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WSU Tri Cities Course Reviews

Washington State University - Tri-Cities

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
VITENOL 326Vineyard And Winery Equipment Systems00000
ANTH 499Special Problems00000
SOE 476Biology and Ecology of Pacific Salmon00000
TCHLRN 551Psychology of Reading00000
SOILSCI 514Environmental Biophysics00000
SOC 317[M] Research Methods in Sociology00000
ACCTG 498Accounting Internship00000
ME 116Engineering Computer-aided Design and Visualization00000
SOE 593Graduate Seminar in Earth and Environmental Sciences00000
ME 316Mechanical Component Analysis and Design00000
STAT 412Statistical Methods in Research I00000
SPECED 301Education of Exceptional Children00000
PSYCH 470Motivation00000
TCHLRN 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examinatio...00000
COMJOUR 333[M] Reporting Across Platforms00000
WOMENST 251[DIVR] The Sociology of Sex, Relationships, and Marriage00000
SOE 210[PSCI] Earth's History and Evolution00000
ANTH 230Archaeological Methods and Interpretation00000
CES 220Introduction to Multicultural Literature00000
BIOLOGY 140[BSCI] Introduction to Nutritional Science00000
ME 304Heat Transfer00000
SOILSCI 441Soil Fertility00000
CHE 475Introduction to Biochemical Engineering00000
SPANISH 204Fourth Semester00000
MEDCLIN 571Away Rotation - International00000
SPECED 600Special Projects or Independent Study00000
SPECED 471Effective Assessment and Instruction in Reading for Diverse...00000
PSYCH 361Developmental Psychology00000
STAT 519Applied Multivariate Analysis00000
CHEM 106Principles of Chemistry II00000
TCHLRN 581Learning and Development in Mathematics and Science00000
SCIENCE 102[BSCI] Integrated Science: Dynamic Systems in the Natural Wo...00000
UNIV 398Internship00000
CE 562Advanced Subsurface Flow and Transport00000
VITENOL 435Chemistry and Biochemistry of Fruit and Wine00000
SOC 367Juvenile Justice and Corrections00000
WOMENST 398[DIVR] History of Women in the American West00000
CPTS 548Advanced Computer Graphics00000
AGRI 700Master's Research, Thesis, and/or Examination00000
SOE 390Living on the Edge: Global Climate Change and Earth History00000
ANTH 336Old World Civilizations00000
CE 466Fundamentals of Civil Engineering Examination Review00000
BA 579MBA Capstone00000
SOE 531Fundamentals of Environmental Toxicology00000
BIOLOGY 330Principles of Conservation00000
CES 353[M] Contemporary Latina/o Literatures00000
SOE 800Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or Examination00000
ME 311Manufacturing Processes Laboratory00000
SOILSCI 495Research Experience00000
CE 505Decision-Making for Sustainable and Resilient Civil Infrastr...00000
SPANISH 102Second Semester00000
ME 405Thermal Systems Design00000
SPANISH 308Intermediate Grammar and Writing00000
CHE 529Chemical Engineering Kinetics00000
SPECED 409Early Childhood Special Education00000
PHIL 530Bioethics00000
SPECED 589Seminar in Disability Studies00000
SPECED 502Assessment and Curriculum for Students with Disabilities00000
PSYCH 320Health Psychology00000
STAT 360Probability and Statistics00000
CHEM 101[PSCI] Introduction to Chemistry00000
STAT 446Statistical Applications in Insurance00000
PSYCH 405Instructional Practicum Training00000
STAT 600Special Projects or Independent Study00000
CE 541Physicochemical Water and Wastewater Treatment00000
TCHLRN 570Theory and Research in Digital Literacies00000
PSYCH 499Special Problems00000
TCHLRN 591Research Internship in Math/Science Education00000
CHEM 401Modern Inorganic Chemistry00000
UNIV 111Developing Academic Strategies for Listening and Discussion00000
SOC 101[SSCI] Introduction to Sociology00000
UNIV 497Peer Leadership00000
CE 442Water and Wastewater Treatment Design00000
VITENOL 409Seminar in Viticulture and Enology00000
SOC 352Youth and Society00000
VITENOL 496Internship in a Winery00000
CPTS 499Special Problems00000
WOMENST 324Psychology of Gender00000
SOC 430Society and Technology00000
ACCTG 335Taxation of Business Entities and Individuals00000
CE 700Master's Research, Thesis and/or Examination00000
AFS 505Topics in Computational and Analytical Methods for Scientist...00000
SOE 303Environmental Geology00000
AIS 401Tribal Nation Building Leadership - Research I00000
MBIOS 101[BSCI] Introductory Microbiology00000
ANTH 309[SSCI] Cultural Ecology00000
SOE 445Hazardous Waste Management00000
ANTH 404[CAPS] The Self in Culture00000
CE 401Climate Change Science and Engineering00000
BA 100Introduction to Business00000
SOE 499Special Problems00000
BIOLOGY 102[BSCI] General Biology00000
ME 241Engineering Computations00000
SOE 562Watershed Biogeochemistry00000
BSYSE 597Biomass Biological Process Engineering00000
CE 430Analysis of Indeterminate Structures00000
CE 525Soil and Site Improvement00000
CHE 597Research Methods and Presentation II00000
PLP 545Statistical Genomics00000
SPECED 521Inclusion Strategies for Special Education Teachers00000