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WSCC Course Reviews

Walters State Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ENST 2340CNC Programming I00000
FIPT 2990Problems In Fire Protection00000
CULA 2180Culinary Internship00000
ENGL 2230Literature For Children00000
ECED 2380Language and Literacy in Early Childhood00000
BUSN 2395Business Applications00000
ETEE 1110Electrical Circuits I W/Lab00000
AGRM 2631Agricultural Microcomputer Applications Lab00000
DANC 1550Modern Dance I00000
ART 1350Foundations Studio II00000
ENGL 0810Writing Learning Support00000
EDUC 2210Educational Psychology00000
BUSN 1301Legal Issues for the Web00000
ENST 1300Technical Calculations00000
AGRM 2411Residential Landscape Design Lab00000
ETBM 1500Safety In Biomedical Engineering Technology00000
CETC 2230LEED Green Building Plan and Construction00000
ETMF 1210Industrial Materials And Processes00000
AGRM 1510Basic Landscape Plants00000
FIRE 2330Fire Behavior and Combustion00000
ANTH 1230Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ECED 2315Early Childhood Curriculum00000
AGRM 1620Irrigation Systems00000
EDPY 207Educational Psychology00000
ARTH 1030Art Appreciation00000
EMSB 1602EMT Trauma and Medical Emergencies00000
EGRT 2200Machine Tool Principles00000
BIOL 2021Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab00000
ENGL 2045Introduction to Literature00000
AGRM 2211Greenhouse Crop Production Lab00000
ENGL 2530African American Literature00000
BUSN 2320Business Finance00000
ENST 1360Mechanical Power Transmission00000
AGRM 1170Livestock Event Management00000
ENST 2370Statics &Strength of Materials00000
CETC 1040Conventional Energy Technology00000
ETDD 2441Engineering Graphics III Lab00000
AGRM 2470Professional Turfgrass Management00000
ETEE 2610Electrical Power00000
CRMJ 2601Basic Law Enforcement I00000
ETMF 2500Project Scheduling00000
ADMN 2375Career Develpment and Planning00000
FIRE 2299Special Topics in Fire Science00000
CULA 2361Retail Bakery Management00000
FIRE 2340Leadership Development00000
AGRM 1521Supplementary Landscape and Herbaceous Plants Lab00000
DANC 2020Choreography00000
ART 1035Introduction to Art00000
ECED 2340Family Dynamics and Community Involvement00000
AGRI 1030Introduction to Plant Science00000
ECON 2020Microeconomics00000
ART 2810Intro to Computer Arts00000
EDU 201Foundations of Education00000
AGRM 1810Sustainable Agriculture00000
EETC 2341Biomedical Instrumentation II00000
BIOL 1021Diversity of Life Lab00000
EMSB 1111EMT Clinical00000
EMSA 1111Advanced EMT Clinical00000
BIOL 1520Environmental Science II00000
EMSP 2402Paramedic Skills Lab II00000
AGRM 2151Animal Anatomy Phys Lab00000
ENGL 1020English Composition II00000
BIOL 2611Genetics Lab00000
ENGL 2120Modern American Literature00000
AGRM 1140Horsemanship00000
ENGL 2320Modern World Literature00000
BUSN 1340Small Business Management00000
ENGL 2990Creative Writing III00000
AGRM 2311Greenhouse Management Lab00000
ENST 1321Inventor I00000
BUSN 2360International Business00000
ENST 2320Solidworks II00000
ACCT 2414Accounting Practice III00000
ENST 2352Industrial Supervision00000
CETC 1010Intro to Environmental Tech00000
ENST 2391Internship00000
AGRM 2441Lawn and Landscape Maintenance Lab00000
ETDD 1011Engineering Graphics I Lab00000
CETC 2050Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Tech00000
ETDD 2821Parametric Modeling And Design Lab00000
AGRM 1181Advanced Livestock Event Management Lab00000
ETEE 1710Electronics00000
CHEM 1020Introductory Chemistry II00000
ETEM 1110Mechanical Power Transmission00000
AGRM 2481Golf Course Organization and Maintenance Lab00000
ETMF 1550Root Cause And Problem Solving00000
CULA 1305Nutrition for Culinary Arts00000
ETMF 2750Engineering Economy00000
ACCT 2341Cost Accounting00000
FIRE 1320Principles of Fire and EMS Service Safety and Survival00000
CULA 2342European Cakes and Tortes00000
FIRE 2320Building Construction for Fire Protection00000
ALH 1000Careers in Allied Health00000
CULA 2380Culinary Internship00000
ACCT 2295Accounting Applications00000
ACCT 2411Tax Practice00000
AGRI 1051Intro to Soil Science Lab00000
AGRM 2140Farm Animal Health and Management Practices00000
BIOL 1111General Biology Lab I00000
EMSA 1501Advanced EMT Medical Emergencies00000