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WSSU Course Reviews

Winston-Salem State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSC 3385Game Programming00000
DPT 7211Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation00000
CHE 2126Organic Chemistry l Lab00000
CMS 3335Topics in Communication and Media Studies00000
CHI 1312Elementary Chinese II00000
BKE 4338Family Studies Practicum00000
CST 6305Internet Technology Systems00000
BIO 3143Histology Laboratory00000
CHE 3305Environmental Chemistry00000
BIO 3334Molecular Biotechniques I00000
CLS 4206Community Clinical Experience00000
CIT 3325Introduction to Information Security00000
BKE 2323Child Development I00000
CSC 2131Professional Development Seminar00000
BIO 2101General Biology I Lab00000
CST 5311Intermediate Programming00000
BUA 3302Business Ethics00000
DPT 6304Life Span Motor Development00000
ART 2312Drawing II00000
DRA 2313Acting00000
BIO 3277Investigation and Research II00000
CHE 4245Directed Research ll00000
ART 3371Printmaking I00000
CIT 1307Introduction to Computer Technology00000
BIO 3364Cell Biology Lecture00000
CLS 3300Clinical Chemistry00000
CIT 4391Computer Science Co-op00000
BIO 4352Intro/Medical Phy & Pharm00000
CMS 2341Fundamentals of Speech00000
BIO 1305Human Heredity, Genetics, and Society00000
CMS 4093Mass Comm Internship00000
BKE 3344Curriculum Planning for Preschool Classrooms00000
CSC 3322Computer Architecture00000
ALS 2315Gender Diff in Language Use00000
CSC 4384Advanced Computer Graphics00000
BKE 5345Social Justice Advocacy and Public Policy in Early Childhood...00000
CST 5325Electronic Commerce Tech00000
BIO 2304Scientific Invest. of Diseases00000
DPT 6201Professional Foundations00000
CHE 1311Gen Chem/Health Sci Mjrs00000
DPT 7111Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Lab00000
ACC 2317Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
DPT 8204Pediatrics00000
CHE 3111Physical Chemistry l Lab00000
DRA 4331Modern Drama00000
ART 3332Painting II00000
CHE 3322Instrumental Analysis00000
BIO 3311Fund of Anatomy & Physiology00000
CHE 4341Senior Seminar00000
ACC 3319Cost Accounting00000
CHI 3301Advanced Chinese l00000
BIO 3337Biomolecules00000
CIT 2310Introduction to Computer Software Systems00000
ART 4320Digital Photography II00000
CIT 4350Software Engineering00000
BIO 4123Immunology Laboratory00000
CLS 3107Clin Immunology&Serology Lab00000
CLS 2101Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science00000
BIO 4308General Virology00000
CLS 4102Seminar for Clincal Laboratory Science00000
BIO 1114General Biology ll Laboratory00000
CLS 4304Immunohematology00000
BKE 2321Foundations of Early Childhood Education00000
CMS 3308Journalism Language, Style, and Literacy00000
ACC 6321Acctg Cost Mgmt Systems00000
CMS 3366Video Directing00000
BKE 3339Child/Family Assessment00000
CSC 1105Computer Science Colloquium00000
BIO 1315Introduction to Biotechnology and Molecular Biology (Level I...00000
CSC 2320Introduction to Computer Hardware Organization00000
BKE 4334Creative Express Young Child00000
CSC 3351Data Communications00000
AAS 4020Study Abroad in the Discipline00000
CSC 4340Organization of Programming Languages00000
BKE 5320Developmentally Appropriate Instruction and Assessment in Ea...00000
CSC 4395Artificial Intelligence00000
BIO 2112Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory00000
CST 5316Foundations of Data Analytics00000
BLA 2325Business Law l00000
CST 5340Hardware and Media Security00000
ART 13162 D Design00000
CST 6320Data Visualization00000
CHE 1111Gen Chem/Health Sci Mjrs Lab00000
DPT 6208Acute Care Physical Therapy00000
BIO 3111Fund of Anat & Physiology Lab00000
DPT 6325Pharmacology for Physical Therapists: Clinical Applications00000
CHE 1325Introduction to Scientific Research00000
DPT 7204Diagnostic Imaging00000
AAS 2312Afrocentric Wisdom and Values00000
DPT 7340Health and Wellness00000
CHE 2326Organic Chemistry l00000
DPT 8402Administration and Management00000
BIO 3225Neuroscience Seminar00000
CHE 3146Biochemistry I Lab00000
AAS 2302Politics of Africa00000
AAS 2316Black Female Identity Through Time00000
ACC 4321Auditing00000
ART 4399Studio Art Seminar00000
BIO 4276Seminar/BIO00000
CLS 3101CLS Special Topics00000