Winthrop Course Reviews

Winthrop University

ARTS 572Fashion Photography (Medium-Format) (3:1:6).00000
ARTS 641Graduate Research in Painting (3:0:7).00000
ARTH 422HThe Medieval City (3).00000
ARTS 484Internship Experience00000
ARTS 2043D Media Studies (3:0:7).00000
ARTH 340Internship Education Experience (3:1:3).00000
ARTS 615Small Metal Casting & Multiple00000
ANTH 321Cultures of Latin America (3).00000
ARTH 580Special Topics in Art History (3).00000
ANTH 341HEthnography and Fieldwork (3).00000
ARTS 455Intermediate Jewelry and Metals (3:7).00000
ARTS 332Introduction to Sculpture (3:0:7).00000
ARTE 550Principles of Teaching Art (3).00000
ARTS 543Painting VI (3:7).00000
ANTH 201Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (3).00000
ARTS 603Advanced Studies in Photograph00000
ARTH 351Arts of Africa (3).00000
ARTS 636Graduate Research in Printmaking (3:0:7).00000
ACCT 311Acct Mentorship & Prof Devel Program 3 (0:3:0).00000
ATRN 301Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training II (2:0:4).00000
ANTH 328XHow Chiefs and Kings Come to Power (3).00000
ARTH 691Art of the Book00000
ACCT 502Corporate Tax (3).00000
ARTS 320Intermediate Drawing (3:7).00000
ANTH 540Environmental Justice (3).00000
ARTS 433Sculpture IV (3:7).00000
ARTS 342Introduction to Painting (3:0:7).00000
ARTA 696Research in Arts Administration II (3).00000
ARTS 473Large-Format Photography (3:0:7).00000
ACCT 617CPA Exam Review/Regulation (0)00000
ARTS 533Sculpture VI (3:7).00000
ARTH 175HIntroduction to Art History from Prehistory Through The Midd...00000
ARTS 552Ceramics VI (3:7).00000
ACCT 303Accounting Information Systems (3).00000
ARTS 584MFA Research in Illustration00000
ARTH 346Baroque and Rococo Art (3).00000
ARTS 608Advanced Studies in Sculpture (3:7) (3:7).00000
ANTH 220Introduction to Archaeology (3).00000
ARTS 619Graduate Sculpture00000
ARTH 380XCulture Medieval Pilgrimage00000
ARTS 652Graduate Printmaking00000
ACAD 101HPrinciples of the Learning Academy (1).00000
ARTT 112Introduction to Fine Arts (3).00000
ARTH 454Contemporary Art and Criticism (3).00000
ATRN 302Clinical Experiences in Athletic Training III (2:0:4).00000
ACCT 411Acct Mentorship Prof Develop Program 4 (0:3:0).00000
ARTH 683Seminar in Aesthetics, Theory and Criticism of Art (3).00000
ANTH 340CCCE Internship program (3).00000
ARTS 1023D Design (3:0:7).00000
ACAD 300Principles of the Learning Academy for Transfer Students (1)...00000
ARTS 281Digital Studio (3:0:7).00000
ANTH 471Undergraduate Research in Anthropology (1).00000
ARTS 325Video II (3).00000
ACCT 510Advanced Managerial Accounting (3).00000
ARTS 335Screenprint (3:0:7).00000
ARTA 610Effective Leadership and Management (3).00000
ARTS 373Beginning Printmaking00000
ARTS 352Ceramics II (3:7).00000
ARTA 670Policy and Advocacy (3).00000
ARTS 442Intermediate Painting (3:7).00000
ACCT 609Advanced Auditing (3).00000
ARTS 458Computer-aided Craft & Manufacturing (3:0:7).00000
ARTE 393Senior Capstone Seminar in Arte Education (1).00000
ARTS 482Special Topics in Art (3) (3) (3).00000
ACCT 280HIntroduction to Financial Accounting (3).00000
ARTS 498B.F.A. Capstone Experience(3:1:6).00000
ARTE 650MFA Teaching Practicum (3:3:4).00000
ARTS 536Advanced Printmaking (3:7).00000
ACCT 680Accounting for Managers (3).00000
ARTS 543HPainting VI (3:7).00000
ARTH 176Introduction to Art History from the Renaissance to the Pres...00000
ARTS 556Jewelry and Metals VI (3:0:7).00000
AAMS 517Black Women in America (3).00000
ARTS 580Special Topics in Art (1) (1).00000
ARTH 342HMedieval European Art and Architecture (3).00000
ARTS 600Graduate Research A (3:1:7).00000
ANTH 202Introduction to Biological Anthropology (4:3:3).00000
ARTS 606Advanced Studies in Crafts (3:7) (3:7).00000
ARTH 348Modernism (3).00000
ARTS 609Special Topics in Art00000
ACCT 306Intermediate Accounting II (3).00000
ARTS 617Graduate Crafts00000
ARTH 353Arts of Oceania (3).00000
ARTS 624Graduate Research in Video (3:0:7).00000
ANTH 302Anthropological Theory (3).00000
ARTS 644Advanced Studies in Drawing (3:7) (3:7).00000
ARTH 421Visual Culture of Medieval Pilgrimage (3).00000
ARTS 654Graduate Drawing (3:7) (3:7).00000
AAMS 317African American Politics & Policy (3).00000
ARTS 695Thesis Statement I (3:3:3).00000
ARTH 452Women in Art (3).00000
ARTT 200Foundation Review (0:0:1).00000
ANTH 324Amerindian Warfare and Ritual Violence (3).00000
ARTH 480Special Topics in Art History (3).00000
AAMS 302Modern Civil Rights Movement (3).00000
AAMS 338African Politics (3).00000
ACCT 211XAcct Mentorship Prof Devel Program 2 (0:3:0).00000
ACCT 525Case Studies in Internal Audit (3).00000
ARTA 640Sustainability: Funding, Development, and Grants (3).00000
ARTS 364Digital Photography (3:0:7).00000