Wallace State CC Course Reviews

Wallace State Community College

EMS 100Cardiopulmonary Resuscit I00000
FLT 132Professional Pilot, Airplane Laboratory 500000
CRJ 178Narcotics/Dangerous Drug00000
DMS 250Introduction to Advanced Sonography00000
CUA 215Regional Cuisines Of The Americas00000
CNC 234Precision Machining Practices00000
ENG 251IAmerican Literature I00000
CIS 151Graphics for World Wide Web00000
CUA 111Foundations In Nutrition00000
CIS 212IVisual Basic Programming00000
DHY 214Dental Hygiene Theory IV00000
DEM 124Electronic Engine Systems00000
CNC 161Die Maintenance And Repair00000
DNC 268Jazz Dance II00000
CHM 104Intro to Inorganic Chemistry00000
EMS 255Paramedic Field Preceptorship00000
COS 141Applied Chemistry For Cosmetology00000
ENT 215Architectural Drawing00000
AET 245Advanced Design00000
FLT 217Professional Pilot, Helicopter Laboratory 900000
CIS 199Network Communications00000
CUA 173Culinary Arts Apprenticeship00000
ART 100IArt Appreciation00000
DEM 109Transport Trailer Components And Safety00000
CIS 255Java Programming00000
DHY 120Dental Materials00000
DEM 136Trailer Electrical Systems00000
CNC 154Metallurgy00000
DMS 207Abdominal Pathology00000
AUM 112Orientation 1-7-15 at 8 a.m.-class meets 1-29 through 2-2000000
DNC 131Tap Dance00000
CNC 215Quality Control And Assurance00000
ECO 231Principles of Macroeconomics00000
ACR 147Refrigerant Transition and Recovery Theory00000
EMS 245Paramedic Medical Emergencies00000
COS 116Hair Coloring Lab00000
ENG 101English Composition I00000
CIS 111IWord Processing Applications00000
ENR 094English/Reading (ENR)00000
CRJ 100IIntro to Criminal Justice00000
FLT 111Private Ground Airplane00000
ACR 111Principles Of Refrigeration00000
FLT 211Professional Pilot, Helicopter Laboratory 300000
CRJ 236Advanced Criminalistics00000
FLT 220Professional Pilot, Helicopter Laboratory 1200000
AGP 152Agricultural Equipment Repair And Maintenance00000
CUA 122Fundamentals Of Quantity Cooking00000
CIS 208Intermediate Web Development00000
CUA 205Introduction To Garde Manger00000
ACR 119Fundamentals Of Gas Heating Systems00000
CUA 271Management Of Food And Beverage Service00000
CIS 219Android App Development00000
DEM 121Trailer Air Brakes And Suspension Systems00000
ART 133Ceramics I00000
DEM 127Fuel Systems00000
CIS 276Server Administration00000
DHY 114Dental Radiology00000
DEM 156Cdl License Test Preparation00000
CNC 139Basic Computer Numerical Control00000
DHY 128Pharmacology/Medical Emergencies00000
ART 243Sculpture I00000
DHY 220Dental Hygiene Theory V00000
CNC 158Die Fundamentals00000
DMS 230Sonography Perceptorship II00000
ACR 132Residential Air Conditioning00000
DNC 111Elementary Modern Dance I00000
CNC 163Precision Grinding Lab00000
DNC 161Dance Workshop II00000
CHD 204IMethods & Materials Teach Chil00000
DNT 113Dental Health Education00000
CNC 222Computer Numerical Control Graphics: Turning00000
ECO 232Principles of Microeconomics00000
ABR 262Air Brushing00000
EMS 241Paramedic Cardiology00000
COS 113Theory Of Chemical Services00000
EMS 248Paramedic Clinical II00000
CHM 111College Chemistry I00000
ENG 093Basic English II00000
COS 120Esthetics00000
ENG 246Creative Writing I00000
ACR 210Troubleshooting Hvacr Systems00000
ENG 261English Literature I00000
COS 144Hair Shaping And Design00000
ENT 128Advanced Computer-Aided Drafting00000
CIS 117IDatabase Mgmt Software App00000
ETP 267IInnovation and Creativity00000
CRJ 140ICriminal Law and Procedure00000
FLT 122Professional Pilot, Airplane Laboratory 200000
ABR 154Automotive Glass And Trim00000
FLT 138Professional Pilot, Airplane Laboratory 800000
CRJ 216Police Organization and Adm00000
FLT 214Professional Pilot, Helicopter Laboratory 600000
CIS 196FCommercial Software Appts00000
CRJ 280IInternship in Criminal Justice00000
ABR 114Non-Structural Panel Replacement00000
ABR 201Advanced Measuring00000
ACR 122Hvacr Electric Circuits00000
ART 204IArt History II00000
CMT 11410 Hour Osha Construction Safety00000
DEM 191Special Projects In Diesel Mechanics00000