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Wichita Course Reviews

Wichita State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ARTG 110Vector Applications00000
ARTH 125AIntroduction to Visual and Material Culture: Play00000
ANTH 102Cultural Anthropology00000
ARTE 313Fiber Exploration00000
ANTH 416Archaeology of Sex and Gender00000
AGE 520Family and Aging00000
ARTG 354Professional Practices in Graphic Design00000
AE 527Numerical Methods in Engineering00000
ANTH 397APCurrent Research in Archaeology and Ethnohistory00000
AE 760ABStructural Acoustics00000
ANTH 870Independent Readings00000
ANTH 597AAAncient Technology00000
AE 876Thesis00000
ARTE 711Seminar In Art Education00000
AE 481NInternship00000
ARTG 235Graphic Design Concepts00000
AGE 780Physical Dimensions of Aging00000
ARTG 490Graphic Design Applications00000
ACCT 420Cost Accounting00000
ARTH 390PQuickFire: Carnival and Power00000
AE 733Advanced Mechanics of Materials00000
ANTH 397ADVisual Anthropology00000
ACCT 491Independent Study/Project00000
ANTH 542Women In Other Cultures00000
AE 765ESpecial Topics Composite Manufacturing: Technology Safety Aw...00000
ANTH 756Advanced Studies in Biological Anthropology00000
ANTH 597EAnthropology Of Islam00000
AE 801Structural Dynamics00000
ARAB 111Elementary Arabic I00000
AE 415Introduction to Space Dynamics00000
ARTE 514Aesthetic Inquiry00000
AGE 405Sociology of Aging00000
ARTF 145Foundation Drawing00000
ACCT 310Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
ARTG 216Typography I00000
AGE 559Successful Aging: Theory, Research and Practice00000
ARTG 337Drawing for Visual Communication00000
AE 512Experimental Methods in Aerospace00000
ARTG 481NInternship00000
AGE 818Advanced Biological Perspectives of Aging00000
ARTG 530Seminar in Graphic Design00000
AC 401Senior Project I00000
ARTH 387Theories of Art and Culture00000
ANTH 318Psychological Anthropology00000
ARTH 390KQuickfire: Community And Art Criticism00000
ACCT 481Cooperative Education00000
ANTH 397AGAncient Technologies00000
AE 759Neural Networks for System Modeling and Control00000
ANTH 397BAnthropology of Food00000
AC 461Digital Forensics00000
ANTH 502Introduction to Archaeological Laboratory Techniques00000
AE 760KSpace & Rocket Propulsion00000
ANTH 562Introduction to GIS00000
ACCT 580Data Analytics for Accountants00000
ANTH 597ADVisual Anthropology00000
AE 765KComposite Structural Engineering Technology-400000
ANTH 690Field Methods in Anthropology00000
ANTH 602Archaeological Laboratory Analysis00000
AE 770BGBadge: Composite Structural Engineering Technology-000000
ANTH 802Methods In Anthropology00000
AE 227Engineering Digital Computation00000
ANTH 875Thesis00000
AE 831Continuum Mechanics00000
ARTE 303Stimulating Creative Behavior00000
ACCT 210Financial Accounting00000
ARTE 462Teaching Internship: Secondary Art00000
AE 936Theory of Plasticity00000
ARTE 702Metal Processes for Jewelry Construction00000
AE 460AAerospace Colloquium00000
ARTF 102Introduction to Art and Design00000
AGE 513Sociology Of Aging00000
ARTF 189Foundation 3-D Design00000
AC 326Cyber Operations00000
ARTG 112Layout Applications00000
AGE 529Caregiving and Aging00000
ARTG 234Introduction to Graphic Design00000
AE 481ACooperative Education00000
ARTG 316Typography II00000
AGE 660Administrator-in-Training Long-Term Care Practicum00000
ARTG 339Package Design00000
ACCT 360Accounting Information Systems00000
ARTG 435Graphic Design Capstone00000
AGE 810Aging Studies Practicum00000
ARTG 490BInteractive Design00000
AE 524Aerodynamics II00000
ARTG 530FSeminar in Graphic Design: Graphic Design Studio Practice00000
AGE 895Thesis Research00000
ARTH 103Art Appreciation00000
AC 301Junior Project00000
ARTH 346Modernisms I00000
ANTH 200Intercultural Relations00000
ARTH 390OQuickFire: Networks00000
AE 607Flight Control Systems00000
ANTH 352Linguistic Anthropology00000
AC 201Introductory Design Project00000
AC 322Applied Programming and Scripting00000
AC 463Cyber Risk Management00000
ACCT 620Accounting for Strategic Support and Performance Evaluation00000
AE 765QStructural Integrity and Repair of Metallic Airframe Structu...00000
ANTH 612Indians of the Great Plains00000