WPI Course Reviews

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

PH 1110General Physics-Mechanics3.533.54.52
CH 1040Spectroscopy In Organic And Polymer Chemistry343.532
MA 2071Matrices And Linear Algebra I32341
SD 1510Introduction To System Dynamics Modeling32321
BUS 1020Globl Envirnm Of Bus Decisions45431
AR 2401Video Production45431
MA 1022Calculus II43351
HI 1330Introduction To The History Of Science And Technology45431
PE 1077Swimming For Fitness32331
BB 2550Cell Biology33351
MA 2611Applied Statistics I35341
MA 1021Calculus I44251
BB 2917Hunting For Phage54551
WR 1020Introduction To Rhetoric22331
BB 3080Neurobiology42341
PE 1011Touch Football44531
RE 2722Modern Problems Of Belief22111
HI 3314The American Revolution44431
PH 1120General Physics-Electricity And Magnetism43551
MA 2612Applied Statistics II33341
BME 2001Introduction To Biomaterials55551
BUS 1010Leadership Practice45441
BME 1001Introduction To Biomedical Engineering45431
BB 2003Fundamentals Of Microbiology00000
AR 31013D Modeling II00000
BB 2915Searching For Solutions In Soil: Microbial And Molecular Inv...00000
BB 1025Human Biology00000
AR 2700Digital Painting00000
BB 2040Principles Of Ecology00000
AE 5106Air Breathing Propulsion00000
AR 32222D Animation II00000
BB 2920Genetics00000
BB 3050Cancer Biology00000
BB 3120Plant Physiology00000
AE 3711Aerodynamics00000
AE 5111Spacecraft Propulsion00000
AREN 2004Architectural Design II Light And Lighting Systems00000
BB 3513Cell Culture Techniques For Animal Cells00000
BB 3518Molecular Biology00000
AREN 3003Principles Of Hvac Design For Buildings00000
BB 3526Phage Hunters: The Analysis00000
BB 4065Virology00000
AE 5223Space Vehicle Dynamics And Control00000
AREN 3022Architectural Design V Building Envelope Design00000
BB 4550Advanced Cell Biology00000
BCB 501Bioinformatics00000
AS 1001Heritage And Values I (General Military Course)00000
BCB 510BCB Seminar00000
BCB 4001Bioinformatics00000
ACC 503Financial Intelligence For Strategic Decision- Making00000
AE 4090Aerospace Engineering Colloquium00000
AE 5383Composite Materials00000
AS 2001Team And Leadership Fundamentals I (General Military Course)00000
BME 361XTransport Analysis In Bioengineering00000
BME 531Biomaterials In The Design Of Medical Devices00000
AS 3001Leading People And Effective Communication I (Professional O...00000
BME 552Tissue Mechanics00000
BB 1002Environmental Biology00000
AR 23333D Animation I00000
BB 1035Introduction to Biotechnology00000
AE 5104Turbomachinery00000
AR 2750Top Studio:Art In Makerspace00000
BME 555Biomems And Tissue Microengineering00000
BB 2903Anatomy And Physiology00000
AE 3602Incompressible Fluids00000
BB 2916Phage Hunters: The Quest00000
AR 3150Light, Vision And Understanding00000
BB 3003Medical Microbiology00000
AE 5108Introduction To Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
BB 3101Human Anatomy & Physiology: Movement And Communication00000
AR 3700Concept Art And Creative Illustration00000
BB 3511Nerve And Muscle Physiology00000
ACC 500Accounting And Finance Fundamentals00000
BB 3516Separation Techniques In Biotechnology00000
AREN 2025Building Electrical Systems00000
BB 3521Microscopy00000
AE 5221Control Of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems00000
BB 3620Developmental Biology00000
AREN 3006Advanced Hvac System Design00000
BB 4190Regulation Of Gene Expression00000
AE 3713Introduction To Aerospace Control Systems00000
BB 4900Cap Bbt: Genome Instability00000
AREN 3025Building Energy Simulation00000
BCB 503Biological And Biomedical Database Mining00000
AE 5380Foundations Of Elasticity00000
BCB 1003Explrng Bioinfmtcs & Compu Bio00000
AS 1003Heritage And Values III (General Military Course)00000
BCB 4003Biological And Biomedical Database Mining00000
AB 1531Elementary Arabic I00000
BME 520Biomechanics And Robotics00000
AS 2003Team And Leadership Fundamentals III (General Military Cours...00000
BME 535Medical Device Design Controls00000
AR 161XIntroduction To Ceramics I00000
AE 4711Fundamentals Of Air-Breathing Propulsion00000
AR 205X3D Environmental Modeling00000
AS 4101National Security Affairs I00000
AS 4103National Security Affairs III00000
AR 220XHuman Figure In Motion00000
BB 100XExploring Bioinformatics And Computational Biology00000
BB 356XMolecular Biology And Genetic Engineering: Approaches And Ap...00000