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Westchester CC Course Reviews

Westchester Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CEBUS 4036Ed2Go/Using Social Media in Business00000
CECERTS 2031Babysitter Training: American Red Cross Certification00000
CEART 2344Figurative Art Movements of Early 20th Century America00000
CEBUS 4012Ed2Go/Fundamentals of Supervision and Management II00000
CEBUS 2097Cryptocurrency for Non-Profits: How Bitcoins and Digital Cur...00000
CEART 2306VAMust See Treasures of the NYC Museums00000
CEBUS 4119Ed2Go/CTP/Complete Project Manager with CAPM and PMP Prep wi...00000
BIOL 109Basic Anatomy & Physiology Lecture & Lab00000
CEBUS 2023eMail Marketing00000
CEART 2109VAThe Life and Art of Leonardo Da Vinci00000
CEBUS 3061Diversity and Inclusion Evaluation Sessions and Action Plann...00000
CEBUS 2114Exploring Project Management00000
CEART 2272VABeautiful Violence: Religion, Power, and Warfare as Revealed...00000
CEBUS 4024Ed2Go/Project Management Fundamentals00000
ART 220Typography00000
CEBUS 4103LNEd2Go/CTP/Six Sigma Blackbelt - LOAN00000
CEART 2319WAStar Setting Workshop00000
CEBUS 4131Ed2Go/CTP/Complete Proj Mgr w MS Project16 (Software Include...00000
ANTHR 210Religions of the World00000
CECERTS 2147Jin Shin Do Acupressure Facial00000
BIOL 143Environmental Science Lecture00000
CEBUS 2081The Power of Public Relations00000
ART 109HArt of the Modern World: Fifteenth Century to Present, Honor...00000
CEBUS 2107Communicating Through the Written Word: Applying Effective W...00000
CEART 2225Colored Pencil And Watercolor: A Good Mix00000
CEBUS 3044Transforming the Customer Experience Building Lifelong Custo...00000
CEBUS 2123Conflict Resolution in the Workplace00000
CEART 2262VAThe Greatest Paintings In Art History00000
CEBUS 4006Ed2Go/Creating a Successful Business Plan00000
ART 145Design and Illustration00000
CEBUS 4017Ed2Go/Manufacturing Fundamentals00000
CEART 2292Illustration Drawing00000
CEBUS 4029Ed2Go/Start Your Own Consulting Practice00000
ANTHR 102Introduction To Archaeology00000
CEBUS 4048Ed2Go/Admin Asst Suite00000
CEART 2312WAClay & Concept00000
CEBUS 4108Ed2Go/CTP/Purchasing and Supply Chain Management00000
ARTWS 288Handbuildng/Wheelthrow 100000
CEBUS 4125Ed2Go/CTP/Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with Exam and Coaching00000
CEART 2333The Great Museums of the World00000
CECERTS 2001OSMandated Training for Child Abuse and Neglect00000
ACC 210Federal Income Tax00000
CECERTS 2051NYS Mold Abatement Worker00000
CEBSKLS 4001LNEd2Go/Grammar Refresher00000
CECERTS 4002Ed2Go/Certificate in Violence Prevention and Awareness00000
ART 101Drawing 100000
CEBUS 2074PEMindful Entrepreneurship00000
CEART 2044WASculpture Independent Study 10 Wk00000
CEBUS 2091Managing for Performance Improvement00000
ADN 120ADN-Nursing 1, Fundamentals of Nursing - Lecture/Lab/Clinica...00000
CEBUS 2104PEMarketing with Social Media00000
CEART 2131WAIntroduction to Printmaking 15 hr00000
CEBUS 2110PEDesign Your Brand00000
ART 109Art of the Modern World: Fifteenth Century to Contemporary00000
CEBUS 2118G2E: Just Add One Mastermind Group00000
CEART 2227VASix Great Artists00000
CEBUS 3037Performance Management00000
CEBUS 2126Managing Change and Transformation00000
CEART 2233PEDigital Painting for Adults00000
CEBUS 3050Social Media for Business Certificate00000
ART 130Portfolio Preparation00000
CEBUS 4003LNEd2Go/Accounting Fundamentals II00000
CEART 2267WAAsian Brush Painting 1-Day00000
CEBUS 4009Ed2Go/Distribution and Logistics Management00000
ANTHR 101Cultural Anthropology00000
CEBUS 4015LNEd2Go/Intro Nonprofit Mgt - LOAN00000
CEART 2290WAPortrait Painting 45hr00000
CEBUS 4020Ed2Go/Mastery of Business Fundamentals00000
ART 169Web Design 100000
CEBUS 4026Ed2Go/Six Sigma: Total Quality Applications00000
CEART 2295WALife Painting 15h00000
CEBUS 4033Ed2Go/Understanding the Human Resources Function00000
ACC 140Bookkeeper Capstone00000
CEBUS 4046Ed2Go/Project Management Fundamentals Series00000
CEART 2309WAArt Project 4000000
CEBUS 4051Ed2Go/Marketing Your Business on the Internet FREE self-pace...00000
ARTWS 151Watercolor Painting 100000
CEBUS 4106Ed2Go/CTP/Non Profit Management00000
CEART 2315VAStrategies for Collecting Fine Art00000
CEBUS 4114Ed2Go/CTP/Records Management00000
ANTHR 120Native People of North America00000
CEBUS 4122Ed2Go/CTP/Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt with Exam00000
CEART 2327Vision Boards00000
CEBUS 4128Ed2Go/CTP/Mastering Project Management with PMP Prep00000
ASL 102American Sign Language 200000
CEBUS 4135Ed2Go/CTP/Business Coach00000
CEART 2338VADiscover the Ghent Altarpiece00000
CECERTS 2010Grade C Water Operator Certification00000
AC 202Addiction Field Experience 100000
CECERTS 2043Notary Public Workshop00000
CEART 4000LNEd2Go/Drawing for the Absolute Beginner00000
CECERTS 2054EPA Lead Certification00000
BIOL 121Anatomy & Physiology 1 - Lecture & Lab00000
CEBSKLS 4004Ed2Go/Grammar Refesher 200000
AC 103Addiction and Family Dynamics00000
ACC 118Foundations of Accounting and Finance00000
ADN 221ADN Nursing 3 - Lecture/Lab/Cinicial00000
ART 126Digital Fundamentals00000
CEART 2229WAStonesetting00000
CEBUS 2131Requirements Analysis & Design Definition00000