching:Baseball00000
ACE 369Basic Strength/Condtng-Coaches00000
ACCT 585Fornsc Frd Exam Adv Analy Tech00000
AGEE 526Leadership Development FFA/SAE00000
ARHS 593FSPTP:Post COVID Global Ceramic00000
HPML 659Compr. Exp. HealthCare Mngmt.00000