WSSU Course Reviews

Winston-Salem State University

CIT 3332Fundamental of Internet Systems00000
CLS 4303Molecular Diagnostics00000
BKE 2326Early Language and Literacy I00000
CHE 4246Biochemistry II Lab00000
BKE 5345Social Justice Advocacy and Public Policy in Early Childhood...00000
BIO 3342Intro to Molecular Biology00000
CLS 3106Advanced Hematology Lab00000
BIO 1305Human Heredity, Genetics, and Society00000
BKE 4334Creative Express Young Child00000
BIO 2102General Biology II Lab00000
CHE 3236Investigations and Research00000
CHE 1114General Chemistry ll Lab00000
BIO 3232Microbiology Laboratory00000
CIT 1105Computer Science Colloquium00000
ART 4320Digital Photography II00000
CLS 1301Behind the Scenes: The Science of Health Care00000
BIO 4308General Virology00000
CLS 3306Advanced Hematology00000
ACC 3330Forensic Accounting and Fraud Investigation00000
CMS 3311Studio Production00000
BIO 1320Environmental Biology00000
BKE 4935Internship in ECE00000
ACC 4328Global/Ethical Issues in Acctg00000
BUA 3302Business Ethics00000
BIO 2303Scientific Writing00000
CHE 3111Physical Chemistry l Lab00000
CHE 1325Introduction to Scientific Research00000
BIO 3166Genetics Laboratory00000
CHE 3322Instrumental Analysis00000
ART 3372Printmaking II00000
CHI 1318Introduction to China in the World00000
BIO 3315Fundamentals of Neuroscience00000
CIT 2310Introduction to Computer Software Systems00000
ACC 2317Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
CIT 4356Web Programming00000
BIO 4164Cell Biology Laboratory00000
CLS 2405Foundations of Clinical Chemistry00000
BIO 1101Biological Concepts Lab00000
CLS 3207Urinalysis & Body Fluids00000
BIO 4376Biochemistry00000
CLS 4106Clinical Laboratory Education00000
AAS 2316Black Female Identity Through Time00000
CMS 2341Fundamentals of Speech00000
BKE 3342Guidance and Classroom Management00000
CMS 3325Electronic Media Writing00000
ACC 4000Accounting Independent Study00000
BKE 4338Family Studies Practicum00000
BIO 1331General Microbiology (Level II)00000
BKE 5325Developmentally Appropriate Instruction and Assessment for I...00000
AAS 3305African International Relations00000
BLA 2325Business Law l00000
BIO 2277Investigation and Research I00000
BUA 4000Independent Study, Research, Reading00000
ACC 6321Acctg Cost Mgmt Systems00000
CHE 1313General Chemistry l00000
BIO 2311Anatomy & Physiology I00000
CHE 2327Organic Chemistry ll00000
CHE 2121Quantitative Analysis Lab00000
BIO 3137Biomolecules Laboratory00000
CHE 3146Biochemistry I Lab00000
ART 3357Portfolio Design00000
CHE 3312Physical Chemistry II00000
BIO 3231Microbiology00000
CHE 4243Synthetic and Analytical Methods Lab00000
ACC 1301Introduction to Financial Literacy00000
CHE 4346Biochemistry ll00000
BIO 3305Topics in Bioinformatics00000
CHI 2315Contemporary China Youth Cultures00000
ART 4093Art Internship00000
CIT 1310Computer Programming I00000
BIO 3335Molecular Biology & Biotech II00000
CIT 3322Computer Architecture00000
AAS 2313From Back Stage Through Center Stage: Black Female Playwrigh...00000
CIT 4323System Administration ll00000
BIO 3366Genetics00000
CIT 4391Computer Science Co-op00000
ART 4398Senior Art History Seminar00000
CLS 2101Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Science00000
BIO 4277Investigation and Research III00000
CLS 3102Hematology Lab00000
ACC 3316Intermediate Accounting I00000
CLS 3205Introduction to Research00000
BIO 4323Immunology00000
CLS 3302Hematology00000
BIO 1131General Micro Lab00000
CLS 4103Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory00000
BKE 2321Foundations of Early Childhood Education00000
CLS 4300Chemistry Practicum00000
AAS 2303African Political Thought00000
CLS 4404Methods and Procedures00000
BKE 3339Child/Family Assessment00000
CMS 3301Law & Ethics/Mass Comm00000
BIO 1314General Biology ll Lecture00000
BKE 3344Curriculum Planning for Preschool Classrooms00000
AAS 2020Study Abroad in the Discipline00000
AAS 2311Mas, Resis Nar/Afr Am Cul Text00000
AAS 4020Study Abroad in the Discipline00000
ALS 2310Englishes of the World00000
BIO 3111Fund of Anat & Physiology Lab00000
CHE 2230Organic Chemistry Lab00000