VWCC Course Reviews

Virginia Western Community College

ENV 161Introduction to Environmental Compliance00000
HLT 141Introduction to Medical Terminology00000
CHD 119Introduction to Reading Methods00000
ELEC 8210001Tradesman License Renewal- Electrical00000
CIV 135Construction Management & Estimating00000
BUSC 3410035Management Certificate00000
GER 201Intermediate German I00000
AUB 118Automotive Paint Preparation00000
CHD 298Project in Portfolio Development00000
BIO 256General Genetics00000
EGR 199Supervised Study in Engineering I00000
DNH 130Oral Radiography for the Dental Hygienist00000
BUS 125Applied Business Mathematics00000
ENG 212Creative Writing II00000
AST 154Intoduction to Voice Recognition Software (Digitools)00000
FRE 101Beginning French I00000
BUSC 3610002FF - Project Management Exam Prep BPM00000
HIS 101History of Western Civilization I00000
ART 116Design for the Web I00000
HLTH 2210081FF - Certified Medical Assistant00000
BIO 101General Biology I00000
CHM 112General Chemistry II00000
ART 141Typography I00000
CST 130Introduction to the Theatre00000
BLD 101Construction Management I00000
EGR 112Engineering Graphics II00000
DRF 161Blueprint Reading I00000
BLDG 8110002Basic Contractor's Licensing Class00000
ELE 110Home Electric Power00000
AST 102Keyboarding II00000
ENF 3Preparing for College English III00000
BUS 222Business Statistics II00000
ENG 244Survey of English Literature II00000
ARA 102Beginning Arabic II00000
ETR 141Electronics I00000
BUSC 3410160Entrepreneurial Mindset: Gig Economy Edition00000
GASF 8210002Tradesman License Renewal- Gas Fitting00000
AST 243Office Administration00000
HIM 143Managing Electronic Billing in a Medical Practice00000
CAD 111Technical Drafting I00000
HIT 230Computer Applications in Health Care00000
AGR 142Introduction to Plant Science and Technology00000
HLT 230Prin of Nutrition & Human Development00000
CHD 166Infant and Toddler Programs00000
HLTH 6150002FF - Pharmacy Technician-HPHV00000
ART 130Introduction to Multimedia00000
CHM 5Developmental Chemistry for Health Science00000
BIO 195Topics in Biology I00000
CHM 245Organic Chemistry Labratory I00000
AIR 121Air Conditioning and Refrigeration I00000
CSC 202Computer Science II00000
BIO 285Biological Problems in Cont Society00000
DNH 111Oral Anatomy00000
ART 221Drawing III00000
DNH 199Supervised Study in Dental Hygiene I00000
BLD 110Introduction to Construction00000
EDUC 5410003Placement Testing00000
ECO 120Survey of Economics00000
BLD 231Construction Estimating I00000
EGR 126Computer Programming for Engineers00000
ASMT 6210013Grant Funding Pre-Qualification00000
EGR 251Basic Electric Circuits I00000
BUS 100Introduction to Business00000
ELE 199Supervised Study in Electrical Tech00000
AIR 238Advanced Troubleshooting and Services00000
EMS 113Emergency Medical Technician - Basic II00000
BUS 202Applied Management Principles00000
ENG 135Applied Grammar00000
AST 136Office Record Keeping00000
ENG 242Survey of American Literature II00000
BUS 241Business Law I00000
ENG 252Survey of World Literature II00000
ACC 298Seminar and Project in Accounting00000
ESL 195Topics in English as a Second Language00000
BUSC 3410097SHRM CP/SCP Certification Prep Class00000
ETR 280Introduction to Digital Logic Circuits & Computers00000
AST 232Microcomputer Office Applications00000
FRE 202Intermediate French II00000
BUSC 3410172Lean 1: Creating a Culture of Innovation00000
GEO 220World Regional Geography00000
ARC 133Construction Methodology & Procedures I00000
GIS 201Geographical Information Systems II00000
BUSC 5210045CLS Legal Nurse Consultant Training Course00000
HIM 233Electronic Health Records Management00000
AST 254Advanced Desktop Publishing II00000
HIS 112History of World Civilization II00000
CAD 242Parametric Solid Modeling II00000
HLT 110Concepts of Personal & Community Health00000
ACC 219Governmental & Not-For-Profit Accounting00000
HLT 145Ethics For Health Care Professionals00000
CHD 146Math, Science, & Soc Studies for Children00000
HLTH 2210067FF - Pharmacy Technician-HPPT00000
AUT 265Automotive Braking Systems00000
CHD 216Childhood Prog, School & Social Change00000
ACC 124Payroll Accounting00000
ACC 232Cost Accounting II00000
AIR 123Air Conditioning and Refrigeration III00000
ART 287Portfolio and Resume Preparation00000
BLD 147Principles of Block and Bricklaying00000
ECO 202Principles of Microeconomics00000