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Wright Course Reviews

Wright State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ME 1040Engineering Design and Solid Modeling53551
ART 20803D Design and Form00000
ASL 4020Communication Variations in Sign Language00000
ATH 4600African Oral Traditions00000
ART 5180Studies in Art Theory and Criticism00000
ARA 3700Internship00000
ATH 2150Comparative Nonwestern Cultures00000
ANT 5100LAdvanced Human Structure & Function I Lab00000
ANT 7210Human Microanatomy00000
ART 2330Printmaking for Non-Majors00000
ART 3150Realism to Expressionism00000
ART 4660Advanced Printmaking: Relief00000
ARA 2020Intermediate Arabic II00000
ART 5780Sculpture00000
ANT 2100Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
ASM 7771Fundamentals of Aerospace Medicine I00000
ARA 5120Levantine Arabic00000
ATH 3510Laboratory in Archaeology00000
AES 2220Field Training Preparation Leadership Laboratory00000
ATH 6750Seminar in Archaeological Theory00000
ANT 6990Lab Rotation00000
ART 3110Roman Art00000
AES 3330USAF Leadership Studies II00000
ANT 8110Comprehensive Exam00000
ART 3280Intermediate Drawing00000
ART 3580Intermediate Photography Practices00000
ART 4070Studies in Printmaking00000
APS 4020Project Evaluation00000
ART 5010Independent Study in Art00000
AFS 4040The African Diaspora00000
ART 5580Photography00000
ARA 3120Levantine Arabic00000
ASL 2010Intermediate American Sign Language I00000
ACC 7810Special Studies in Accounting00000
ASM 7370Aerospace Toxicology00000
ARA 4210Introduction to Media Arabic00000
ASM 7972Introduction to Aerospace Medical Research II00000
ANT 3120Human Structure and Function II00000
ATH 3020Peoples and Cultures of South Asia00000
ARA 6410Introduction to Arabic Fiction00000
ATH 3910Internship in Anthropology00000
ACC 2070Careers in Accounting00000
ATH 6000Political Anthropology00000
ART 2120Art History II: Renaissance to Contemporary00000
ATR 2840Basic Skills in Athletic Training00000
AES 2500General Military Course Leadership Lab00000
ART 3010Independent Study in Art00000
ANT 7020Special Dissection00000
ART 3130Renaissance Venice00000
ACC 3260Accounting Systems Design and Implementation00000
ART 3170World Views: Non-European Art00000
ANT 7890Continuing Registration00000
ART 3480Intermediate Painting I00000
AES 4320Senior Cadet Leadership Lab00000
ANT 8990Anatomy Research00000
ART 3660Beginning Printmaking: Relief00000
ART 3680Beginning Printmaking: Lithography00000
ART 4010Independent Study in Art History00000
APS 3040Applied Studies Management00000
ART 4480Advanced Painting00000
AFS 3890Black Women & Politics00000
ART 4690Advanced Printmaking: Screenprinting00000
ARA 2010Intermediate Arabic I00000
ART 5140Baroque Art It, Fr, Sp00000
ACC 7430Tax-Advanced Topics and Research00000
ART 5480Painting00000
ARA 3110Arabic Conversation I00000
ART 5670Printmaking: Intaglio00000
AFS 6030History of the Ideas of Race00000
ART 6080History of Photography00000
ARA 3210Advanced Arabic Syntax and Grammar I00000
ASL 3010Deaf Culture and Community00000
ABS 7900ABS Graduate Project00000
ASM 7071Biostatistics00000
ARA 3980Social Media Study Arab Forces00000
ASM 7571Aerospace Skills for Healthcare Providers I00000
ANT 2120LHuman Anatomy & Phys II Laboratory00000
ASM 7871Space Medicine I00000
ARA 4410Introduction to Arabic Fiction00000
ASM 8990Aerospace Medical Research00000
AES 1230Foundations of the United States Air Force II00000
ATH 3000Peoples of Native America00000
ARA 6210Introduction to Media Arabic00000
ATH 3310Human Evolution00000
ANT 4880Independent Reading in Anatomy00000
ATH 3710Ethnographic Fieldwork00000
ART 2060Drawing I00000
ATH 4300Death and Dying00000
ABS 7230Modern Social Theory00000
ATH 5020Peoples and Cultures of South Asia00000
ART 20902D Design and Color00000
ATH 6500Archaeology of Conflict00000
ANT 6030Biomedical Review Article00000
ART 3760Sculpture- Subtractive Process00000
ART 2280Drawing II00000
ABS 7100Research Methods I00000
ABS 7602Disability&Sex:What Everyone00000
ACC 4460Financial Statement Analysis00000
AES 4700Extended Cadet Leadership Lab00000
APS 3010Training & Presentations00000