Washtenaw CC Course Reviews

Washtenaw Community College

CNT 224Identity with Win Server 201600000
CSS 285Auto Penetration Testing00000
BMG 275Bus and Supply Chain Analytics00000
CJT 199On the Job Training00000
CCP 101Child Development00000
BMG 160Principles of Sales00000
CON 189Study Problems00000
AST 111General Astronomy00000
BOS 184Spreadsheet Software Apps I00000
ASV 266Advanced Transmissions00000
CIS 221Linux/UNIX Prog Scripts I00000
CCP 210Child Guidance & Classroom Mgt00000
BIO 199Anatomical Studies00000
CMG 130Const Site Safety & OSHA Req00000
ART 122Basic Drawing II00000
COM 200Family Communication00000
BMG 207Business Communication00000
CPS 171Intro Prog With C++00000
ANI 145Concept Development for Animat00000
CUL 114Fundamentals of Baking00000
ASV 174Auto Service Co-op Education I00000
BOS 284Spreadsheet Software Apps II00000
ANI 230Motion and Sound00000
CCP 133Child Development Practicum II00000
AUD 175Digital Audio Workstations00000
CIS 100Intro Comp Productivity Apps00000
CCP 251Young Children with Exceptiona00000
BIO 107Introduction to Field Biology00000
CJT 144Parole, Prob., & Comm. Corr.00000
ART 102Color00000
CJT 229BLaw Enforcement Training II00000
BIO 215Cell and Molecular Biology00000
CMG 200Construction Systems00000
ACS 108Critical Reading and Thinking00000
COM 142Oral Interp of Literature00000
BMG 181Intro Supply Chain Management00000
CON 105Construction Framing II00000
ART 136Ceramics III00000
CON 250Cabinet Shop Managemt & Fund.00000
BMG 240Human Resources Management00000
CPS 278Java Server Programming00000
ABR 231Proj Mgmt & Implem Auto Body00000
CST 225PC Networking00000
BOS 101BIntermediate Keyboarding00000
CUL 118Culinary Nutrition00000
ANI 160Fund. of Movement & Animation00000
BOS 208Desktop Publishing for Office00000
ASV 255Brakes00000
CCC 215Custom Fab & Chassis Design I00000
ACC 111Principles of Accounting I00000
CCP 123Essentials of Child Care II00000
ASV 277Automotive Powertrain Systems00000
CCP 204Developing ECE Professional00000
ANI 2603D Animation III00000
CCP 219Advanced Child Care Practicum00000
AUD 240Audio Production Techniques I00000
CHN 122First Year Chinese II00000
CEM 111General Chemistry I & Lab00000
BIO 101Concepts of Biology and Lab00000
CIS 121Linux/UNIX I: Fundamentals00000
ARB 111First Year Arabic I00000
CJT 111Police/Community Relations00000
BIO 111Anat/Phys Norm Struct & Func00000
CJT 156Everyday Law00000
ACS 095Student Success Seminar00000
CJT 223Juvenile Justice00000
BIO 208Genetics and Lab00000
CJT 1009Concealed Carry Law Enforcemen00000
ART 112Basic Design I00000
CMG 170Construction Graphics00000
BMG 140Introduction to Business00000
CNT 211Install/Stor Win Server 201600000
ABR 174Auto Body Repair Co-op Educ I00000
COM 101Fundamentals of Speaking00000
BMG 166Sports & Ent Comm & PR00000
COM 160Voice & Articulation00000
ART 128Ceramics II00000
COM 235Broadcast Media Arts Portfolio00000
BMG 200Relationship Skills in Workpl00000
CON 170Cabinetry and Millwork I00000
ACS 123Information Literacy00000
CON 205Construction Finishes-Exterior00000
BMG 226Transportation and Logistics00000
CON 275Cabinetry and Millwork IV00000
ART 189Design Problems with Color00000
CPS 271Object Features of C++00000
BMG 265Business Statistics00000
CSS 205Network Penetration Testing00000
ABR 119The Art of Metal Shaping00000
CST 160Computer Technology I00000
BMG 291Project Management00000
CUL 100Intro to Hospitality00000
ASV 132Automotive Engines00000
BOS 106Elect Planning, Sharing & Orgn00000
ABR 113Estimating and Shop Operations00000
ABR 130Custom Painting00000
ACC 213Intermediate Accounting I00000
ANT 205Introduction to Archaeology00000
AUD 250Audio Production Techniques II00000
CEM 211Organic Chemistry I & Lab00000