WVSU Course Reviews

West Virginia State University

COMM 366Sports Production00000
ECON 416International Finance00000
CHEM 100Consumer Chemistry00000
COMM 145Horror & Fantasy Films00000
CHEM 357Green Chemistry00000
BIOL 466Cancer Biology00000
CS 365Gui Programming00000
BA 405Integrated Mrktng Communicatns00000
CHEM 211Intro To Analytical Chemistry00000
BA 465International Management00000
CJ 455Interviewing & Interrogation00000
CJ 314Stats for Professional Studies00000
BIOL 347Immunology00000
COMM 261Intro to Audio Production00000
BA 330Accounting Info Systems00000
CPS 315Organization Leadershp & Chnge00000
BT 501Teaching Seminar For Biotech00000
CS 610Advanced Computer Architecture00000
ART 452Adv Studio Skills-Digtal Photo00000
EDUC 227Exceptionalities/Hum Diversity00000
BA 421Problems in Corporate Finance00000
CHEM 305Intro To Polymer Science00000
BA 210Business Law I00000
CJ 307Criminal Law00000
BIOL 110Economic Biology00000
CJ 418Treatment Of Offenders00000
CJ 350Correctional Institutions00000
BIOL 325Invertebrate Zoology00000
COMM 103Intro to Digital Editing00000
BA 315Personal Income Tax Procedure00000
COMM 205Public Relations00000
BIOL 375Principles Of Aquaculture00000
COMM 307Writing For The Media00000
ART 407Adv Studio Skills -Photography00000
COMM 445Communications Study Abroad00000
BIOL 575Principles Of Aquaculture00000
CS 240Data Comm & Networking00000
BA 364Intermediate Accounting II00000
CS 425Compiler Design00000
BT 591Graduate Independent Study00000
ECON 301Intermediate Macro Economics00000
ART 303Advanced Printmaking00000
EDUC 202Educational Psych & Learning00000
CHEM 201Intro / Organic & Biochemistry00000
EDUC 300Educational Technology00000
BA 115Business Information Skills00000
CHEM 303Physical Chemistry Lab I00000
BA 440Operations Management00000
CHEM 350Junior Seminar00000
ART 308Art Education00000
CHEM 416Instrumental Analysis00000
BIOL 101Principles of Biology00000
CJ 311Drugs & Society00000
BA 301Organization & Management00000
CJ 322Criminology00000
BIOL 210Basic Anatomy & Physiology00000
CJ 409Adv Criminlistcs & Forensics00000
CJ 370International Terrorism00000
BIOL 320Entomology00000
CJ 425Senior Seminar: Crim Justice00000
BA 312Personal Finance00000
COMM 100Speech Communication00000
BIOL 332Human Anatomy & Physiology II00000
COMM 111Radio Laboratory00000
ART 403Adv Studio Skills Painting00000
COMM 170Theatre Appreciation00000
BIOL 363Crop Evolution & Biodiversity00000
COMM 225Journalism I00000
BA 319Risk Management & Insurance00000
COMM 305Communications Research00000
BIOL 411Senior Seminar: Biology00000
COMM 345Film Theory/Genres & Directors00000
ART 217Intro to Computer Graphics00000
COMM 382Video Post-Production00000
BIOL 550Evolution00000
COMM 462Adv Tv Production/Direction II00000
BA 346Project Management Ol00000
CS 102The Object-Oriented Paradigm00000
BIOL 644Plant Physiology00000
CS 310Computer Arch & Assembly Lang00000
ART 414Teaching Art00000
CS 408Senior Seminar: Comp Science00000
BT 567Curr Concepts In Biotechnology00000
CS 530Advanced Database Mgmt Systems00000
BA 375Business Ethics00000
ECON 109Intro to World Economy00000
BT 695Masters Thesis Research00000
ECON 308Money/Banking/Monetary Theory00000
ART 205Western Art II00000
EDUC 200Foundations of Education00000
CHEM 107General Chemistry Lab I00000
EDUC 211Praxis Core Prep Reading00000
BA 414Investments00000
CHEM 206Organic Chemistry II00000
ART 103Studio III Intro To Design00000
ART 208Ceramics I00000
ART 313Advanced Graphic Design00000
BA 305Principles of Marketing00000
BIOL 270Genetics00000
CJ 399Sp Top: Comparative Cj Systems00000