WIT Course Reviews

Wentworth Institute of Technology

COMP 3660Mobile App Development00000
CONM 3100Construction Project Management00000
CIVE 2990Hybrid Civil Eng Capstone Dsgn00000
COMP 2150Network Administration00000
CIVE 7800Advanced Steel Design00000
BMED 4400Biomechanics00000
COMP 7150Data Science & Web Services00000
BIOE 2000Fundamentals Of Biological Engineering00000
CIVE 3350Green Engineering00000
BIOL 2200Advanced Molecular Biology00000
COMM 4262Public Relations Writing00000
CIVE 8950Capstone00000
BLDG 3600Construction Management Theory00000
COMP 3170Network Administration00000
ARCH 9200Thesis 01 | Methods00000
COMP 4960Software Engineering00000
CHEM 3500Organic Chemistry II00000
CONM 1500AConstruction Graphics-Addl Cr00000
ARCH 4050Studio 07 (Adaptive Interventions)00000
CONM 7250Conflict Resolution & Negotiation For Construction Managemen...00000
BIOE 3800Metabolic Engineering00000
CIVE 4300Foundation Engineering00000
ARCH 73502D + 3D Media & Processes00000
CIVE 8500Geotechnical Engineering For Infrastructure00000
BIOL 3800Environmental Biology00000
COMM 3100Professional Communication00000
CMFM 2500Fm Building Systems00000
BLDG 2200Building Information Modeling00000
COMP 1050Computer Science II00000
ARCH 8700Applied Research & Design 0200000
COMP 2670Database Mgmt Systems00000
BMED 2500Biomedical Electronics & Instrumentation00000
COMP 3550Computer Security00000
ARCH 3750Urbanism00000
COMP 4450Systems Programming00000
CHEM 1600General Chemistry II00000
COMP 5705Data Mining00000
ARCH 9700Interstices: Storytelling + Architecture00000
COMP 7550Thesis II00000
CIVE 2205AIntro To Geomatics Addl Cr00000
CONM 2100Statics & Strength Of Materials00000
ARCH 2990Mycelium00000
CONM 5500Senior Project Construction Management00000
CIVE 3125Engineering Systems Analysis00000
CONM 7800Hr Policies & Practices: Management Of Projects, Staffing, B...00000
ARCH 7000Graduate Foundation Studio 0100000
CIVE 3800Commercial & Residential Site Design00000
BIOL 1100Cell & Molecular Biology00000
CIVE 4425Traffic Systems Analysis00000
ARCH 3025Studio 05 (Emerging Tech)00000
CIVE 8200Environmental Systems00000
BIOL 3000Genes To Genomics00000
CIVE 8700Bridge Design00000
ARCH 7600Energy and Resources in Architecture00000
CMFM 2300Space Planning00000
BLDG 1050Contracts & Codes00000
CMRE 2400Property Management for Corporate Real Estate00000
CMFM 3300Building Operations00000
BLDG 1900Basic Building Services00000
COMM 4112Social Perspectives Journalism00000
ARCH 8400Structures 0100000
COMM 4315Introduction To Advertising00000
BLDG 3100Construction Operations00000
COMP 1200Computer Organization00000
ARCH 3550Studio 06 (Adapt Intrventions)00000
COMP 2499Systems Analysis & Bus Apps00000
BLDG 3800Proj Manual, Contract & Spec00000
COMP 3071Intro To Programming Languages00000
ARCH 8800Structures 0200000
COMP 3450Parallel Computing And Distributed Computing00000
BMED 3800Medical Regulatory Affairs & Ethics00000
COMP 3575Scripting For Cybersecurity And Forensics00000
ARCH 2500Studio 0400000
COMP 3800Enterprise Computing00000
BMED 5000Biomedical Engineering Senior Design I00000
COMP 4600Quantum Computing for Security00000
ARCH 9500Thesis Studio00000
COMP 5500Senior Project00000
CHEM 2500Organic Chemistry I00000
COMP 7050Programming Paradigms & Systms00000
ARCH 3900Structures 0200000
COMP 7300Computer Security00000
CIVE 2000Statics & Mechanics Materials I00000
CONM 1200Building Construction00000
ARCT 1150Contract Draw & Methods II00000
CONM 1600Heavy Construction Equipment00000
CIVE 2500LStatics & Mech Mtrl-Addl Cr00000
CONM 2600Wood & Steel Analysis & Design00000
ARCH 1700Architectural Media00000
CONM 4000Construction Project Control00000
CIVE 3100Environmental Engineering00000
CONM 7050Research Methodology for Construction Management00000
BIOE 3100Metabolic Engineering00000
CIVE 3250Gis Applications In Civil Engineering00000
ARCH 1200Architectural Representation00000
ARCH 2200Building Matters: Materials & Elements Of Construction00000
ARCH 3400Structures 0100000
ARCH 8250Passive & Active Systems00000
BLDG 1500Construction Estimating00000
CMFM 5000Project Research00000