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WSU Vancouver Course Reviews

Washington State University - Vancouver

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
MECH 303Fluid Mechanics42341
CS 121Program Design and Development43441
CES 353[M] Contemporary Latina/o Literatures00000
BIOENG 340Unified Systems Bioengineering I00000
CHINESE 102Second Semester00000
BIOLOGY 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study and/or Examination00000
BA 100Introduction to Business00000
CHEM 410Advanced Synthesis and Characterization00000
ANTH 301[Arts] Arts And Media In Global Perspective00000
BIOLOGY 106[BSCI] Introductory Biology: Organismal Biology00000
ANTH 355[HUM] Historical Linguistics00000
BIOLOGY 332[M] Systematic Botany00000
BIOLOGY 559Hormones, Brain and Behavior00000
ASTRONOM 450[CAPS] Life in the Universe00000
CES 209[HUM] Hip Hop Around the Globe00000
ANIMSCI 545Statistical Genomics00000
CHEM 106Principles of Chemistry II00000
BA 503Foundations in Business Law00000
CHEM 545Synthetic Organic Chemistry00000
AMERST 600Special Projects or Independent Study00000
COM 105[HUM] Communication in Global Contexts00000
ANTH 316[DIVR] Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective00000
BIOLOGY 308[BSCI] Marine Biology00000
ANIMSCI 240Introduction to Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology00000
BIOLOGY 393[M] Professional Communications in Biology00000
ANTH 404[CAPS] The Self in Culture00000
BIOLOGY 408[CAPS] [M] Contemporary Genetics00000
BIOLOGY 534Modern Methods in Population Genomics00000
ANTH 568Research Design And Grant Writing00000
BIOLOGY 576Epigenetics and Systems Biology00000
ANIMSCI 485Applied Animal Behavior00000
CAS 311[SSCI] [M] Special Topics in Social Sciences: Cross-discipli...00000
ATHT 496Special Topics in Athletic Training00000
CES 313[HUM] Asian Pacific American Literature00000
AGED 497Internship in Agricultural Education00000
CES 413Asian Pacific Americans and Popular Culture00000
BA 205Data Visualization00000
CHEM 332Physical Chemistry00000
ANTH 203[DIVR] Global Cultural Diversity00000
CHEM 529Selected Topics in Analytical Chemistry00000
BA 600Beyond the MBA: Applications of Principles, Theory, and Prac...00000
CHEM 594Seminar in Organic Chemistry00000
ACCTG 498Accounting Internship00000
CHINESE 307Intermediate Speaking and Listening00000
BIOENG 495Internship in Bioengineering00000
COM 225Sports and the Media00000
ANIMSCI 166Young Horse Handling00000
BIOLOGY 210Your Future in Life Sciences00000
ANTH 331[SSCI] Archaeology of the Americas00000
BIOLOGY 322[M] Invertebrate Biology00000
ACCTG 550Introduction to Financial and Managerial Accounting00000
BIOLOGY 353Advanced Human Physiology00000
ANTH 381[BSCI] Primate Behavioral Ecology00000
BIOLOGY 402[M] Beneficial Microbes in Nature and Society00000
ANIMSCI 345Introduction to Animal Growth and Development00000
BIOLOGY 462Community Ecology00000
ANTH 410History of American Indian Sovereignty and Federal Indian La...00000
BIOLOGY 476Epigenetics and Systems Biology00000
BIOLOGY 501Proposal Defense Seminar00000
ANTH 507Advanced Studies in Culture Theory00000
BIOLOGY 545Statistical Genomics00000
ANIMSCI 408[M] Ruminant Nutrition00000
BIOLOGY 566Mathematical Genetics00000
ASTRONOM 135[PSCI] Astronomy00000
BIOLOGY 593Seminar I00000
AERO 313Leadership Laboratory III00000
BLAW 411Legal Environment of Business II00000
ATHT 290Pre-Clinical Education00000
CES 131[SSCI] Introduction to Black Studies00000
ANIMSCI 499Special Problems00000
CES 260[HUM] Race and Racism in US Popular Culture00000
ATHT 560Psychosocial Issues in Athletic Training00000
CES 331African American Literature00000
ACCTG 438[M] Advanced Cost Accounting and Management00000
CES 373[M] Native American Literature00000
BA 203Innovation00000
CES 491[M] Theories of Racism and Ethnic Conflicts00000
ANTH 101[DIVR] Introduction to Anthropology00000
CHEM 222Quantitative Analysis Laboratory00000
BA 212Spreadsheets, Data Visualization, and Decision Analysis00000
CHEM 347Organic Qualitative Analysis Laboratory00000
AMERST 529Cultural Politics of the Body00000
CHEM 495Directed Research00000
BA 520Resources, Stakeholders and Competitive Advantage00000
CHEM 535Applied Spectroscopy00000
ANTH 260[BSCI] Introduction to Biological Anthropology00000
CHEM 592Seminar in Analytical Chemistry00000
BIOENG 210Bioengineering Analysis00000
CHEM 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examinatio...00000
ACCTG 331Intermediate Accounting II00000
CHINESE 121[HUM] Modern Chinese Culture00000
BIOENG 481Advanced Topics in Bioengineering00000
CHINESE 499Special Problems00000
ANTH 304[SSCI] Cross-Cultural Perspectives of Mental Health and Illn...00000
BIOLOGY 489[CAPS] [M] Synthesis and Communication of Independent Resear...00000
BIOLOGY 101[BSCI] Biology of Humans00000
ACCTG 230Introduction to Financial Accounting00000
ACCTG 338Cost Accounting00000
AERO 102Heritage and Values II00000
ANIMSCI 380Careers in Animal Science00000