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Westchester CC Course Reviews

Westchester Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CECOLGM 2002VACollegium Wednesday - Topics00000
CECOMP 2168Access your Content Anywhere, Anytime with OneDrive and OneN...00000
CEBUS 2105Process Mapping, Modeling & Analysis00000
CEBUS 4127Ed2Go/CTP/Mastering Project Management with MS Project 2016...00000
CEBUS 4004Ed2Go/Administrative Assistant Applications00000
CEART 2327Vision Boards00000
CECOMP 2030MS Word - Level 200000
CEART 2154WAOil Painting00000
CEBUS 2125Foundations of Lean Six Sigma00000
CEART 2218Beginning Oil Painting00000
CEBUS 4114Ed2Go/CTP/Records Management00000
CEBUS 4024Ed2Go/Project Management Fundamentals00000
CEART 2295WALife Painting 15h00000
CECERTS 2042Icd-10-Pcs00000
CEART 2042WAIndependent Study Painting-Drawing 10wk00000
CECOMM 4002Ed2Go/Mastering Public Speaking00000
CEBUS 2000Accounting & Bookkeeping for Beginners00000
CECOMP 2141Fundamentals of the iPhone00000
ARTWS 151Watercolor Painting 100000
CECOMP 2191Intermediate Programming with Python00000
CEART 2178WAMaster Class in Painting00000
CEBUS 3044Transforming the Customer Experience Building Lifelong Custo...00000
ARTWS 201Traditional Sculpture 100000
CEBUS 4014Ed2Go/Introduction to Business Analysis00000
CEART 2243WAContemporary Water Media00000
CEBUS 4105Ed2Go/CTP/Payroll Practice and Management00000
CEBUS 4034Ed2Go/Wow, What a Great Event!00000
CEART 2284WADynamics of Life Drawing 30hr00000
CEBUS 4120Ed2Go/CTP/Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with Exam00000
CEANIML 4003Ed2Go/Animal Lover Suite00000
CECERTS 2000“Servsafe” Food Service Sanitation & Safety00000
CEART 2313WAPicture Book Workshop00000
CECERTS 2058OSDASA Training: Training in Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullyi...00000
ART 220Typography00000
CECOLGM 2015Our Brains: What? How? Why?00000
CEART 2344Figurative Art Movements of Early 20th Century America00000
CECOMP 2020WPMS Excel - Level 100000
CEART 2131WAIntroduction to Printmaking 15 hr00000
CECOMP 2112Social Media for Business: Ethical Issues00000
CEBUS 2091Managing for Performance Improvement00000
CECOMP 2158PEWeb Programming 100000
ART 110Printmaking 100000
CECOMP 2180PEIntroduction to Web Programming00000
CEBUS 2114Exploring Project Management00000
CECOMP 2199Once Upon Python - An Introduction to Python for Ages 10-1500000
ARTWS 172Life Drawing 200000
CEBUS 2133Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification00000
CEART 2190WAExperimental Drawing Workshop00000
CEBUS 3061Diversity and Inclusion Evaluation Sessions and Action Plann...00000
ART 126Digital Fundamentals00000
CEBUS 4009Ed2Go/Distribution and Logistics Management00000
CEART 2228WABeginning Pottery00000
CEBUS 4018Ed2Go/Marketing your Business on the Internet00000
ARTWS 272Jewelry 200000
CEBUS 4029Ed2Go/Start Your Own Consulting Practice00000
CEART 2264Mixed Media Art Journaling 10100000
CEBUS 4103Ed2Go/CTP/Six Sigma BlackBelt00000
CEBUS 4046Ed2Go/Project Management Fundamentals Series00000
CEART 2279WATraditional Painting 45hr00000
CEBUS 4107Ed2Go/CTP/Certified Six Sigma Green Belt00000
ASL 101American Sign Language 100000
CEBUS 4117Ed2Go/CTP/Professional Bookkeeping with QuickBooks 2015, Sof...00000
CEART 2289WAPortrait Painting 15hr00000
CEBUS 4122Ed2Go/CTP/Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt with Exam00000
ART 149AIntro To 3D Animation00000
CEBUS 4132Ed2Go/CTP/Project Management Essentials with CAPM Prep00000
CEART 2308WAUnleash Your Creative Process00000
CECERTS 2011Grade D Water Distribution Operator Certification00000
CEART 2030WAIndependent Study Painting-Drawing 5 weeks00000
CECERTS 2051NYS Mold Abatement Worker00000
CEART 2319WAStar Setting Workshop00000
CECLPRP 2000VASuccessful Learning Center00000
ART 105Sculpture 100000
CECOLGM 2010All Stories Great and Quirky00000
CEART 2334PEMixed Media Printmaking for Adults00000
CECOMM 2027The Art of Public Speaking00000
CEART 2109VAThe Life and Art of Leonardo Da Vinci00000
CECOMP 2015Social Media Overview00000
CEBSKLS 4001Ed2Go/Grammar Refresher00000
CECOMP 2022MS Excel - Level 300000
ARTWS 111Portrait Painting 100000
CECOMP 2086WPUsing Excel Pivot Tables00000
CEBUS 2075PEMultiplatform Marketing00000
CECOMP 2127PECoding for Kids00000
CEART 2149Drawing With Color00000
CECOMP 2148Cut the Cord - Online TV Streaming Solutions00000
CEBUS 2097Cryptocurrency for Non-Profits: How Bitcoins and Digital Cur...00000
CECOMP 2163Computing Fundamentals for Windows00000
ANTHR 201Introduction To Linguistics00000
CECOMP 2171PEDesign with Code Boot Camp00000
CEBUS 2109PEBusiness for Freelancing00000
CECOMP 2185Certification Center Exam-non WCC Student Discount00000
CEART 2172WAIllustrative Drawing00000
CEBUS 2119Marketing Your Product and Service00000
ANTHR 101Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 101Drawing 100000
ART 133Photography 100000
ARTWS 289Handbuildng/Wheelthrow 200000
CEART 2275WAIllustration & Graphic Novels00000
CEBUS 4049Ed2Go/Fundamentals of Supervision & Management FREE self-pac...00000