Washburn Course Reviews

Washburn University

ARMY 401LArmy ROTC Lab00000
BI 390Biology Seminar00000
AN 322Visual Anthropology00000
AR 418Advanced Typography00000
AR 219Introduction to Printmaking00000
AL 460Research in Health Care00000
BI 275Human Anatomy00000
AL 294Respiratory Therapy Clinical Topics II00000
AN 371Field & Lab Mthds in Arch00000
AL 315Allied Health Pharmacology00000
AR 360Ceramics II00000
AR 300Art Theory Past and Present00000
AL 386Cardiac Sonography Clinical II00000
AR 680Grad Field Exper Art Educ00000
AL 260RT Independent Study00000
BI 103General Organismal Biology00000
AN 116Biological Anthropology00000
BI 330Animal Physiology00000
AL 170Phys Therapy Procedures Lab00000
BU 403Profess. Business Commun.00000
AL 303Radiation Therapy Physics I00000
AR 1213-D Design00000
AL 238Radiology Clinical V00000
AR 231Basic Multimedia00000
AL 349Magnetic Resonance Clinical Experience I00000
AR 340Advanced Painting00000
AR 311Art of the Americas00000
AL 375Health Care Policy00000
AR 400Senior Exhibition00000
AL 253Level I Occupational Therapy Fieldwork II00000
AR 443Figure Drawing II00000
AL 394Vascular Sonography Procedures II00000
ARMY 201LArmy ROTC Lab00000
AL 135Radiology Clinical II00000
AS 102Introduction to Astronomy - Solar System00000
AL 720Curriculum/Instructional Methods in Health Care Education00000
BI 206Introductory Microbiology00000
AL 273Physical Therapy Issues00000
BI 314Statistics for Biologists00000
AN 314The Im/migrant Experience in America00000
BI 357Histology00000
AC 654Management Accounting Analysis00000
BU 250Management Information Systems00000
AN 362Methods of Social Research00000
BU 416Commercial Transactions00000
AL 185LPrinciples of Respiratory Therapy Lab00000
AR 101Survey of Art History, Prehistoric to Medieval00000
AL 307Oncology, Simulation, and Treatment Procedures I00000
AR 140Drawing I00000
AD 200Introduction to Critical Race & Ethnic Studies00000
AR 221Digital Painting and Drawing00000
AL 331Sonography Principles and Instrumentation II00000
AR 260Ceramics I00000
AL 243Coding Professional Practice for Health Information Technolo...00000
AR 306Development of Modern Art00000
AL 355Basic Concepts Health Services Administration00000
AR 324Lithography00000
AR 315History Of Photography00000
AL 370Oncology, Simulation and Treatment Procedures II00000
AR 352Prof. Photographic Lighting00000
AL 250Seminar in Health Information Technology00000
AR 391Art Therapy00000
AL 383Cardiac Sonography Procedures I00000
AR 403Workshop in Art Media00000
AL 131Radiographic Exposure II00000
AR 429Web Design00000
AL 390ST Allied Health: Physics00000
AR 460Adv. Ceramics Mx Media Jewelry00000
AL 255Level II Occupational Therapy Fieldwork00000
ARMY 102Introduction to Military Science II00000
AL 399Health Information Systems00000
ARMY 202LArmy ROTC Lab00000
AC 629Accounting Research Seminar00000
ARMY 402LArmy ROTC Lab00000
AL 603Health Care Decision Making00000
BI 100Intro to Biology/Gen Ed Emph00000
AL 265Applied Neurophysiology Lab00000
BI 155Sexually Transmitted Disease00000
AN 112Cultural Anthropology00000
BI 250Introduction to Human Anatomy00000
AL 163Foundations of Occupational Therapy II00000
BI 303Invertebrate Zoology00000
AN 303Human Origins and Evolution00000
BI 322Advanced General Botany00000
AL 292Respiratory Therapy Principles and Procedures II00000
BI 340Evolutionary Biology00000
AN 318North American Archaeology00000
BI 370Virology00000
AC 524Accounting Concepts00000
BI 448Zoo Internship00000
AN 327Human Osteology00000
BU 346Organizational Behavior00000
AL 300Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography00000
AN 366Directed Readings00000
AC 224Financial Accounting00000
AC 626Contemporary Topics in Account00000
AL 120Radiographic Procedures & Patient Care I00000
AL 246Health Information Coding II00000
AL 365Sonography Clinical V00000
AR 321Photoshop Imaging00000