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William Paterson University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 7100Seminar Molecular Biology00000
CHEM 6010Analysis of Materials00000
ASN 3730Korean History00000
BIO 4310Cell and Tissue Culture00000
AWS 2040Literature Harlem Renaissance00000
ARTS 6980Graduate Thesis00000
CGSI 4990Independent Study00000
ARTS 3830Web Design I00000
ATEP 3600Assessment Of Core Body00000
ARTS 4300Printmaking Studio00000
BIO 2050Cell Biology00000
AWS 3050Community Development00000
ARTS 5890Projects Drawing for Animators00000
BIO 5340Genomics and Bioinformatics00000
ARTS 3310Printmaking II Lithography00000
CCJ 3680Criminology00000
ASN 3010Contemporary Japan Culture00000
CHEM 4220Advance Organic Chemistry00000
ANTH 2350World Heritage Sites00000
CIEC 3120Language and Literacy in Early Childhood Education00000
ARTS 3910Studio Visits and Creative Practice00000
ATEP 4750Clinical Experience in Athletic Training V00000
ANTH 3011Anthro Sem: Public Eng In Anth00000
AWS 2150Africa & World Since 188500000
ARTS 4850Web Design II00000
BIO 1300Field Biology00000
BAN 5100Data Visualization and Inferential Business Statistics00000
ARTS 5310Printmaking-Lithography00000
BIO 3500Animal Behavior00000
ANTH 4910Internship Anthropology00000
BIO 4980Field Experience Biology00000
ARTS 6300Advanced Projects: Printmaking00000
BIO 5840Scanning Electron Microscopy00000
ANTH 2001Human Biocultural Evolution00000
CCJ 3020Data Analysis00000
ASN 2120Indian Music00000
CCJ 4920Internship in Criminal Justice00000
ARTS 3600Surface Design Workshop00000
CHEM 2570Organic Chemistry I00000
ASN 3500Buddhist Philosophy00000
CHEM 4820Senior Research in Chemistry00000
ACCT 6070Accounting for Strategic Business Decision Making00000
CHIN 3020Chinese Popular Culture00000
ATEP 1500Introduction To Athletic Training00000
CIEC 3650Creat Arts Ch Lit In Ec Ed00000
ANTH 2600Myth And Folklore And The Modern World00000
ATEP 4500Clincial Experience In Athletic Training IIv00000
ARTS 4100Sculpture Studio00000
AWS 2010African Civilizations00000
ACCT 7200Financial Accounting and Reporting II00000
AWS 2070Racism And Mass Media00000
ARTS 4740Alternative Photographic Methods00000
AWS 2550The Black Woman Experience00000
ANTH 3250Faces Of Diversity00000
AWS 3380African Politics00000
ARTS 4990Independent Study00000
BIO 1140Applied Anatomy and Physiology00000
BAN 7150Cybersecurity And Information Assurance00000
ARTS 5210Graduate Watercolor00000
BIO 1640General Biology II00000
ANTH 3700Anthropology Social Movements00000
BIO 3120Advanced Anatomy and Physiology00000
ARTS 5830Projects In Web Design00000
BIO 3990Selected Topics: Fundamentals Of Structural Biology00000
ANTH 1300Origin and Diversity of Humankind00000
BIO 4630Terrestrial Plant Ecology00000
ARTS 5990St: Landscape Painting00000
BIO 5240Molecular Biology00000
ARTS 3210Watercolor00000
BIO 5600Pharmacology00000
ARTS 68503-D Computer Graphic II Animation00000
BIO 6320Protien Biochemistry00000
ACCT 5990Selected Topic: International Financial Reporting Standards00000
CCJ 2630Policing00000
ASN 2001Daily Life In Korea Through Popular Culture00000
CCJ 3620Policing00000
ARTS 3500Print and Media Design00000
CCJ 3840Terrorism00000
ASN 2700East Asian Civilization00000
CGSI 3000Select Topic in Cognit Sci Hon00000
ANTH 2090Disaster! Learning From Japan00000
CHEM 1330Chemistry for Health Sciences00000
ASN 3200Contemporary Korean Culture In The Global Era00000
CHEM 3160Physical Chemistry II00000
ARTS 3730Advanced Photography Projects00000
CHEM 4440Medicinal Chemistry00000
ASN 3590Gender And Islam00000
CHEM 6002Organic Materials Chemistry00000
ACCT 4020Honors Thesis II00000
CHIN 1200East Asian Ways To Well-Being00000
ASN 3910Population And Development In Asia00000
CIEC 2130Teaching Young Children In A Technological World00000
ARTS 3880Cell Animation I00000
ATEP 2600Assessment Of Extremities00000
ACCT 3120Intermediate Accounting II00000
ACCT 4300Advanced Accounting II00000
ACCT 7440Taxation of Business Entities00000
ANTH 3450Cultural Resource Management00000
ARTS 5100Sculpture00000
BAN 7990Special Topics: Artificial Intelligence00000