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Westfield State Course Reviews

Westfield State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
EDUC 0377Lrng Disab. & Instr. Strateg.00000
EGST 0201Critical Theories In Egst00000
COMM 0312Media Criticism00000
EDUC 0301Mthds Teach Math: Elem00000
CRJU 0311Victimology00000
CHEM 0398Chemistry Internship00000
EDUC 0564Pra: Middle School00000
BIOL 0282Sem:Endangered Species00000
COMM 0399Hnrs:U.S. Stereotype Span&Mex00000
BIOL 0540Environmental Science00000
ECON 0204Intro Math Economics00000
CRJU 0340St:Police Shootings00000
CAIS 0351Intro To Theory Of Computation00000
EDUC 0335Litrcy Inst. Eng Lang Lrnrs00000
BIOL 0203Genetics00000
EDUC 0509Children's Literature00000
COMM 0213Global Film Studies00000
EDUC 0629Exper Curr Dev Wkshop(Elem)00000
ART 0225Animation Foundations00000
EGST 0396Capstone Sem In Egst00000
BIOL 0340Forest Ecology00000
CRJU 0301Juvenile Procedure00000
ART 0304Pottery II00000
CRJU 0324Restorative Community Justice00000
CAIS 0117Intro Computer Programming00000
CRJU 0696Ind Study For M. P. A.00000
CRJU 0357Juveniles And Treatment00000
CAIS 0307Organiz. Of Programming Lang00000
ECON 0322The Economics Of Sports00000
ART 0340Internship00000
EDUC 0311Soc Studies In Elem School00000
CHEM 0111Gen Chemistry II Lec00000
EDUC 0357S/A: Mang Stu Behav/Hlth-Safe00000
ART 0205Sculpture I00000
EDUC 0398St: Arts Integration00000
COMM 0202Intro. To Photography00000
EDUC 0519Prin. Of Teaching & Learning00000
BIOL 0223Microbiology00000
EDUC 0580Critical Multicultural Educ00000
COMM 0303Persuasive Communication00000
EDUC 0654Multicultural Exceptional Lrnr00000
ACCT 0631Municipal And Fund Acctg00000
EGST 0220Religion, Gender & Society00000
COMM 0332Writing For Interactive Media00000
ENGL 0102Engl Comp II:Wrt Abt Publ Edu00000
ART 0241African Art: Ritual,Perf,Thea00000
CRJU 0201Law Enforcement & Society00000
BIOL 0379St:Aids To Zika00000
CRJU 0306Cont Prob-Corrections00000
ANTH 0101Intro To Anthropology00000
CRJU 0316Civil Liabilities00000
BIOL 9999Ccgs: Biology Lab Core00000
CRJU 0333Terrorism00000
ART 0310Sa:Workshop In Crafts00000
CRJU 0345St: Life-Course Criminology00000
CAIS 0210Database Appl/Dev. Techniques00000
CRJU 0625Human Resources Mgmt00000
CRJU 0397Washington Center:Crim. Just.00000
CAIS 0265Intro:Microprocessors00000
ECON 0101Prin Of Macroeconomics00000
ART 0330Anatomy For Artists00000
ECON 0305Sa:Intro To Econ Methods00000
CAIS 0337Networking&Client;/Server Comp.00000
ECON 0399Is: Health Economics00000
ART 0108Computer Graphics I00000
EDUC 0305Literature And Language Arts00000
CAIS 0396Comp Science Intern A00000
EDUC 0319Princ. Of Teaching & Learning00000
ART 0348Sa:Portfolio Preparation00000
EDUC 0337Prac: Early Childhood Pk-2 II00000
CHEM 0307Physical Chemistry II00000
EDUC 0370Lang/Comm Dev & Intervention00000
ACCT 0624Advanced Cost Accounting00000
EDUC 0390Address Stu Disabil In Voc Ed00000
COMM 0106Principles Of Video Production00000
EDUC 0505Literature & Language Arts00000
BIOL 0209Medical Microbiology00000
EDUC 0513Eval Techniques/Educ00000
COMM 0207Communication Ethics00000
EDUC 0544Comp Based Voc Ed Curr Dev00000
ART 0212Computer Graphics II00000
EDUC 0574Career Educ For Stud W/Spc Nds00000
COMM 0225Sa:Theo/Prac Of Intl Confl Res00000
EDUC 0598St: Found Of Special Ed00000
BIOL 0237Human Anatomy & Phys. I00000
EDUC 0633Soc Cultural Theor:Found Of Ed00000
COMM 0308Multimedia Journalism00000
EDUC 0662Cont &Hist; Perspec Of Lit Inst00000
ACCT 0316Financial Reporting II00000
EGST 0208Hip Hop Cultures00000
COMM 0321Political Communication00000
EGST 0304Rep Of Gender Race & Ethnicity00000
BIOL 0299Directed Study Biology00000
COMM 0340Organizational Communication00000
ACCT 0105Principles Of Accounting II00000
ACCT 0510Sa:Federal Income Taxation I00000
ART 0104Design Fundamentals00000
ART 0323Intro To Art Education00000
CAIS 0217Pilot:Interm Comp Prog:PythonI00000
CRJU 0603Research Methods00000