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Washburn Course Reviews

Washburn University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BU 347Production and Operations Management00000
CH 152Fundamentals of Chemistry II00000
AR 352Prof. Photographic Lighting00000
BI 353Molecular Genetics00000
ARMY 102LArmy ROTC Lab00000
AR 103Introduction to Art00000
BU 471Marketing Management00000
AL 361General Sonography Clinical I00000
AR 418Advanced Typography00000
AL 392OBGYN Sonography Procedures II00000
BI 303Invertebrate Zoology00000
ARMY 450Military Analysis00000
AN 318North American Archaeology00000
BI 448Zoo Internship00000
AL 308Allied Health Portfolio00000
BU 378Life and Health Insurance00000
AR 303Medieval/Renaissance Art Hist00000
BU 658Managerial Skills/Professional Experiences00000
AL 237Radiology Clinical IV00000
CH 381Physical Chemistry I00000
AL 375Health Care Policy00000
AR 460Adv. Ceramics Mx Media Jewelry00000
AL 254Current Topics Occupational Therapy00000
ARMY 302Theory & Dynamics of Tactical Operations II00000
AL 420Current Issues in Health Care00000
BI 250Introduction to Human Anatomy00000
BI 101Introductory Biology Laboratory00000
AN 118Introduction to Forensic Science00000
BI 322Advanced General Botany00000
AL 300Introduction to Diagnostic Medical Sonography00000
BI 370Virology00000
AN 366Directed Readings00000
BU 315Legal Environment of Business00000
AL 166Occupational Therapy Interventions II00000
BU 366Sales00000
AR 220Photography I00000
BU 406Int'l Bus Entrep Exper-China00000
AL 347Magnetic Resonance (MR) Physics I00000
BU 526Survey of Finance: DNP00000
AR 320Darkroom Photography II00000
CE 251Introduction Poverty Studies00000
AD 399ST:Peoples&Cultures of Africa00000
CH 342Organic Chemistry Lab I-Lect.00000
AR 391Art Therapy00000
CH 391Chemistry Seminar00000
AL 246Health Information Coding II00000
AR 442Advanced Watercolor Painting00000
AL 385Cardiac Sonography Clinical I00000
ARMY 101Introduction to Military Science I00000
AL 121AProcedures Lab II00000
ARMY 202LArmy ROTC Lab00000
AL 395Vascular Sonography Clinical I00000
ARMY 401Concepts of Military Management00000
AL 261Therapeutic Modalities PT lab00000
AS 104Life in the Universe00000
AL 601Legal/Ethical Issues in Health Care00000
BI 206Introductory Microbiology00000
BI 103General Organismal Biology00000
AL 777Continuous Enrollment00000
BI 275Human Anatomy00000
AL 294Respiratory Therapy Clinical Topics II00000
BI 315Vertebrate Zoology00000
AN 313Religion, Magic and Witchcraft00000
BI 330Animal Physiology00000
AL 157Specialized Records & Registries for Health Information Tech...00000
BI 357Histology00000
AN 327Human Osteology00000
BI 395Research in Biology00000
AL 303Radiation Therapy Physics I00000
BU 248Foundations of Data Analysis00000
AN 397ST:Arch Myths, Frauds &Contrvr00000
BU 345Human Resources Management00000
AC 639Accounting Theory and Ethics00000
BU 360Principles of Marketing00000
AR 131Basic Photo Imaging00000
BU 370Entrepreneurship Clinic00000
AL 321Advanced Radiographic Imaging00000
BU 389Entrepreneurial Finance - Small Business00000
AR 260Ceramics I00000
BU 457Multinational Enterprise Practices00000
AL 185LPrinciples of Respiratory Therapy Lab00000
BU 484Applied Portfolio Management00000
AR 311Art of the Americas00000
BU 630Entrepreneurship/Creativity00000
AL 352Magnetic Resonance Clinical Experience II00000
BU 679Investments00000
AR 332Adv Photo Techniques Digital00000
CH 101Chemistry in Context00000
AC 427Gov & Inst Accounting00000
CH 320Analytical Chemistry00000
AR 380Elementary Art Education00000
CH 351Biochemistry I Lab-Lect00000
AL 367Foundations of Quality Improvement in Health Care00000
AR 402Art Forum00000
AC 325Cost Accounting00000
AC 626Contemporary Topics in Account00000
AL 131AExposure Lab II00000
AL 279Physical Therapy Clinical II & III00000
AL 624Assessment in Health Care Education00000
BI 155Sexually Transmitted Disease00000