WAC Course Reviews

Washington College

MUS 266Pan Pipe Ensemble00000
PHY 392Junior Physics Seminar II00000
ENV 137Cult/Envrnmnts of the Chespke00000
MAT 252Scientific Modeling & Data Analysis00000
HIS 111Introduction to History00000
EDU 404Secondary Teaching Internship00000
PHL 210Introduction to Political Philosophy00000
BUS 315Enterprise Resrce Planning Sys00000
FRS 497Independent Study00000
CHE 110Chemistry of the Environment With Lab00000
ILC 336Postcolonial Literature00000
HIS 344Hollywood Films in Dep & WWII00000
EDU 217Clinical Fld Exper - Sec00000
MUS SCESenior Capstone Experience00000
BLS 345The African American Novel00000
MUS 459Applied Music: Advanced Brass00000
ENG 320The Eighteenth Century00000
PHL 435Philosophy, Dialogue, Methods00000
ART 494SpTp:Semnr: Color in Art/Cult00000
POL 323Constitutional Law00000
BUS 355Corporate Finance00000
GEN 462Sociology of the Body00000
BIO 205Cell Biology With Lab00000
HIS 31317th and 18th Century America00000
CHE 210Environmental Chemistry00000
HPS 394SpTp: Latin American Civ&Cult00000
HIS 392Russia & the Soviet Union00000
ECN 318Natural Resource Economics00000
MAT 110Precalculus Mathematics00000
BLS 281W.C. Jazz Ensemble00000
MAT 340Numerical Analysis00000
EDU 318Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in Ed00000
MUS 194SpTp: Music Theatre Practicum00000
ART 281Intermedia_S00000
MUS 294SpTp: Indian Music Ensemble00000
ENG 205Shakespeare I00000
PED 094Special Topics/Transfer Credit00000
BUS 212Managerial Accounting00000
PHL 294SpTp: Religion & Architecture00000
ENG 452Creative Wrtg Wksp: Fiction00000
PHY 211Modern Physics00000
ANT 109Intro to GIS00000
POL 201Theories of Peace and Conflict00000
ENV 312Watershed Biogeochemistry00000
POL 373Human Rights & Social Justice00000
BIO 111General Biology I with Lab00000
GEN 221Social Inequalities00000
BUS 401Strategic Management00000
GRS 301Advanced German Proficiency00000
ANT 215Sex, Gender, and Culture00000
HIS 204Modern World History II00000
CHE 201Organic Chemistry I00000
HIS 334The American Civil War00000
BIO 228Ornithology with Lab00000
HIS 357Early Islamic Civilization00000
DAN 212Beginning Ballet00000
HPS 294SpTp: Vice & Virtue Early Mod00000
HIS 414Comparative Cultrl Encounters00000
ECN 211Intermediate Macroeconomics00000
ILC SCESenior Capstone Experience00000
BIO 424Integrative Human Physiology w/ Lab00000
INT 328Washington Center Seminar00000
EDU 194SpTp: Environmental Field Exp00000
MAT 201Differential Calculus00000
ART 200Intro History of Western Art00000
MAT 318Probability00000
EDU 252Educational Psychology00000
MAT 394SpTp:Combinatorics&GrphTheory00000
BLS 313Music of Latin America00000
MUS 131Music Theory I00000
EDU 354Children's & Young Adult Lit00000
MUS 255Applied Music: Woodwinds00000
AMS 3772PACalypse Now!00000
MUS 281W.C. Jazz Ensemble00000
ENG SCESenior Capstone Experience00000
MUS 394SpTp:Studio Recording Methods00000
BUS 111Principles of Marketing00000
PED 030Scuba00000
ENG 220Introduction to Fiction00000
PHL 102Contemporary Moral Issues00000
ART 392Contemporary Practices: Junior Seminar00000
PHL 215Medieval Philosophy00000
ENG 345The African American Novel00000
PHL 394SpTp:Philsophy at the Margins00000
BUS 302Organizational Behavior00000
PHY 105Astronomy with Laboratory00000
ENV 107Intro to Envrmntl Archaeology00000
PHY 323Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics00000
AMS 322The Arts in America00000
PHY 492Senior Physics Seminar II00000
ENV 210Environmental Chemistry00000
POL 313Elections and the Pol Process00000
BUS 334Leadership00000
ENV 394SpTp: Marine Conservation00000
AMS 209Intro American Lit & Culture I00000
AMS 370The Harlem Renaissance00000
ANT 294SpTp: Applied Anthropology00000
BIO 317Pathophysiology with Lab00000
DAN 327Intermediate Modern Dance00000
HPS SCESenior Capstone Experience00000