VSU Course Reviews

Virginia State University

CHEM 400Special Topics In Chemistry00000
CJUS 295Sp Top: Mental Hlth in Prison00000
BIOL 205Integrative Organismal Biology00000
CHEM 161Chemistry I (Chem Majors Only)00000
BIOL 428Teaching Sci In Secdary Sch00000
ARTS 402Art of the Americas00000
CISY 368Infor Security & Assurance I00000
ARAB 110Elementary Arabic I00000
BIOL 405Animal Behavior00000
ARTS 200Art Crafts00000
CBED 351Community Based Ed Progr Elder00000
BIOL 510Human Genetics00000
ARTS 310Ceramics Wheel Throwing00000
CHEM 305Organic Chemistry I00000
ANSC 449Seminar00000
CHEM 424Biochemistry II00000
ARTS 430Animation II00000
CJUS 212Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice American Law Enfo...00000
AGRI 343Priniciples/Practices Agri Ed00000
CJUS 380Criminal Procedures00000
ARTS 101Drawing I00000
BIOL 422Evolutionary Biology00000
AGRI 444Genetics00000
BIOL 450Intro To Bioinformatics00000
ARTS 207Three Dimensional Design00000
BIOL 537Oral And/Or Writn Comp Exm00000
BIOL 518Advanced Plant Physiology00000
ARTS 304Sculpture Mold MakingI00000
CHEM 132Professional Practices in CHEM00000
ANSC 351Feeds And Feeding00000
CHEM 214Inorganic Chemistry00000
ARTS 315Sound for Animation00000
CHEM 319Analytical CHEM Laboratory II00000
AGRI 280Prin Geographic Info Systems00000
CHEM 414Advanced Inorganic Chemistry00000
ARTS 410Ceramics Mixed Media00000
CISY 300Computer Internship00000
AQSC 404Limnology00000
CISY 488Infor Tech Security & Forensic00000
BIOL 121Principles Of Biology II00000
CJUS 233Principles of Ethics for CJUS00000
AGEC 344Financial Mgmt In Agric I00000
CJUS 339Black Women & Resistance CJUS00000
BIOL 316Human Physiology00000
CJUS 425Compara Crimnal Justice Sys00000
AGRI 401Independent Study00000
BIOL 416Quantitative Biology00000
ARTS 1042D Design: Color Theory00000
BIOL 423Conservation Biology00000
AGEC 443Financial Mgmt in Agric II00000
BIOL 446Investigations and Research00000
ARTS 204Printmaking II00000
BIOL 490Topics In Biology Scientific Illustration00000
ANSC 242Princple Of Poultry Production00000
BIOL 513Seminar00000
ARTS 212Life Drawing II00000
BIOL 526Experimental Embryology00000
BIOL 520Cytology00000
ARTS 301World Art Survey I00000
CBED 200Introd Community Based Ed00000
ANSC 348Farm Dairying00000
CBED 447Program Planning Comm Based Ed00000
ARTS 307Modern Art: 1860-196000000
CHEM 153General Chemistry I Laboratory00000
AGRI 150Intro Environmental Science00000
CHEM 164Chemistry Laboratory II00000
ARTS 313Black & White Photography I00000
CHEM 219Analytical Chemistry Lab I00000
ANSC 447Special Problems00000
CHEM 308Organic Chemistry Lab II00000
ARTS 330Animation I00000
CHEM 340Forensics Chemistry00000
AGEC 143Principles Agric Economics II00000
CHEM 402Physical Chemistry II00000
ARTS 404Art of the Motion Picture00000
CHEM 420Seminar In Chemistry00000
AQSC 302Mgmt Of Aquaculture Weeds00000
CHEM 441Research Laboratory I00000
ARTS 415Painting Figure00000
CISY 330Computer Programming I00000
AGRI 301Global Field Exp Interna'l Ag00000
CISY 478Managing Org'l IT Sec Risks00000
BIOL 110Intro Biology (Pre-Nursing)00000
CISY 499Professiona Certification Path00000
AQSC 406Salmonids00000
CJUS 228Juvenile Justice Process00000
BIOL 201Cell And Molecular Biology00000
CJUS 250Court System And Practices00000
ACCT 407Auditing00000
CJUS 317Research Meths Crim Justic00000
BIOL 310Plant Morphology00000
CJUS 360Crimnlogy & Theor Of Crime00000
ARAB 212Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIOL 320Principles Of Genetics00000
ACCT 315Accounting Information Sys00000
ACCT 411Seminar In Acct Theory & Prac00000
AGME 242Intro Agric Engineering00000
ANSC 344Beef Cattle Production00000
ARTS 2162D Methods & Materials00000
BIOL 522Investigations In Biology00000