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WCCCD Course Reviews

Wayne County Community College District

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BUS 228Internet Web Page Design00000
BUSN 5001Hair Growth & Hair Busi. Opp.00000
ASL 150Principles of Interpreting00000
BRW 240Recipe Formulation00000
AUT 119Engine Performance II00000
ARTC 5032Performing Arts Open House00000
BUSN 1062Visionary Leadership00000
ART 111Design I00000
ASL 299Sign Internship00000
ART 152Sculpture II00000
BPEN 4000The Art of Make-up: Beginner00000
AUT 208Heating, Vent, Air Cond II00000
ARTC 5002Paleo Joe Lecture and Puppet S00000
BUS 155Introduction to International Business00000
ANT 153Introduction to Physical Anthropology00000
BUSN 1057Fundamentals Of Entrepreneurship Finance00000
ASL 100American Sign Language I00000
BUSN 4048Real Estate Six Hour Continuing Education00000
AE 6202Language Arts reading00000
CAD 101Fundamentals of Computer Aided Drafting00000
ART 122Painting II00000
AUT 115Electrical/Electronic Systems II00000
ALH 115Medical Computer Systems00000
AUT 201Engine Performance IV00000
ARTC 4158Spring into Poetry00000
BIO 250Human Anatomy and Physiology II00000
BET 110Bio-Med Instrument. & Safety I00000
ARTC 4171WCCCD Downriver Student Art EO00000
BPEN 4014Release Your Inner Glam! Inter00000
ANE 210Anesthesia Technology Clinical II00000
BTOC 5002Microsoft Word Overview00000
ARTC 5010Design Detroit Fashion Wrkshp00000
BUS 210Supervision00000
AE 6146Science00000
BUSN 1006District Management Meeting00000
ARTC 6004Home Craft Brewing00000
BUSN 1059Entrepreneurship! (Is It For You?)00000
ARA 102Introductory Arabic II00000
BUSN 4018Business Networking Round.00000
ASL 115Beginning Finger Spelling and Number Use00000
BUSN 4099Legal Structure for your Bus.00000
ACC 111Principles Of Accounting II00000
BUSN 5019Starting a Business00000
ASL 230Structure of American Sign Language00000
CAD 102Advanced Computer Aided Drafting00000
ALH 105Medical Math00000
AUT 101Automotive Fundamentals00000
ART 132Ceramics II00000
AUT 117Electrical/Electronics Systems IV00000
ACC 210Intermediate Accounting I00000
AUT 121Steering & Suspension I00000
ARTC 4023Global Expos. Opening Receptio00000
AUT 203Brakes II00000
ANE 100Introduction to Anesthesia Technology00000
AVIA 5000Airman Certification Private Pilot Preparation00000
ARTC 4162Global Education: Women Change00000
BIO 204Life Science for Elem Sch Teac00000
BET 240Biomedical Equipment Repair Technology Practicum I00000
ARTC 4170Esperanza Cintron- Shades00000
BIO 295College Microbiology Course00000
ANE 200Anesthesia Technology Clinical I00000
BPEN 4009Back To The Roots: African Headwrapping00000
ARTC 5000Travel Doc Certification WS00000
BRW 200Brewing Science (w/Lab)00000
ADD 103Co-Occurring Disorders00000
BTOC 5000Microsoft Windows 1000000
ARTC 5004Spring Book Festival00000
BTOC 5004Microsoft Excel Overview00000
ANT 151Introduction To Genealogical Research00000
BUS 175Small Business Management00000
ARTC 5011Jim Crow, Then and Now00000
BUS 221Business Statistics00000
ABT 103Auto Body Work Environment and Safety00000
BUS 241Business Analytics Software and Programming00000
ARTC 5034Genealogy Tony Burroughs00000
BUSN 1008Loss Prevention/ SMD Classes00000
ANT 201Urban Life And Culture00000
BUSN 1058Fundamentals Of International Small Business00000
ARTC 6008Model Train for the Holidays00000
BUSN 1061Small Business Management00000
AE 6150Lang. Arts Writing00000
BUSN 1064Success-CVS00000
ASL 105Orientation to Deafness00000
BUSN 4020The Power of Ebooks 2.000000
ART 101Drawing I00000
BUSN 4068Whole Foods Opportunity Semina00000
ASL 125Interpreting I00000
BUSN 4102Small Business Summit00000
AAS 150African-American People in Michigan History00000
BUSN 5007Branding Yourself00000
ASL 220American Sign Language IV00000
BUSN 5022So You Want to be a Mystery Sh00000
ART 115Basic Drawing For Animation00000
ASL 260Interpreting & Transliterating00000
AAS 131American Government & African American Struggle00000
AAS 237Illegal Drug Traffic and the African American Community00000
ACC 211Intermediate Accounting II00000
ANE 110Anesthesia Technology Instrumentation00000
ARTC 4168International Education Week,00000
BIO 155Introductory Biology00000