Wilkes Course Reviews

Wilkes University

CHM 343Instr Meth Chem Analysis Lab00000
COM 372Managing a Public Relat Agency00000
BEGR 502Practicum in Synthetic Biol II00000
CHM 115Elements and Compounds00000
BIO 328Developmental Biology/HONORS00000
BA 462Profess. Business Experience00000
CHM 396Moco Modeling and Testing00000
ART 241Women in Art00000
BIO 225Population And Evolutionary Biology00000
AS 301Air Force Leadership Studies00000
CAR 101Life/Career Planning00000
BIO 345Genetics/HONORS00000
BA 336Advanced Topics in Bus. Law00000
CHM 237Essen. of Organic Chem Lab00000
ART 111Fund. of Color and Design I00000
CHM 365Medical Biochemistry00000
BEGR 430Intro Bioinformatics Apps00000
COM 305Studies in Public Address/WGS00000
ACC 161Fin Acct & Dec Making/HONORS00000
CS 126Computer Science II00000
AS 104Leadership Laboratory00000
BIO 312Parasitology00000
ACC 311Adv. Managerial Accounting00000
BIO 341Freshwater Ecosystems00000
AS 402Natl Secur/Prep Act Duty II00000
BIO 398T: Growing & Analyzing Hemp00000
BIO 361Plant Form and Function00000
BA 152Integrated Mgm't Exper. II00000
CHM 105Chemistry and Modern Society00000
ANT 211Anthropology Thru Film/HON/WGS00000
CHM 231Organic Chemistry I00000
BA 396International Bus BA 33800000
CHM 298T: Ethics00000
ABBA 398T: Info Technology for Schools00000
CHM 355Physical Chem for Life Science00000
BEGR 411Integrated Product Development00000
CHM 390Junior Seminar00000
ART 138Digital Photography00000
COM 144Debate and Forensics00000
BEGR 488Biomedical Devices & Design00000
COM 324Communication Research Meth. I00000
ABBA 298T:Travel & Tourism Industry00000
CPE 398Non-Credit Cooperative Educ.00000
BIO 113Microbiology00000
CS 226Computer Science IV/HONORS00000
ACC 202Intermediate Accounting II00000
BIO 306Invertebrate Biology00000
AS 202Evol. of Air & Space Power II00000
BIO 323Functional Histology00000
ABBA 340Corporate Finance00000
BIO 338Biology of Cancer00000
AS 304Leadership Laboratory00000
BIO 343Marine Ecology/HONORS00000
ACC 322Advanced Taxes00000
BIO 347Biostatistics and Exper Design00000
AUT 501Autism Diagnosis and Treatment00000
BIO 396Independent Research00000
BIO 374Clinical Immunohematology00000
BA 119Data Analysis in Excel00000
BIO 498Topics in Cancer Biology00000
ANT 101Intro to Anthropology/WGS/HON00000
CAR 398T: Career Success Plan JR/SR00000
BA 319Business Statistics00000
CHM 113Lab Discussion00000
ABBA 395Stats & Data School Bus ED 39800000
CHM 117Intro. Chemistry Lab for Engin00000
BA 395Industry Insights Research00000
CHM 233Discussion00000
ANT 395Women Soc Just & Chan Film Mak00000
CHM 248Analytical Chemistry00000
BA 419Quantitative Decision Making00000
CHM 322Inorganic Chemistry00000
ABBA 240Corporate Finance00000
CHM 352Phy Chem: Kinetics & Thermodyn00000
BEGR 401Applied Engineering Analysis00000
CHM 362Biochemistry: Metabolism00000
ART 122Sculpture00000
CHM 372Integrated Laboratory III00000
BEGR 424Molecular Biology00000
CHM 392Senior Research II00000
ABBA 462Professional Business Exper.00000
COM 102Principles of Communication00000
BEGR 465Biochemistry00000
COM 202Interpersonal Communication00000
ART 223Ceramics II00000
COM 321Advanced Multimedia Reporting00000
BEGR 498T: Synthetic Biology00000
COM 361Feature Writing/WI00000
ABBA 154Business Economics00000
COM 397Senior Seminar00000
BEGR 596Meas Sugar Sens Anabidopsis00000
CS 115Computers and Applications00000
AS 101Foundations of US Air Force I00000
BIO 121Principles Modern Biology I00000
ABBA 151Entrepreneurship & Innovation00000
ABBA 162Managerial Accounting00000
ABBA 354Organizational Studies00000
ACC 396ACC & FIN for School Business00000
AUT 503Autism Scope and Sequence00000
BIO 392Senior Research Projects II/OP00000