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Wayne State Course Reviews

Wayne State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 2870Anatomy and Physiology42552
ENG 1020Introductory College Writing55551
PHI 2320Introduction to Ethics53541
MAE 1000Detroit by the Numbers55541
PHY 3100The Sounds of Music33431
CSC 2200Computer Science II42351
HIS 3995SpTpc:Antisemitism & Holocaust53541
MAT 2020Calculus II42441
BIO 1511Basic Life Mechanisms Laboratory55551
FYS 1010Learning with the Brain in Mind35121
ANT 3410Global Health43531
US 2000Introduction to Urban Studies45441
ENG 3060Technical Communication II: Presentations24141
CSC 1500Fundamental Structures in Computer Science54551
CSC 1100Problem Solving and Programming55551
ME 2500Numerical Methods Using MATLAB41551
NFS 2030Nutrition and Health55451
CSC 2110Computer Science I35451
CHI 2000Chinese Phonetics44451
MAT 2030Calculus III53451
MAT 2250Elementary Linear Algebra43451
CHM 3120Analytical Chemistry43251
BE 1200Basc Engg I:CAD/3-D Prntg45441
ANA 6050Biology of the Eye00000
AFS 2210Black Social and Political Thought00000
ANA 9995Candidate Maintenance Status: Doctoral Dissertation Research...00000
AN 7890DNAP Preparation00000
AFI 5660Fabric Printing and Dyeing: Senior Project00000
ANA 7996Research00000
ADN 5430History of Costume00000
AFS 3200The African-American Film Experience00000
ANT 3150Anthropology of Business00000
ANT 3560World's Religions00000
ANT 5210Anthropological Methods00000
ACC 7320Introduction to Taxation: Business Entities00000
ADR 3070Intermediate Life Drawing00000
AFS 5991Field Work in the Black Community00000
ANT 5993Writing Intensive Course in Anthropology00000
ANT 7200Qualitative Research I00000
AGD 3250Graphic Design I: Principles and Problem Solving00000
ANT 8999Master's Thesis Research and Direction00000
APA 2000Oil Painting I00000
ADR 8800MFA Studio: Drawing00000
AGD 4250Graphic Design II: Word, Image, and Visual Organization00000
APA 3130Figure Painting: Water Media00000
APA 5130Figure Painting Advanced: Water Media00000
AGD 5997Senior Studio00000
APA 5810Directed Projects: Painting00000
APA 7130Graduate Problems in Figure Painting: Water Media00000
ACC 7040Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
ACR 4550Advanced Ceramics I00000
AED 5690Collage, Assemblage, and Multi-Media: Methods and Materials00000
AH 1130Encounters with the Arts of Global Africa00000
APH 2400Introduction to Photography00000
APH 4410Advanced Photography00000
AH 5510High Renaissance and Mannerism in Italy00000
APR 3510Relief and Experimental Printmaking I00000
AN 7780Professional Dimensions00000
AFI 2660Introduction to Fabric Printing and Dyeing00000
AN 8002Capstone Preparation III00000
ADA 5240Advanced Interactivity: Experimental Video Games00000
ANA 7075Mechanisms of Ocular Disease II00000
AFI 7660Graduate Problems: Fabric Printing and Dyeing00000
ANA 9991Doctoral Candidate Status I: Dissertation Research and Direc...00000
ACC 7180Auditing00000
ANT 2400Food and Culture00000
AFS 2600Race and Racism in America00000
ANT 3530Native Americans00000
ADR 1050Drawing I00000
ANT 5060Urban Anthropology00000
AFS 3610Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Foreign Culture: The Afric...00000
ANT 5380History of Anthropology00000
ACC 5270Introduction to Taxation: Business Entities00000
ANT 7005Proseminar in Anthropology I00000
AGD 2230Introduction to Typography: Skills and Concepts00000
ANT 7900Synthesis00000
ADR 5100Contexts of Studio Practice00000
ANT 9993Doctoral Candidate Status III: Dissertation Research and Dir...00000
AGD 3270Introduction to Illustration00000
APA 3000Oil Painting II00000
ACO 1270Time Studio00000
APA 5060Advanced Concepts in Drawing and Painting00000
AGD 5700ST:Brand Identity Systems00000
APA 5160Advanced Alternative Painting Media00000
AED 5050Integrating the Arts into the Elementary Classroom00000
APA 7060Graduate Problems in Drawing and Painting00000
AH 1000Introduction to Art00000
APA 7140Graduate Problems in Figure Painting: Oil Media00000
ACC 5115Intermediate Financial Accounting III00000
APH 3410Black and White Darkroom Photography II00000
AH 3750African American Art00000
APH 5850Directed Projects: Photography00000
AED 6910Multicultural Issues in Visual Arts Education and Art Therap...00000
APR 7500Graduate Serigraphy00000
ACR 8880MFA Studio: Ceramics00000
AED 7890Art Therapy Internship00000
AH 7700Seminar in Modern Art00000
AIA 2600Interior Design: CAD I00000
AET 5600Integrated Product Development00000
AIA 4620Interior Perspective and Illustration00000