WilmU Course Reviews

Wilmington University

CYB 6015Intelligence Writing00000
DSN 220Concept Development00000
BMK 310Business to Business Marketing00000
CSC 370User-Centered Design00000
COM 431Media and Society00000
BBM 412Project Management00000
DFM 400Directing Digital Films II00000
BAC 330Financial Fraud Examination00000
CAS 495Senior Seminar00000
BAM 411Airport Management00000
CSC 240JavaScript00000
CRJ 318Criminal Investigation00000
BBM 331Business and Society00000
CTA 236Introduction to SPSS00000
ART 304Painting00000
DBA 7600Ethics in Bus and Mgt00000
BIO 352Cell and Molecular Bio wLab00000
DNP 8004DNP Project Continuation00000
AHS 6640Cmtnp Iss in Admin Human Svcs00000
DSN 325Interactive Web Design I00000
BAC 483Auditing and Attestation00000
COM 255Communication Editing00000
AHS 7634Leadership through Films00000
CRJ 207Intro to Law Enforcement00000
BBA 420Data Mining00000
CRJ 473Hostage Takers00000
CRJ 350Technology Applications in CJ00000
BBM 304Personal and Prof Branding00000
CSC 315Fund. of O-O Programming00000
APL 410Applied Technology Capstone00000
CSC 420Intro Artificial Intelligence00000
BBM 381Intro to Soc Entrepreneurship00000
CUL 303The Craft of Beer00000
AFS 450Senior Cadet Leadership I00000
CYB 8100Cybersecurity Capstone00000
BIO 252Biology II with Lab00000
DBA 9001Dissertation Project00000
BAC 190Tax Help Practicum00000
DNP 7105Health Econ and Bus of Pract00000
BLA 305Bus Law for Acct and Fin00000
DRA 110Acting for Life00000
AFS 150Initial Military Training I00000
DSN 307Intermediate InDesign00000
BMK 400Social Media Marketing00000
DSN 335Advanced Vector Drawing00000
AHS 7620Tech and Info Mgt in Hum Svcs00000
CHE 363Organic Chemistry with Lab00000
BAC 490Internship in Accounting00000
COM 314Tech Comms and Proj Mgt00000
AFS 211Team and Leadership Fund II00000
CRJ 101Survey of Criminal Justice00000
BBA 350Predictive Analytics00000
CRJ 304Constitutional Law00000
ANI 3003D Animation I00000
CRJ 333Org and Occupational Crime00000
BBA 450Advanced Visualization00000
CRJ 461Organized Crime00000
CRJ 410Multicultural Issues in CJ00000
BBM 190Financial Coord Practicum00000
CRJ 476Elder Abuse00000
ANI 324Character Creation and Texture00000
CSC 310Microsoft .NET I00000
BBM 320Business Communication00000
CSC 340JavaScript I00000
AFS 351Intrmd Cadet Leadership II00000
CSC 407Data Analysis Organizations00000
BBM 351Small Business Management00000
CSC 487CSC Senior Project00000
ART 210Basic Design00000
CUL 200Home Cook: Eating to Dining00000
BBM 402Strategic Management00000
CUL 411Food: Art and Customs: Intl00000
AFM 8200Capstone in Family Life Educ00000
CYB 6030IDS and IPS00000
BBM 464American Business History00000
DBA 7310Executive Decision Making00000
ART 320Fine Art Illustration00000
DBA 7900Advanced Marketing Seminar00000
BIO 336Microbiology with Lab00000
DFM 200Intro to Digital Filmmaking00000
AHS 6610Admin of Human Svcs Orgs00000
DNP 7102Population Health I00000
BIO 452Cell and Tissue Culture wLab00000
DNP 7107Appl Evidence-Based Practice00000
BAC 302Cost Accounting II00000
DNP 9003Experiential Engagement III00000
BMK 305Marketing00000
DSN 110Fundamentals of Drawing00000
AFM 6660Sexuality Education00000
DSN 251Intermediate InDesign00000
BMK 321Marketing Research00000
DSN 315Typography00000
BAC 423Auditing00000
CAS 440Co-op for Arts and Sciences00000
AFM 6620Research in Practice00000
AFM 6690Family Life Education00000
AFS 310Lead People and Effec Comm I00000
ANI 321Introduction to 3D00000
BBM 100Customer Service Workshop00000
CRJ 413Research Mthd in CJ00000