WMU Course Reviews

Western Michigan University

AE 3610Aerodynamics I31321
AE 4590Flight Test Eng and Design45541
ACTY 2110Intro Mgrl Actng & Strateg Dec42451
AE 4700Orbital Mechanics52551
AE 2610Intro to Aerospace Engineering45331
ACTY 2100Intro to Fin Actng & Analysis43451
CCE 2360Geomatics43351
ACTY 2000Careers in Accounting45341
ART 3680Special Topics in Design00000
ANTH 4950Death and Mortuary00000
ART 5000Independent Studies00000
ART 3310Sculpture II00000
ANTH 3510Human Osteology00000
ART 4610VI Senior Projects00000
ADA 5700Field Education: Sub Abuse00000
ANTH 5450Contemporary Social Movements00000
ART 5350You Are Here00000
ART 6510Art Education Theory00000
AS 4960Writng Intensive Mentor Port00000
ACTY 5980Rdgs In Acty00000
AE 5400Aerospace Vehicle Dynamics00000
ARAB 2000Intermediate Arabic 100000
ATYP 2110PreCalculus00000
AVS 1200Introduction To Aviation00000
AE 7000Master's Thesis00000
ARAB 5030Arabic-English Translation00000
ART 3000Printmedia: Reprocess00000
ANTH 3410Global Africa Past and Present00000
ART 3510Typography III00000
ADA 3360Clinical Approaches to SUDs00000
ART 390020th Century Art 1945-Present00000
ANTH 4060Archaeology Of Gender00000
ART 4920Grad Pres-Graphc Des00000
ACTY 4140Governmental & Nonprof Acctg00000
ART 5250Asia Adorned00000
ANTH 5040Arch Research Methods00000
ART 5520Art Education Practicum00000
AE 4690Aircraft Design00000
AS 3200Interinstitutional Study00000
ANTH 7000Masters Thesis00000
ATYP 1010Honors English 1000000
ATYP 2000Honors English 1100000
AVS 1110Heritage and Values of USAF I00000
ARAB 3010Advanced Standard Arabic II00000
AVS 1220Intro to Airframes and Systems00000
ACTY 6110Managerial Accounting00000
AFS 3000Black Exper To 186500000
ART 1040Object Drawing00000
ART 1070Form And Surface00000
ART 13003D Studio Experience00000
ACTY 3110Financial Accntg II00000
ACTY 6220Seminar In Mgmt Accounting00000
AFS 4980Directed Independent Study00000
ART 1480Direct Encounter/Art00000
ART 1650Product Design I00000
ANTH 1500Race, Biology, And Culture00000
ART 2200Caves to Cathedrals00000
ART 2900The Skilled Observer00000
ANTH 3090Arch Inequality & Resistance00000
ART 3210William Kentridge00000
ACTY 7120Prof Field Exper00000
ART 3470Digital Photography I00000
ANTH 3450Native Am History and Culture00000
ART 3610Iv Design Application00000
ACTY 4100Internship In Actg00000
ART 3800Printmedia II00000
ANTH 3560Food And Culture00000
ART 4520Art, Education & Adol Dvlpmnt00000
ADA 3410Diversity and Substance Abuse00000
ART 4670Thesis Project00000
ANTH 4500Primate Behavior And Ecology00000
ART 4980Product Design V00000
AAAS 5100Fndntl Theories of Div Ldrshp00000
ART 5210William Kentridge00000
ANTH 4980Independent Rdgs In Anthro00000
ART 5300Ceramics Workshop00000
ADA 6110Physical Aspects of Addiction00000
ART 5410Printmedia Workshop00000
ANTH 5330Museums & Material Culture00000
ART 5700Intern I00000
ACTY 4220Cost Management and Analytics00000
ART 7000Master's Thesis00000
ANTH 5550Human Paleopathology00000
AS 3610Proficiency in English00000
AE 4990Independent Study00000
AS 4990Cooperative Education00000
ANTH 7120Professional Field Experience00000
AAAS 3100Black Woman: Persp & Status00000
ART 2230Intro To Asian Art History00000
ATYP 3300AP Computer Science A00000
ARAB 2750Life/Culture Of The Arabs00000
AVS 1130Foundation of USAF Lab00000
AE 6410Space Flight Dynamics &Control;00000
ACTY 6430Accounting Analytics00000
ANTH 2500Intro Biological Anthropology00000
ART 2310Sculpture I00000
ART 2450Graphic Design00000
ANTH 2510Forensic Anthropology00000
ART 2510Typography I00000
ART 2610II Graphic Form00000