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Wichita Course Reviews

Wichita State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AE 753Mechanics of Laminated Composites00000
AE 770BBBadge: Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness I...00000
ACCT 481Cooperative Education00000
AE 690Independent Study00000
ACCT 860Advanced Data Analytics for Accountants00000
AC 363Human Threats to Cybersecurity00000
AE 765JComposite Structural Engineering Technology-300000
WSUA 102VFirst-Year Seminar: Creation, the Earth and the Future00000
ACCT 640Principles of Auditing00000
WSUA 102YFirst-Year Seminar: The Sociology of Harry Potter00000
AE 525Flight Structures I00000
AE 333Mechanics of Materials00000
AC 201Introductory Design Project00000
AE 719Introduction to Computational Fluid Dynamics00000
WOMS 701BWomen And The Environment00000
AE 760ACNano-Satellite Engineering00000
ACCT 210Financial Accounting00000
AE 765QStructural Integrity and Repair of Metallic Airframe Structu...00000
WOMS 399Asian American Women and Men00000
AE 822Finite Element Analysis of Structures II00000
WSUA 102GFirst-Year Seminar: Latinos in the US and the Midwest00000
ACCT 825Management Control Systems00000
WOMS 511Wom In Early Am00000
AE 227Engineering Digital Computation00000
WSUD 102CFirst-Year Seminar: Creativity and Problem Solving00000
AE 512LExp Methods in Aerospace Lab00000
AE 460HSelected Topics Honors00000
WSUN 102CFirst-Year Seminar: Creative Discovery Honors00000
AE 607Flight Control Systems00000
WOMS 580ABWomen And Reform In America, 1830-Present00000
AE 712Advanced Aerodynamics Laboratory00000
AC 321Applied Computing and Networking II00000
AE 733Advanced Mechanics of Materials00000
WOMS 385Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Studies00000
AE 760AGStructural Dynamics and Acoustics00000
AC 461Digital Forensics00000
AE 760AFExperimental Vibration Analysis00000
WSUA 102QFirst-Year Seminar: Criminalistic Methods: What Would Sherlo...00000
AE 765PComposites Structural Integrity and Repair00000
ACCT 360Accounting Information Systems00000
AE 770BDBadge: Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness I...00000
WOMS 380ABBlack Women in America00000
AE 801Structural Dynamics00000
ACCT 580Data Analytics for Accountants00000
AE 832Theory of Plates And Shells00000
WOMS 481NInternship00000
ACCT 801Managerial Accounting00000
WSUA 102CFirst-Year Seminar: Powerful Narratives: Storytelling and So...00000
ACCT 840Advanced Auditing00000
WOMS 380AEIntro To Black Women's Studies00000
ACCT 892Internship in Accounting00000
WSUB 102DFirst-Year Seminar: Introverts in Society00000
AE 281INoncredit Internship00000
WOMS 516Sociology of Gender00000
AE 415Introduction to Space Dynamics00000
WSUD 102AFirst-Year Seminar: Superheroes Go to School00000
AE 502Aerospace Propulsion I00000
AE 481INoncredit Internship00000
WSUH 102EFirst-Year Seminar: Infections, Emerging Superbugs, Biowarfa...00000
AE 524Aerodynamics II00000
WOMS 571Contemporary Issues and Perspectives: LGBTQ00000
AE 528Aerospace Design I00000
WSUN 102FFirst-Year Seminar: Facts, Opinions and Why They Both Matter00000
AE 625LFlight Structures II Lab00000
WOMS 380JHip Hop and Feminism00000
AE 707Modern Flight Control System Design I00000
AC 301Junior Project00000
AE 715Intermediate Space Dynamics00000
WOMS 580JDomestic Violence00000
AE 722Finite Element Analysis of Structures I00000
AC 324Applied Web Applications and Database Development00000
AE 742Applied Jet Propulsion00000
WOMS 345Gender, Alcohol and Addictions00000
AE 760IEnergy Principles of Applied Mechanics00000
AC 402Senior Project II00000
AE 760AAMicromechanics and Multi-Scale Modeling00000
WSUA 101Intro To The University-Las00000
AE 760KSpace & Rocket Propulsion00000
AC 463Cyber Risk Management00000
AE 765ASpecial Topics Composite Manufacturing: Technology Safety Aw...00000
WOMS 389Gender, Science and Technology00000
AE 765FComposite Structural Engineering Technology-000000
ACCT 310Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
AE 765GComposite Structural Engineering Technology-100000
WSUA 102ADFirst-Year Seminar: Plugging Into Politics00000
AE 765IComposite Structural Engineering Technology-200000
ACCT 420Cost Accounting00000
AE 770BABadge: Composite Manufacturing Technology Safety Awareness I00000
WOMS 190Diverse Women in Popular Culture00000
AE 773Intermediate Dynamics00000
ACCT 491Independent Study/Project00000
AE 812Aerodynamics of Viscous Fluids00000
WSUA 102MFirst-Year Seminar: History and Rock 'n' Roll00000
ACCT 620Accounting for Strategic Support and Performance Evaluation00000
THEA 624Theatre History II00000
WOMS 330Women's Personal Narrative00000
WOMS 380GWomen in Music: Blues Present00000
WOMS 541Women, Children and Poverty00000
WSUF 102DFirst-Year Seminar: Every Body is Good!00000
AE 481PCooperative Education00000