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WSC Course Reviews

Williston State College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PHYS 252University Physics II L/L00000
SWK 256Introduction to Human Services00000
HPER 207Prevention & Care of Injuries00000
NURS 228Alterations in Health II00000
MASG 240The Business Of Massage00000
ENGL 265Native American Literature00000
PTLO 135Hydraulics and Pneumatics00000
CIS 142Ethical Hacking and Network Defense00000
MASG 101Introduction To Massage Therapy00000
CIS 268Intermediate Networking II00000
NURS 122Clinical Practice I00000
MATH 210Elementary Statistics00000
ENGL 120College Composition II00000
PHIL 210Ethics00000
CD 225Language Disorders and Intervention for the SLPP00000
PSYC 111Introduction To Psychology00000
HIST 104United States Since 187700000
SOC 220Family00000
BADM 201Principles Of Marketing00000
TECH 299Special Topics in Automation00000
CIS 215Implementing a Microsoft Windows Server Environment00000
MASG 160Business Topics00000
BADM 251Personal Finance00000
MATH 107Pre-Calculus00000
CSCI 101Introduction To Computers00000
MUSC 299Special Topics in Music00000
MUSC 117Concert Choir00000
DTEC 220Drive Train Systems00000
NURS 224Professional Role Development00000
BOTE 247Spreadsheet Application00000
NUTR 222Contemporary Nutrition00000
ENGL 225Introduction To Film00000
PHYS 110LIntroductory Astronomy Lab00000
ART 211Art History II00000
PLSC 255Plant Disease Management00000
GEOL 105Physical Geology L/L00000
PTLO 104Industrial Safety00000
CHEM 122General Chemistry II L/L00000
RELS 230New Testament00000
HORT 121Introduction to Aquaponics00000
SPAN 101First Year Spanish I00000
AH 130Pathology for Allied Health00000
TECH 130Electric Motor Control00000
HPER 241Introduction to Exercise Science00000
UNIV 195Student Government00000
BADM 228Personal Investing00000
MASG 121Massage Therapy Clinical I00000
CIS 232Graphic Design00000
MASG 220Swedish Massage II00000
AH 261Kinesiology II00000
MATH 103College Algebra00000
COMM 212Interpersonal Communication00000
MATH 165Calculus I00000
BIOL 115Concepts of Anatomy & Physiology00000
MUSC 108Roots of American Popular Music00000
CSCI 172Intermediate Visual Basic00000
MUSC 272Athletic Band00000
MUSC 140Orchestra00000
DTEC 136Brake Systems00000
NURS 120Foundations of Nursing00000
BIOL 215LGenetics Lab00000
NURS 127Practical Nursing II: Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursi...00000
ECON 201Principles Of Microeconomics00000
NURS 226Maternal Child Nursing00000
ART 122Two-Dimensional Design00000
NURS 237Clinical Applications II00000
ENGL 211Introduction To Creative Writing00000
NUTR 240Principles Of Nutrition00000
CD 110Survey of Communication Disorders00000
PHRM 215Introduction To Pharmacology00000
ENGL 261American Literature I00000
PHYS 212College Physics II L/L00000
AGEC 275Applied Agricultural Law00000
PLSC 210Horticulture Science00000
FREN 101First Year French I00000
POLS 115American Government00000
CHEM 116Introduction To Organic & Biochemistry L/L00000
PSYC 270Abnormal Psychology00000
HIST 101Western Civilization I00000
PTLO 122Drilling and Well Control00000
BADM 130Introduction to Entrepreneurship00000
RELS 203World Religions00000
HIST 223History Of The Lewis & Clark Expedition00000
SOC 110Introduction To Sociology00000
CIS 117Internet of Things: Security00000
SOIL 210Introduction To Soil Science00000
HPER 103Activity: Advanced Level00000
SPAN 201Second Year Spanish I00000
ACCT 215Business In The Legal Environment00000
TECH 103Direct and Alternating Current Circuit Analysis00000
HPER 216Skill Themes & Movement for Elementary00000
TECH 143Programmable Logic Controller Fundamentals00000
CIS 180Creating Web Pages00000
HUMS 290Special Topics For Honor Students00000
ACCT 102Fundamentals Of Accounting00000
AGEC 242Intro To Agricultural Management00000
ANSC 231Livestock Evaluation00000
BIOL 150General Biology I L/L00000
DTEC 106Intro to Diesel Engines00000
MUSC 145Applied Music00000