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WMU Course Reviews

Western Michigan University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CCE 2360Geomatics43351
AE 4590Flight Test Eng and Design45541
ACTY 2110Intro Mgrl Actng & Strateg Dec42451
ACTY 2100Intro to Fin Actng & Analysis43451
AE 2610Intro to Aerospace Engineering45331
ACTY 2000Careers in Accounting45341
AE 4700Orbital Mechanics52551
ANTH 1500Race, Biology, And Culture44451
AE 3610Aerodynamics I31321
AVS 4020Multi-Engine Flight00000
ART 2650Product Design II00000
BIOS 1620Ecology and Evolution00000
AVS 3530Prof Flight III Theory00000
ART 14002D Studio Experience00000
AVS 4720Adv Structures And Materials00000
AE 5100Foundations of Structural Mech00000
BIOS 4270Systematic Botany00000
ART 3600III Visual Systems00000
BIOS 5545Human Impacts Great Lakes00000
BLS 6360Tchg for Independent Living00000
ADA 5200Family And Addiction00000
ANTH 2500Intro Biological Anthropology00000
ART 4990Senior Thesis00000
BUS 4750Strategic Business Solutions00000
CCE 4380Construction Project Mgmt00000
ANTH 3440Indigenous North America00000
ART 6520Multicultural Art Education00000
AVS 3060Adv Aerodynamics & Performance00000
ARAB 4760Foreign Study Non-WMU00000
AVS 3640Aircraft Electrical II00000
AE 4660Aerospace Propulsion I00000
AVS 4210NS Affairs/Duty Prep I00000
ART 2290Digital Video Concepts00000
BCM 2520Prof Oral and Digital Comm00000
ACTY 6493Financial Accounting Capstone00000
BIOS 2400Human Physiology00000
ART 3250Writing About Art00000
BIOS 5260Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
AFS 2100Black Consciousness00000
BIOS 6010Special Investigations00000
ART 4520Art, Education & Adol Dvlpmnt00000
BLS 7120Prof Field Exper00000
ACTY 3240Introductory Tax Accounting00000
BUS 6960Study Abroad Seminar00000
ART 5350You Are Here00000
CCE 4850CCE Senior Design Project00000
ADA 6060Causes of Substance Abuse00000
AS 3600Academic English00000
ANTH 3510Human Osteology00000
AS 4970Mentored Portfolio00000
ATYP 1000Honors English 900000
ACTY 4150Governmental Accounting00000
ADA 6330Diversity and Ethical Issues00000
ANTH 4060Archaeology Of Gender00000
ATYP 2010Honors English 1200000
ATYP 3010AP English Literature and Comp00000
ANTH 4970Directed Experiential Learning00000
ATYP 4000Literature, Philosophy & Media00000
AVS 2645Acft Elect I Lab00000
ARAB 2010Intermediate Arabic 200000
AVS 3220Global Nav & Intl Flights00000
AVS 3605Recip. Engine Overhaul Lab00000
ART 1040Object Drawing00000
AVS 3665Avionics Lab00000
ACTY 6240Business Tax Planning00000
AVS 4090Multi-Engine Flight Instructr00000
ART 2160Black & White Photography I00000
AVS 4300Jet Equivalent Training00000
AE 4790Aerospace Eng Project Planning00000
AVS 4980Administration Senior Project00000
ART 2490Digital Photography I00000
BCM 6050Academic Comm for Business00000
ACTY 3100Financial Accountg I00000
BIOS 2030Zoology00000
ART 2900The Skilled Observer00000
BIOS 3010Ecology00000
AE 6410Space Flight Dynamics &Control;00000
BIOS 4990Ind Research In Bios00000
ART 3470Digital Photography I00000
BIOS 5440Global Change Ecology00000
ADA 3300Addiction & Addiction Process00000
BIOS 5700General Pathology00000
ART 3800Printmedia II00000
BLS 6010Small N Research Des00000
ANTH 1100Lost Worlds/Archeol00000
BLS 6840AT Assessment with BVI00000
ART 4670Thesis Project00000
BUS 3750Business Process Productivity00000
AAAS 3100Black Woman: Persp & Status00000
ART 5230Topics In Modern Art00000
AVS 1140Foundation of USAF II Lab00000
CCE 3360Soil Mechanics00000
ANTH 3030Historical Archaeology00000
ADA 6410Addiction in Family Systems00000
ANTH 5040Arch Research Methods00000
AVS 1230Aircraft Systems Laboratory00000
AVS 1510Professional Flight I Theory00000
ANTH 5500Human Evolution00000
AVS 2120Aviation Meteorology00000
ART 5520Art Education Practicum00000