WSC Course Reviews

Williston State College

PTLO 104Industrial Safety00000
WELD 215Specialty Weld Processes00000
HIST 103United States To 187700000
NUTR 240Principles Of Nutrition00000
MASG 120Swedish Massage I00000
EC 222Administration and Leadership in Early Childhood Education00000
TECH 101Industrial Automation Overview00000
CIS 117Internet of Things: Security00000
HPER 126Lifetime Fitness00000
CIS 215Implementing a Microsoft Windows Server Environment00000
NURS 127Practical Nursing II: Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursi...00000
MATH 146Applied Calculus00000
DTEC 106Intro to Diesel Engines00000
PLSC 110World Food Crops00000
CD 241Practicum00000
SOC 220Family00000
ENGL 262American Literature II00000
WELD 107Advanced Welding Technology and Manufacturing Lab00000
ASC 87College Writing Preparation00000
AGEC 244Introduction To Agricultural Marketing00000
CIS 165Networking Fundamentals II00000
HPER 218Personal Trainer Preparation00000
BADM 170Recreation Areas and Facilities Management00000
MASG 221Massage Therapy Clinical II00000
CIS 233Vector Graphics and Web Animation00000
NURS 120Foundations of Nursing00000
MATH 265Calculus III00000
CSCI 122Visual Basic00000
NURS 227Clinical Applications I00000
CD 110Survey of Communication Disorders00000
PHYS 110LIntroductory Astronomy Lab00000
DTEC 216Advanced Electronic/ Fuel Systems00000
POLS 116State & Local Government00000
ART 120Painting I00000
RELS 203World Religions00000
ENGL 120College Composition II00000
SPAN 102First Year Spanish II00000
CHEM 240Survey Of Organic Chemistry00000
TECH 210SCADA Fundamentals00000
FREN 201Second Year French I00000
WELD 151Welding Theory, Technology & Safety00000
AGRI 150Agriculture Orientation00000
ACCT 205Cost Accounting00000
HIST 257The Cold War00000
AGEC 275Applied Agricultural Law00000
BADM 130Introduction to Entrepreneurship00000
HPER 210First Aid & CPR00000
CIS 181Creating Web Pages II00000
HUMS 290Special Topics For Honor Students00000
AH 171Medical Terminology I00000
MASG 160Business Topics00000
CIS 218Planning a Network Infrstructure00000
MASG 260Advanced Massage Techniques00000
BADM 202Principles Of Management00000
MATH 210Elementary Statistics00000
CIS 267Intermediate Networking I00000
MUSC 145Applied Music00000
MICR 202Microbiology00000
COMM 217Organizational Communication00000
NURS 122Clinical Practice I00000
BOTE 135Social Media Integration for Business00000
NURS 225Alterations in Health I00000
CSCI 172Intermediate Visual Basic00000
NURS 259Role Transition00000
ANSC 231Livestock Evaluation00000
PHIL 215Contemporary Moral Issues00000
DTEC 127Hydraulic/Pneumatics Systems00000
PHYS 251University Physics I L/L00000
CD 224Techniques for Speech Language Pathology Paraprofessional00000
PLSC 255Plant Disease Management00000
DTEC 266Shop Practices/Welding00000
PSYC 270Abnormal Psychology00000
AGEC 246Introduction To Agricultural Finance00000
PTLO 130Oil Field Hydraulics00000
EDUC 250Introduction To Education00000
SOC 110Introduction To Sociology00000
CHEM 116Introduction To Organic & Biochemistry L/L00000
SOIL 210Introduction To Soil Science00000
ENGL 222Introduction To Poetry00000
SPED 110Introduction to Exceptional Children00000
ART 130Drawing I00000
TECH 130Electric Motor Control00000
ENGL 299Special Topics00000
UNIV 100College Strategies00000
CHEM 242Organic Chemistry II L/L00000
WELD 121Welding Theory & Safety for Semi-Automatic Processes00000
GIS 107GIS Applications in the Petroleum Industry00000
WELD 210Pipe Welding Lab00000
ACCT 215Business In The Legal Environment00000
ACCT 102Fundamentals Of Accounting00000
HIST 110Historic Baseball00000
AGEC 141Introduction to Agribusiness Management00000
CIS 141Introduction to Cyber Security00000
HPER 101Activity: Introductory Level00000
ACCT 200Elements Of Accounting I00000
AGEC 240Holistic Management00000
ANSC 114Introduction To Animal Science00000
BADM 234Customer Service00000
CJ 201Introduction To Criminal Justice00000
MUSC 108Roots of American Popular Music00000