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Wheaton Course Reviews

Wheaton College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CFM 683Integrative Seminar00000
CMHC 635Advanced Trauma Focused00000
BITH 385Triune God00000
CFM 224Christian Spiritual Practices00000
BITH 536OT Book Studies: Daniel00000
BITH 221OT Lit in Three Traditions00000
CHEM 486Medicinal Chemisty00000
BEC 342Principles of Management00000
BITH 488Karl Barth00000
BIOL 241LOrganization of Life Lab00000
CE 346Discipleship00000
BITH 679Christology & Trinity Early Ch00000
BIOL 352Parasitology00000
CFM 496Internship00000
ART 380Studio Photography00000
CHEM 341LOrganic Chemistry I Lab00000
BITH 354Women In The World Of Nt00000
CHIN 390Chinese Classical Poetry00000
ART 211Painting I00000
COMM 215Journalism00000
BEC 433New Venture Strategy00000
BITH 509Intro to Greek Exegesis00000
ART 233Creativity & Design00000
BITH 552Jewish Backgrounds of the NT00000
BIOL 312Contemp Environmental Issues00000
CE 232Spiritual Guide & Discern00000
BITH 751Intro to Doctoral Research00000
BIOL 339Plant Physiology00000
CFM 111Foundations of Ministry00000
ART 329Community Art 100000
CFM 348Discipleship B00000
BIOL 461General Biochemistry00000
CFM 534Care & Counsel In Ministry00000
ARCH 494Sen Sem:World Behind the Bible00000
CHEM 231General Chemistry I00000
BITH 334Historical Geography00000
CHEM 457Adv Analytcl Chem II00000
ASTR 305Astronomy00000
CHIN 301Chinese Character Acquisition00000
BITH 372Historical Theology00000
CMHC 621LBasic Counseling Skills Lab00000
AHS 451Advanced Human Anatomy00000
CMHC 692Graduate Counseling Practicum00000
BITH 451Greek Exegesis: Philippians00000
COMM 240Online Communication00000
ART 221Taking Pictures00000
BITH 496Internship00000
BIOL 201Contemp Topics in Life Science00000
BITH 528Intro to NT Exegesis00000
AHS 495Independent Study00000
BITH 541Old Testament Criticism00000
BIOL 252Modeling Systems of Life00000
BITH 561Theological Anthropology00000
ART 251History-Art & Architecture I00000
BITH 695Independent Study00000
BIOL 322LAdv Cell Development Lab00000
CE 221Chistian Spiritual Practices00000
BITH 883Seminar: Christology00000
BIOL 335Invertebrate Zoology00000
CE 333Student Care in College Min00000
ART 323Figure Drawing00000
CE 459Single, Marriage, Fam In Minis00000
BIOL 344LEcon Botany Lab00000
CFM 131Intro to Spiritual Formation00000
ANTH 330Global Christian Persecution00000
CFM 259Christian Mindfulness/SelfCare00000
BIOL 368LInvertebrate Zoology Lab00000
CFM 421Philosophy of Ministry00000
ART 343Screenwriting00000
CFM 517Develop Theory & Spirit Form00000
BITH 111Gospel, Church & Culture00000
CFM 613Ministry w/ Children/Families00000
AHS 362Orthopedic & Athletic Injury00000
CFM 695Independent Study00000
BITH 323Literature of the Bible00000
CHEM 241LPrinc Org Lab00000
ART 494Senior Capstone-Studio00000
CHEM 371Physical Chemistry I00000
BITH 345Life of David00000
CHEM 463Biochemistry Analysis00000
ARCH 554Sem: World Behind the Bible00000
CHIN 101Elementary Mandarin Chinese I00000
BITH 364Peter And Jude00000
CHIN 332Chinese Gram and Comp00000
BEC 321Statistics00000
CMHC 613Foundations of Integration III00000
BITH 377Tpcs Chrstn Tght: God & Evil00000
CMHC 625Counseling Theories & Practice00000
AHS 271Research Methods00000
CMHC 649Multicultural & Soc Advocacy00000
BITH 431OT Criticism00000
COMM 171Intro to Acting00000
BEC 380Comm Econ Dev't & Enterprise00000
BITH 478Marginal Voices in OT00000
AHS 136Mountain Biking00000
AHS 351LFunctional Human Anat Lab00000
ANTH 284Culture Travel Tourism00000
ART 312Film & Darkroom Photography00000
BIOL 331LAnatomy & Physiology I Lab00000
CE 111Foundations of Ministry00000