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Wilkes Course Reviews

Wilkes University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDML 5007Dev of Adoles Learn Mid Level00000
EGM 515Quality Management00000
ED 640Instruc Design & Innov Ldrship00000
EDIL 5006Ethical Leadrshp in Int'l Sch00000
ED 5083Common Core Stand. in Practice00000
ED 591Internship in Instruc. Tech.00000
EES 390Environmental Science Seminar00000
ED 390Student Teaching with Sem/OPO00000
ED 5026Enga 21Cent Learn Prom Stu Int00000
ED 521Using Technology for Assessmnt00000
EDAM 5063Develop Read Through Writing00000
EDAM 5010Connecting Reading and Writing00000
ED 569Tch Div/Gif Lrn-Inc Class Prac00000
EDIM 515Mobile Devices for Teach/Learn00000
ED 341Language Arts in EC-El Edu/OP00000
EDML 5020Scientific Inq in Mid Level Ed00000
ED 626Politics & Policy for Edu Lead00000
EGM 320Engineering Project Mgmt00000
EC 102Principles of Economics II/HON00000
EGR 198T:Basic Electrical Measurement00000
ED 512Social Foundations of Educ00000
ED 5035Blended & Synchrn Learn Envmnt00000
EC 396Labor Economics00000
EDAM 5001Early Lit: Guid Prin/Lang Dev00000
ED 528Print Media/Digital Classroom00000
EDAM 5047Develop Relation/High Expect00000
EDAM 5034App Adv Tech to Stds-Base Inst00000
ED 555Classroom Mgm't: Comm. Learner00000
EDAM 5069Diagn Assess & Inter Literacy00000
ED 322Literacy Foundations II00000
EDIM 509Pract Research Teach Inquiry00000
ED 578Prof. Development/Supervision00000
EDML 5002Math in Middle Level Instruc00000
DAN 350Classical Ballet III00000
EDML 5011Measurement in Middle Level Ed00000
ED 614Organiz. & Leadership Theory00000
EDML 5031Liter Forms/Media Liter in MLE00000
ED 370Science Early Child & El Ed00000
EES 395Local Climate Act Assist GHGI00000
ED 632Cognition and Learning00000
EGM 391Senior Projects I/WI-OP00000
DAN 210Modern Dance I00000
EGM 540Lean Six Sigma & Lean Manufact00000
ED 652Special Educ Administration00000
EGR 201Professionalism and Ethics00000
EC 320The Economics of Crime00000
ED 5031Facilitating Online Learn Comm00000
ED 517The Principal as Educ Leader00000
ED 5080Tech. for Assessment & Adapt00000
DAN 231Jazz Dance II00000
ED 5404Strategies Inclusive Classroom00000
ED 525Intro to Ed Res/Master's Level00000
EDAM 5005Developing Comprehension II00000
ED 190Effec. Teach. w/Field Experi.00000
EDAM 5031Action Research for Educ Chang00000
ED 535Accom & Adaptation in Literacy00000
EDAM 5044Extending Student Learning00000
EDAM 5037Inquiry-based Learning00000
ED 552Tchng Through Lrning Channels00000
EDAM 5060Found of Lang & Literacy Apps00000
ED 300Spec Meth Foreign Lang 7-1200000
EDAM 5066Accom & Adaptation in Literacy00000
ED 559Behav/Acad/Social Intervention00000
EDIL 5003Governance in Int'l Schools00000
DAN 320Dance Composition00000
EDIM 503Differentiation Support by Tec00000
ED 575School Law for Principals00000
EDIM 511Portable Video Prod/Applic00000
ED 325Applied Read. Strat/Field Expr00000
EDIM 518Creat STEM Cult Thru Applicatn00000
ED 585Integrating Technology in Curr00000
EDML 5004Eng/Lang Arts in Mid Level Ed00000
CW 506Writing Creative Nonfiction00000
EDML 5009Internship in Middle Level Ed00000
ED 610Ethics for Educational Leaders00000
EDML 5013Algebraic Conc in Mid Level Ed00000
ED 350The Arts in EC & Elem Educ/HON00000
EDML 5024Earth Space Sci in Mid Lev Ed00000
ED 620Educ. Institutions & Systems00000
EES 382Petrology00000
DAN 396Tap Dance V00000
EES 392Senior Projects II/OPO00000
ED 628Hum Res Develop & Labor Negoti00000
EES 399Cooperative Education00000
ED 380Content Area Literacy00000
EGM 325Project Analysis00000
ED 635Integ Tech for Diverse Learner00000
EGM 399Cooperative Education00000
CS 463Operations Research00000
EGM 530Stochastic Models Engr. Mgm't00000
ED 646Assistive Technology in Educ.00000
EGM 596Oper. Analysis & Rsour Allocat00000
ED 508Intercultural Communication00000
ED 658Adv Studies School Dist Leader00000
CS 363Operations Research00000
CW 503Writing Poetry00000
DAN 298T: Tap Dance II00000
ED 263Child Development & Cognition00000
ED 542Mean. Act. to Gen. Inter. Clas00000
EDAM 5040Found. of Art & Sci of Teach00000