WP Course Reviews

William Paterson University

ARTS 6990Graduate Thesis00000
ASN 4800Colloquium: Exploring Wwii00000
ARTS 3100Sculpture II00000
ARTS 58503-D Computer Graphic I Modeling00000
ARTS 3820Advanced Publication Design00000
ARTH 3445Gender, Art And Feminism00000
ASN 3060Chinese Popular Culture00000
ANTH 3520Our Most Unwelcome Guests: Human Co-Evolution With Pathogens00000
ARTS 3400Advanced Ceramics00000
ARAB 2100Intermediate Arabic I00000
ARTS 5210Graduate Watercolor00000
ARTS 4200Painting Studio00000
ARTH 2800Asian Art00000
ARTS 6120Sculpture and Digital Media II00000
ANTH 3011Anthro Sem: Public Eng In Anth00000
ASN 2430Korean Immigrant Communities In The U.S.00000
ARTS 2300Printmaking I Basic Printmaking Media00000
ASN 3575History Of The Caucasus To 1750 Ce00000
ACCT 7400Regulation:Federal Taxation00000
ATEP 4500Clincial Experience In Athletic Training IIv00000
ANTH 4900Anthropology Senior Seminar00000
ARTS 3600Surface Design Workshop00000
ANTH 2000Human Origins00000
ARTS 3890Advanced Dynamic Figure Drawing00000
ARTH 1100Caves to Cathedrals00000
ARTS 5050Advanced Drawing Studio00000
ARTS 4740Alternative Photographic Methods00000
ARTH 2400Modern Art I00000
ARTS 5400Ceramics00000
ANTH 2570Sex, Gender and Sexuality: Beyond Nature Vs. Nurture00000
ARTS 5990St: Landscape Painting00000
ARTH 3330Silk Road Art00000
ARTS 68503-D Computer Graphic II Animation00000
ACCT 6070Accounting for Strategic Business Decision Making00000
ASN 2020Buddhism, Taoism, And East Asian Culture00000
ARTH 4990Independent Study00000
ASN 2800Civ of South Asia Honors00000
ANTH 3300Anthropology Of Tourism00000
ASN 3310The Geography Of Asia00000
ARTS 2800Computer Paint and 2-D Art00000
ASN 3760Life/Writings Indigenous Women00000
ACCT 4110Taxation II00000
ATEP 2700Athletic Training Modalities00000
ARTS 3230Chinese Ink Painting00000
ATEP 4750Clinical Experience in Athletic Training V00000
ACCT 7600Financial Analysis And Decisions00000
ARTS 3510Package and Advertsng Design00000
ARAB 1100Basic Arabic I00000
ARTS 3730Advanced Photography Projects00000
ACCT 4850Practicum In Accounting00000
ARTS 38503-D Computer Graphics II Introduction to Animation00000
ARTH 1010Understanding Art00000
ARTS 3990St: Game Design00000
ANTH 2030Exploring Asia00000
ARTS 4400Ceramics Studio00000
ARTH 1300African American Art00000
ARTS 4990Independent Study00000
ARTS 4880Advanced Cell Animation00000
ARTH 2320Northern Renaissance Art00000
ARTS 5115Hack And Make00000
ANTH 2400Language Matters00000
ARTS 5300Printmaking-Intaglio00000
ARTH 2560History Modern Design00000
ARTS 5700Photography00000
ACCT 6065Financial Accounting for Decision Makers00000
ARTS 5890Projects Drawing for Animators00000
ARTH 2860Modern Art Of Latin America00000
ARTS 6100Advanced Projects: Sculpture00000
ANTH 2800Intro to Transgender Studies00000
ARTS 6400Advanced Projects: Ceramics00000
ARTH 340020Th Century Mexican Art00000
ARTS 6880Advanced Cell Animation Projects00000
ACCT 4020Honors Thesis II00000
ASN 1200East Asian Ways To Well-Being00000
ARTH 3990Selected Topics:Body Art00000
ASN 2120Indian Music00000
ANTH 3160Daily Life In Japan00000
ASN 2700East Asian Civilization00000
ARTS 2200Contemporary Color Theory and Application00000
ASN 3010Contemporary Japan Culture00000
ACCT 7100Financial Accounting and Reporting I00000
ASN 3200Contemporary Korean Culture In The Global Era00000
ARTS 2510Typography Form and Application00000
ASN 3510Asian American Literature00000
ANTH 3450Cultural Resource Management00000
ASN 3640Japanese History Through Cinema00000
ARTS 2890Dynamic Figure Drawing00000
ASN 3910Population And Development In Asia00000
ACCT 3110Intermediate Accounting I00000
ATEP 2400Prevention And Care Of Injury And Illness In Athletic Traini...00000
ARTS 3150Wood Materials And Experimental Design00000
ATEP 3700Therapeutic Exercise00000
ANTH 3710Health and Healing00000
ARTS 3300Printmaking II Intaglio00000
ACCT 2110Financial Accounting00000
ACCT 3200Accounting Information Systems00000
ACCT 4990Independent Study00000
ANTH 2100Digging the Past: an Introduction to Archaeology00000
ARTH 2280Medieval Art00000
ARTS 4940Bfa Studio Senior Seminar00000