WSU Tri Cities Course Reviews

Washington State University - Tri-Cities

COMJOUR 350News and Society00000
CPTS 564Distributed Systems Concepts and Programming00000
CE 531Probability and Statistical Models in Engineering00000
CHEM 592Seminar in Analytical Chemistry00000
CES 405[CAPS] Cultural Criticism and Theory00000
CE 322Transportation Engineering00000
CPTS 453Graph Theory00000
BIOLOGY 469[M] Ecosystem Ecology and Global Change00000
CE 700Master's Research, Thesis and/or Examination00000
BIOLOGY 549Behavioral Ecology00000
CHEM 345Organic Chemistry I00000
CHE 596Research Methods and Presentation00000
BSYSE 597Biomass Biological Process Engineering00000
COM 420New Communication Technologies00000
BIOLOGY 210Your Future in Life Sciences00000
CPTS 121Program Design and Development C/C++00000
CE 436Design of Timber Structures00000
CPTS 490Work Study Internship00000
ANTH 355[HUM] Historical Linguistics00000
CRMJ 201Introduction to Criminological Theory00000
BIOLOGY 499Special Problems00000
CES 235[HUM] African American History00000
ANTH 418Human Issues in International Development00000
CHE 529Chemical Engineering Kinetics00000
BIOLOGY 582Professional Communication in Biology - Grant Writing00000
CHEM 105[PSCI] Principles of Chemistry I00000
CHE 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examinatio...00000
BSYSE 556Surface Hydrologic Processes and Modeling00000
CHEM 501Modern Inorganic Chemistry00000
BA 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examinatio...00000
COM 138Introduction to Communication00000
CAS 400End-of-Program Evaluation Portfolio00000
COM 563Ethics for Professionals00000
ANTH 305[SSCI] Anthropology of Epidemic Disease and Bioterrorism00000
COMSTRAT 383[M] Media Strategies and Techniques for Public Relations00000
CE 405Decision-Making for Sustainable and Resilient Civil Infrastr...00000
CPTS 423[CAPS] Software Design Project II00000
BIOLOGY 402[M] Beneficial Microbes in Nature and Society00000
CPTS 479Mobile Application Development00000
CE 512Dynamics of Structures00000
CPTS 534Neural Network Design and Application00000
AGED 504Special Topics in Vocational Education00000
CPTS 595Directed Study in Computer Science00000
CE 551Open Channel Flow00000
CRMJ 320Criminal Law00000
ANTH 395Topics in Anthropology00000
CES 171[SSCI] Introduction to Indigenous Studies00000
BIOLOGY 540Stable Isotope Theory and Methods00000
CES 332[DIVR] [M] Topics in African American Literature00000
AGRI 700Master's Research, Thesis, and/or Examination00000
CHE 481Special Topics in Chemical Engineering00000
BIOLOGY 568Conservation Ecology00000
CHE 560Biochemical Engineering00000
ANTH 499Special Problems00000
CHE 598Research Seminar00000
BIOLOGY 593Seminar I00000
CHEM 103Concepts in Chemistry00000
CHE 800Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or Examination00000
BSYSE 530Machine Vision for Biological Systems00000
CHEM 220Quantitative Analysis00000
BA 211Ethics, Teams, and Innovation00000
CHEM 401Modern Inorganic Chemistry00000
BSYSE 593Renewable Energy Technologies00000
CHEM 528Data Analysis for Chemistry00000
ANTH 230Archaeological Methods and Interpretation00000
COM 101[SSCI] Media and Society00000
BSYSE 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study and/or Examination00000
COM 300[M] Writing in Communication00000
BIOLOGY 106[BSCI] Introductory Biology: Organismal Biology00000
COM 479Youth and the Media00000
CE 302Introduction to Surveying00000
COMHLTH 572Communicating Health to Specialized Populations00000
AFS 501Current Research in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture00000
COMSOC 321[DIVR] Intercultural Communication00000
CE 351Water Resources Engineering00000
COMSTRAT 562Creative Media Strategies and Techniques00000
BIOLOGY 390Stream Monitoring00000
CPTS 360Systems Programming C/C++00000
CE 430Analysis of Indeterminate Structures00000
CPTS 440Artificial Intelligence00000
ANTH 331[SSCI] Archaeology of the Americas00000
CPTS 464Distributed Systems Concepts and Programming00000
CE 498Special Topics in Civil Engineering00000
CPTS 484Software Requirements00000
BIOLOGY 430Methods of Teaching Secondary Science I00000
CPTS 516Algorithmics00000
CE 519Hazardous Waste Treatment00000
CPTS 543Human-Computer Interaction00000
ACCTG 433[M] Accounting Systems and Auditing00000
CPTS 582Software Testing00000
CE 542Biochemical Wastewater Treatment00000
CPTS 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study, and/or Examinatio...00000
BIOLOGY 476Epigenetics and Systems Biology00000
CE 580Graduate Seminar00000
ACCTG 330Intermediate Accounting I00000
ACCTG 533Accounting, Performance Measurement and Controls00000
AIS 401Tribal Nation Building Leadership - Research I00000
ASIA 472[M] The Middle East Since World War I00000
BIOLOGY 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study and/or Examination00000
CHEM 101[PSCI] Introduction to Chemistry00000