WSU Spokane Course Reviews

Washington State University - Spokane

MEDCLIN 617Pediatrics - Critical Care00000
MIT 571Pre-internship and Seminar00000
MEDCLIN 540Virtual - Advanced Multi-Specialty Clinical Cases00000
MEDCLIN 589Transition to Residency00000
MEDCLIN 556Virtual - Basic Medical Spanish00000
MBIOS 401Cell Biology00000
MEDETH 540Seminar in Clinical Ethics: Methods, Process, Skills & Trait...00000
EM 565Introduction to Systems Management00000
MEDCLIN 548Surgery - Orthopaedic Surgery00000
HD 307Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood00000
MEDCLIN 580Clinical Rotation - Neurology00000
MEDCLIN 564Psychiatry - Subspecialties00000
HPA 520Research and Evaluation Methods00000
MEDCLIN 605Internal Medicine - Rheumatology00000
EDAD 587Seminar in School Administration00000
MEDCLIN 629Obstetrics and Gynecology - Gynecologic Oncology00000
MEDCLIN 532Internal Medicine - Subinternship00000
MEDLMH 523Value-based Care00000
CRMJ 541Seminar in Corrections00000
NEP 400Macronutrient Metabolism00000
FINEART 101[ARTS] Introduction to Art00000
MEDCLIN 552Internal Medicine - Gastroenterology00000
CRMJ 800Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or Examination00000
MEDCLIN 560Family Medicine - Ambulatory00000
HISTORY 105[ROOT] The Roots of Contemporary Issues00000
MEDCLIN 577Surgery - Subspecialties00000
MEDCLIN 568Pediatrics - Hospital Medicine00000
HPA 509Health Care Economics00000
MEDCLIN 585Clinical Rotation - Hospice and Palliative Medicine00000
EDAD 521Topics in Education00000
MEDCLIN 595Surgery - Surgery Critical Care00000
HPA 702Master's Special Problems, Directed Study and/or Examination00000
MEDCLIN 611Pediatrics - Cardiology00000
COMSOC 421[CAPS] Intercultural Communication and Globalization00000
MEDCLIN 623Pediatrics - Endocrinology00000
MBIOS 800Doctoral Research, Dissertation, and/or Examination00000
MEDCLIN 635Clinical Rotation - Pain Medicine00000
EDRES 565Quantitative Research00000
MEDFMS 514Community Organizing for Health Equity00000
MEDCLIN 536Obstetrics and Gynecology - Subinternship00000
MIT 511Methods for Teaching English Language Learners, K-1200000
BIOLOGY 301General Genetics00000
MUS 363[Divr] Women In Music00000
MEDCLIN 544Internal Medicine - Nephrology00000
NEP 435Applied Pathophysiology00000
CRMJ 570The Police and Society00000
MEDCLIN 550Residency Preparation Clinical Cases00000
HD 205[COMM] Developing Effective Communication and Life Skills00000
MEDCLIN 554Virtual - Telemedicine: Principles of Practice00000
BLAW 210Law and the Legal Environment of Business00000
MEDCLIN 558Virtual - Medical Humanities00000
HD 550Seminar on Family Relationships00000
MEDCLIN 562Obstetrics and Gynecology - Ambulatory00000
ECONS 101[SSCI] Fundamentals of Microeconomics00000
MEDCLIN 566Internal Medicine - Inpatient00000
HISTORY 422History of the Pacific Northwest00000
MEDCLIN 575Clinical Rotation - Geriatrics00000
MEDCLIN 571Away Rotation - International00000
HPA 500Introduction To The Health Care System00000
MEDCLIN 579Science - Medical Informatics00000
EDAD 509Leading School Improvement00000
MEDCLIN 583Science - Evidence-Based Medicine00000
HPA 515Health Care Management00000
MEDCLIN 587Clinical Rotation - Public Health00000
COM 564Research Methods for Professionals00000
MEDCLIN 592Surgery - Plastic Surgery00000
HPA 570Marketing for Health Care Organizations00000
MEDCLIN 603Internal Medicine - Endocrinology00000
EDAD 581Politics in Education00000
MEDCLIN 608Internal Medicine - Electrophysiology00000
MBIOS 301General Genetics00000
MEDCLIN 614Pediatrics - Gastroenterology00000
ANTH 418Human Issues in International Development00000
MEDCLIN 620Pediatrics - Pulmonology00000
MBIOS 513General Biochemistry00000
MEDCLIN 626Psychiatry - Ambulatory00000
EDPSYCH 597Educational Psychology Internship00000
MEDCLIN 632Obstetrics and Gynecology - Reproductive Health00000
MEDCLIN 530Virtual - Clinical Cases00000
MEDCLIN 638Surgery - Interdisciplinary Medical-Surgical Pediatric Care00000
CRMJ 522Foundations of Quantitative Methods00000
MEDFMS 509Special Topics in Medicine00000
MEDCLIN 534Pediatrics - Subinternship00000
MEDLMH 511Leadership and Management in Healthcare: Microsystem to Macr...00000
EDRES 571Doctoral Dissertation Preparation00000
MEDLMH 533Personal Leadership Development III00000
MEDCLIN 538Core - Rural Medicine00000
MIT 534Elementary School Science Methods00000
ANTH 320[DIVR] Native Peoples of North America00000
MKTG 360Marketing00000
MEDCLIN 542Clinical Rotation - Dermatology00000
NEP 320Strength Training and Conditioning; Theory and Application00000
ENGLISH 301[Wrtg] Writing And Rhetorical Conventions00000
MEDCLIN 546Surgery - Vascular Surgery00000
ANTH 268[BSCI] Sex, Evolution, and Human Nature00000
ANTH 350[DIVR] Speech, Thought, and Culture00000
CES 378[DIVR] Contemporary Native Peoples of the Americas00000
EDAD 501Philosophy of Education00000
HONORS 398Honors Thesis Proposal Seminar00000
MEDCLIN 573Clinical Rotation - Anesthesiology00000