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VSU Course Reviews

Virginia State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
COUN 541Counseling Children00000
CSCI 496Web Design & Cyber Security00000
CJUS 504Stat/Data Anal In Crim Justice00000
COMM 371Media Technology Workshop00000
CJUS 598Comprehensive Examination00000
CJUS 230Criminal Investigation00000
CSCI 150Programming I00000
BIOL 537Oral And/Or Writn Comp Exm00000
CJUS 555Law and Criminal Just Mgmt00000
CHEM 215Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory00000
COMM 326Organizational Communication00000
COBU 210Financial Economics00000
CISY 368Infor Security & Assurance I00000
COUN 523School Coun/Leadership (PreK1200000
BIOL 425Embryology00000
CPEG 227Digital Systems Laboratory00000
CJUS 361Victimology00000
CSCI 402Intro Artificial Intelligence00000
ARTS 313Black & White Photography I00000
DANC 101Ballet I00000
CHEM 100Chemistry and Society00000
CJUS 575Prison and Penology00000
ARTS 410Ceramics Mixed Media00000
COBU 110Personal Money Management00000
CHEM 308Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
COMM 304History of Broadcasting00000
COBU 304Corporate Sustainability00000
CHEM 441Research Laboratory I00000
COMM 338Pro Tools 210M00000
BIOL 319Hum Anatmy/Physio II00000
COMM 419Popular Culture00000
CISY 495Special Topics00000
COUN 531Group Procedures in Counseling00000
ANSC 448Adv Livetock Production00000
COUN 555Marriage and Family Systems00000
CJUS 315Terrorism00000
CPEG 404Real-Time Data Acquis Contr Sy00000
BIOL 511Topics In Modern Biology00000
CSCI 303Computer Org & Architecture00000
CJUS 433High-Tech Crime00000
CSCI 488Advanced Systems Architecture00000
AGRI 402Stud Teaching In Agriculture00000
CSCI 602Adv Artificial Intelligence00000
CJUS 530Minorities and Crime00000
DANC 205Repertory00000
ARTS 330Animation I00000
CJUS 564Corrections: Drug Use and Abus00000
CHEM 161Chemistry I (Chem Majors Only)00000
CJUS 590Master's Project00000
ANSC 140Principles Of Animal Science00000
CNED 336Pro Tools 11000000
CHEM 306Organic Chemistry II00000
COBU 170Legal, Ethlcal & Digital Envir00000
ARTS 430Animation II00000
COBU 300Principles of Finance00000
CHEM 341Forensics Chemistry Laboratory00000
COMM 205Introduction to Journalism00000
COBU 342Product & Process Planning00000
CHEM 422Biochemistry I00000
COMM 314Photojournalism00000
BIOL 240Microbiology (Pre-Nursing)00000
COMM 334Pro Tools II Music00000
CISY 305Programming Logic00000
COMM 352Print & Online Media Productio00000
ANSC 350Small Ruminant Management00000
COMM 381Media Creative Project00000
CISY 480Database Design & Applications00000
COMM 490Media Law and Ethics Survey00000
BIOL 415Vertebrate Histology00000
COUN 527Career Development & Counselin00000
CJUS 212Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice American Law Enfo...00000
COUN 536Found Mental Health Counseling00000
AGRI 343Priniciples/Practices Agri Ed00000
COUN 549Internship in School Counselin00000
CJUS 255Introduction to Corrections00000
COUN 559Group Proced School Counseling00000
BIOL 447Seminar In Biology00000
CPEG 307Linear System Analysis00000
CJUS 339Black Women & Resistance CJUS00000
CPEG 426Embedded Controllers Lab00000
AQSC 405Fish Breeding And Genetics00000
CSCI 281Discrete Structures00000
CJUS 420Sr Seminar Criminal Justice00000
CSCI 389Human-Computer Interaction00000
BIOL 522Investigations In Biology00000
CSCI 456Advanced Database Applications00000
CJUS 495SP TP: Hum Traff & Contem Slav00000
CSCI 495Topics In Computer Science00000
AGME 242Intro Agric Engineering00000
CSCI 560Embedded Systems00000
CJUS 512Natl Security/Intl Terrorism00000
CSCI 642Spe Top: Intro to Machine Lear00000
CBED 250Emergent Literacy00000
CJUS 534Crim Just in a Multicult Socie00000
AGEC 143Principles Agric Economics II00000
AGRI 290Intro To Remote Sensing00000
ANSC 345Veterinary Anatmy & Physiology00000
BIOL 122Biology Investigations Lab I00000
CHEM 404Experimental Physical Chem00000
COBU 410Global Business Perspectives00000