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WCC Course Reviews

Windward Community College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ART 223Intermediate Painting00000
ENG 271WI-Intro Lit: Banned Books00000
SCI 160BPolynesian Voyaging and Seamanship00000
AQUA 201S-The Hawai`i Fishpond00000
THEA 280Beginning Playwriting00000
PHIL 110Introduction to Logic00000
BOT 210Phytobiotechnology00000
ART 243Intermediate Ceramics-Handbuilding00000
SPAN 101Beginning Spanish I00000
BIOL 106S-Ono Cooking & Food Science00000
ANSC 271LAnesthesiology and Surgical Nursing for Veterinary Technicia...00000
AG 170Introduction to Aquaponics00000
CHEM 100Chemistry and Society00000
ART 114Introduction to Color00000
ART 116Introduction to Three-Dimensional Composition00000
BIOL 172LIntroduction to Biology II Lab00000
POLS 130Introduction to American Government00000
ECON 199VInd Study: Negative Interest00000
ANSC 290Veterinary Technician Exam Review00000
GG 101LS-Introduction to Geology Lab00000
BIOL 100S-Human Biology00000
THEA 200BBeginning Theatre Practicum: (Acting)00000
ANTH 175Polynesian Surf Culture00000
ZOOL 200Marine Biology00000
BIOL 200S-Coral Reefs00000
ANSC 262LClinical Procedures for Large Animals Lab00000
ANSC 151Clinical Laboratory Techniques00000
BOT 199VInd Study: Orchid Deflasking00000
ANTH 175LSurf Culture Field Lab00000
ART 108Elementary Studio: Drawing and Painting00000
ART 105CIntroduction to Ceramics-Wheelthrowing00000
CHEM 162LGeneral Chemistry II Lab00000
ART 197The Living Landscape: developing a sense of place through ar...00000
ANSC 266Veterinary Clinical Practices and Internship II00000
ASTR 110LSurvey of Astronomy Lab00000
PHYS 152LCollege Physics II Lab00000
BOT 101LGeneral Botany Lab00000
ART 199VInd Study:Special Projects Art00000
DNCE 132Continuing Beginning Modern Dance00000
PSY 250Social Psychology00000
ENG 100XDirected Support00000
ANSC 191Veterinary Office and Computer Skills00000
FIN 150Personal Finance00000
SOC 251WI-Intr to Sociology of Family00000
GG 211S-Big Island Field Geology00000
ANTH 152S-Culture and Humanity00000
THEA 101Introduction to Drama and Theatre00000
BIOL 100LHuman Biology Laboratory00000
THEA 222Acting II00000
ANSC 258LClinical Laboratory Techniques II00000
ZOOL 141Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
BIOL 171LIntroduction to Biology I Lab00000
AG 120Plant Science00000
AQUA 106S-Small Scale Aquaculture00000
ANSC 140Introduction to Veterinary Technology00000
BIOL 275LCell and Molecular Biology Lab00000
ANSC 261LAnesthesiology and Dentistry for Veterinary Technicians Lab00000
ANSC 153LCompanion Animal Nursing Lab00000
BOT 105S-Ethnobotany00000
ANSC 263LExotic and Laboratory Animal Procedures Lab00000
ART 105BIntroduction to Ceramics-Handbuilding00000
ANTH 151S-Emerging Humanity00000
BOT 205Ethnobotanical Pharmacognosy00000
ANTH 296Sp Topics:Tourism&Conservation;00000
ANSC 263Exotic and Laboratory Animal Procedures00000
ART 104DIntroduction to Printmaking/Screen Printing00000
CHEM 161General Chemistry I00000
ART 111Introduction to Watercolor Painting00000
ART 113Introduction to Drawing00000
ART 123Introduction to Oil Painting00000
CM 197Video Game Design II00000
ART 213Intermediate Drawing00000
ANSC 151LClinical Laboratory Techniques Lab00000
ART 253Sculpture Figure Modeling00000
PHYL 142S-Human Anatomy & Physiolgy II00000
BIOC 141Fundamentals of Biochemistry00000
ART 175Survey of Global Art00000
BIOL 275Cell and Molecular Biology00000
PHYS 272LGeneral Physics II Lab00000
BOT 160Identification of Tropical Plants00000
ANSC 271Anesthesiology and Surgical Nursing for Veterinary Technicia...00000
CHEM 100LChemistry and Society Lab00000
PSY 170Psychology of Adjustment00000
DNCE 270Dance Performance00000
ART 207Intermediate Photography: Techniques and Aesthetics of Photo...00000
EE 211Basic Circuit Analysis I00000
REL 150Introduction to World's Major Religions00000
ENG 204BWI-ntro Creative Writng Poetry00000
AG 192VSpTopic:Nutraceutical Plant ID00000
ERTH 101Dynamic Earth00000
SOC 100Survey of General Sociology00000
GEOG 101S-The Natural Environment00000
ART 251Mold Making for Ceramics and Sculpture00000
SP 251WI-Princples Effectiv Speaking00000
ACC 202Introduction to Managerial Accounting00000
ANSC 142Anatomy and Physiology of Domestc Animals00000
ANSC 262Clinical Procedures for Large Animals00000
AQUA 201LS-The Hawai`i Fishpond Lab00000
BLAW 200WI-Legal Envronmnt of Business00000
ANSC 258Clinical Laboratory Techniques II00000