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WCCCD Course Reviews

Wayne County Community College District

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CSTT 2029Internet Basics00000
CT 213Computer Networking II00000
CAD 102Advanced Computer Aided Drafting00000
CPDV 4139Diesel General00000
CIS 210Introduction to Operating Systems00000
BUS 161Introduction to Big Data and Business Analytics00000
CSTT 5027Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter00000
ARTC 6004Home Craft Brewing00000
CHM 145General Chemistry II00000
ASL 250Interpreting III00000
COR 210Correctional Institution Facilities00000
CIS 266Introduction to Graphic Design00000
BPEN 4007Hair Weaving00000
CPDV 5014Spring 2012 Metro Detroit00000
ARTC 5002Paleo Joe Lecture and Puppet S00000
CSTT 4105Microsoft Powerpoint-Project P00000
BUSN 1064Success-CVS00000
CSTT 6039Scala(Java)Basics for Big Data00000
ANT 154Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
DANC 4028Hustle for Exercise00000
ASL 110Introduction to Deaf Culture00000
CIS 120Introduction to Database Concepts00000
ART 122Painting II00000
CIS 245Wireless Networking00000
AUT 116Electrical/Electronic Systems III00000
COPL 5052Jailor Training00000
CNC 111Introduction to Computer Numerical Control00000
BET 240Biomedical Equipment Repair Technology Practicum I00000
CPDV 4012MI State Police Workshop00000
ARTC 4170Esperanza Cintron- Shades00000
CPDV 5002Trio Program Orientation00000
BRW 260Brewing Internship I00000
CSTT 2002Microsoft Word Intermediate 201600000
ANE 200Anesthesia Technology Clinical I00000
CSTT 4047Experience Senior Power00000
BUS 228Internet Web Page Design00000
CSTT 5012Friends, Family and Facebook00000
ARTC 5011Jim Crow, Then and Now00000
CSTT 5046Smart Phones II00000
BUSN 4099Legal Structure for your Bus.00000
CSTT 6048Intro. to Home Networking00000
ACC 211Intermediate Accounting II00000
DA 126Pathology, Pharmacology and General Anatomy00000
CASM 1001Document Efficiently00000
DEN 100Professional Development00000
ART 111Design I00000
CHM 255Laboratory for Organic Chemistry I & II00000
ASL 200American Sign Language III00000
CIS 201C# (C Sharp) Prog. Language00000
AE 6146Science00000
CIS 220App. Development Capstone Proj00000
AST 101Astronomy I: New Solar System00000
CIS 250E-Commerce Strategies and Practices00000
ART 152Sculpture II00000
CIS 274Certified Ethical Hacker00000
AUT 121Steering & Suspension I00000
COOK 5004Hospitality and Restaurant Marketing00000
CNC 235CNC Programming & Machining II00000
AVIA 5000Airman Certification Private Pilot Preparation00000
COR 105Introduction to Correctional Counseling00000
ARTC 4168International Education Week,00000
CPD 100Career and Professional Development00000
BIO 252Pathophysiology00000
CPDV 4124Romulus High School Visit00000
ALH 115Medical Computer Systems00000
CPDV 4143Career Exploration00000
BPEN 4014Release Your Inner Glam! Inter00000
CPDV 5007Career Readiness Workshop00000
ARTC 4172Int'l Lan Culture Festival00000
CPDV 5022PBI Workshop00000
BTOC 5003Microsoft PowerPoint Overview00000
CSTT 2007Microsoft PowerPoint Basic 201600000
ACC 110Principles Of Accounting I00000
CSTT 3000Computer Repair Beginner00000
BUS 215Interpersonal Comm in Business00000
CSTT 4052Microsoft Powerpoint Overview00000
ARTC 5006Culturally Responsive Instruc00000
CSTT 5008Texting for Senior00000
BUSN 1058Fundamentals Of International Small Business00000
CSTT 5020YouTube 10100000
ANT 151Introduction To Genealogical Research00000
CSTT 5032Illustrator 4: Advanced00000
BUSN 4055Building Trust Law Enforcement00000
CSTT 6033Mature Learners: Microsoft Publisher00000
ARTC 5033All About the Arts Coffee Seri00000
CSTT 6044Digital Organization00000
BUSN 5013Fundamentals of E-Commerce Entrepreneurship00000
CT 207Digital Logic II00000
ABT 103Auto Body Work Environment and Safety00000
DA 115Infection Control and Preventive Dentistry00000
CASM 1000Introduction to Case Management00000
DA 204Expanded Functions for the Registered Dental Assistant Lab/C...00000
ASL 100American Sign Language I00000
CCCT 5003Advanced Serger Sewing00000
AAS 150African-American People in Michigan History00000
ABT 201Basic Automotive Finishes00000
AE 6201Soc. Studies Lab00000
ARTC 4158Spring into Poetry00000
AUT 203Brakes II00000
COOK 5000Western Wayne Taste and Tape00000