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WSU Vancouver Course Reviews

Washington State University - Vancouver

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CS 121Program Design and Development43441
CS 115Introduction to Data Analytics00000
CS 166Discrete Mathematics00000
CS 224Programming Tools00000
CS 261C and Assembly Language Programming00000
CS 320[M] Fundamentals of Software Engineering00000
CS 360Systems Programming00000
CS 421Software Design Project II00000
CS 440Artificial Intelligence00000
CS 454Information Retrieval00000
CS 466Embedded Systems00000
CS 516Theory of Computation00000
CS 527Cryptography and Network Security00000
CS 563Concurrent Programming00000
CS 565File and Storage Systems00000
CS 700Master's Research, Thesis, and/or Examination00000
CS 122Data Structures00000
CS 223Advanced Data Structures00000
CS 251C Programming for Engineers00000
CS 317Automata and Formal Languages00000
CS 351Introduction to Database Systems00000
CS 420[CAPS] Software Design Project I00000
CS 427Cryptography and Network Security00000
CS 453Cloud Data Management00000
CS 458Mobile Application Development00000
CS 501Cloud Systems00000
CS 558Wireless Sensor Networks00000
CS 570Machine Learning00000
CS 215Data Analytics Systems and Algorithms00000
CS 260Computer Organization00000
CS 355Programming Language Design00000
CS 415Big Data00000
CS 426Applied Systems Security00000
CS 450Design and Analysis of Algorithms00000
CS 460Operating Systems00000
CS 499Special Problems00000
CS 315Introduction to Data Mining00000
CS 330Numerical Computing00000
CS 402[M] Social and Professional Issues in Computer Science00000
CS 425Digital Forensics00000
CS 447Computer Game Design00000
CS 455Introduction to Computer Networks00000
CS 483Topics in Computer Science00000
CS 518Advanced Analysis of Algorithms00000
CS 547Computer Game Design00000
CS 564Distributed Systems00000
CS 566Embedded Systems00000