Virginia Tech Course Reviews

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

CHE 3184Chem React Anl & Dsgn52551
CHE 2114Mass and Energy Balances43451
CHEM 1055General Chemistry for Majors32341
ALS 5115Nutrition00000
ALCE 6436Engagement in Univ Teach00000
ACIS 5984SS: Cybersecurity Risk Mgtmt.00000
AAEC 6524Env Theory & Policy Analysis00000
AOE 2664Exploration of Space00000
AFST 4354Topics in Africana Studies00000
AOE 4064Fluid Flows in Nature00000
AHRM 1014Design and Art for Consumers00000
ALCE 5904Project and Report00000
ACIS 5504Sys/Database Concepts00000
ALS 4214Capstone: Civic Ag Food Sys00000
AAEC 5804GFundamentals of Econometrics00000
ALS 5954Study Abroad00000
AFST 2204Race & Gender in Rel & Cult00000
AOE 3164Aerothermo and Propulsion00000
AAEC 4424Ag Financial Management00000
AOE 4134Astromechanics00000
ACIS 2116Principles of Accounting00000
AAEC 4814Food and Health Economics00000
AINS 1104Intro American Indian Studies00000
ACIS 3554Networks, Telecom, & Security00000
AINS 4004TS:Indig Ecologies & Knowl Sys00000
ALCE 2974Independent Study00000
ALCE 5114Serving Intnl Ag & Education00000
ACIS 5154Financials and Controls00000
ALCE 6234Theory Practice Community Res00000
AAEC 5134Agricultural Marketing00000
ALS 3304Physiology of Reproduction00000
ACIS 5614Implementing Mgt Controls00000
ALS 4974Independent Study00000
AAEC 3514Ag Futures00000
ALS 5234GAdv Concepts Comm Food Systems00000
ACIS 6984SS:Archival Auditing Seminar00000
AOE 2024Thin-Walled Structures00000
AAEC 6004Seminar00000
AOE 3034System Dynamics and Control00000
AFST 2774Black Aesthetics00000
AOE 3354Avionics Systems00000
AAEC 3204Intl Agri Dvlp & Trad00000
AOE 4105Experiments for AE Design00000
AFST 4994HUndergraduate Research00000
AOE 4154Aero Engr Lab00000
AAEC 4504Ag Price Analysis00000
AHRM 2404Consumer Rights00000
ACIS 3115Intermediate Financial Acct00000
AINS 2804Contemporary Native Amer Lits00000
AAEC 3324Environment Sustain Dev Econ00000
AINS 5004TS: Critical Indigenous Theory00000
ACIS 4124Governmental Acctg00000
AAEC 4984SS: Energy Economics00000
ALCE 3014Leadership Effectiveness in Ag00000
ACIS 4314Principles of Taxation00000
ALCE 3634Comm Ag & Life Sci in Speaking00000
ALCE 4014Intro to Cooperative Extension00000
ALCE 5074Foundations of ALCE00000
ACIS 5104Fundamentals of Accounting00000
ALCE 5564International Ag and Diplomacy00000
AAEC 5114Applied Microeconomic Theory00000
ALCE 5984SS: Internatl Ag & Diplomacy00000
ACIS 5334Advanced Corporate Tax00000
ALCE 6425University Teaching Develop00000
AAEC 3504Marketing Ag Products00000
ALS 2964Field Study00000
ACIS 5534Systems Analysis and Design00000
ALS 3954Study Abroad00000
AAEC 5174Int Agr Development and Trade00000
ALS 4574Social Behav Birds & Mammals00000
ACIS 5704Manag Info Exec Decis Making00000
ALS 5084Adv Ruminant Nutr Colloquium00000
AAEC 3016AAEC Internship00000
ALS 5134Comm Based App Qual Inquiry00000
ACIS 6014Behavioral Accounting Research00000
ALS 5334Prof Comm Ag & Life Sciences00000
AAEC 5946Econometric Theory & Practice00000
ALS 5984SS:Building Multicultural Comp00000
ADV 4324Issues in Health Communication00000
AOE 2104Intro Aerospace Engr & Perform00000
AAEC 4324Rural Regional Dvlp Policy00000
AOE 2994HUndergraduate Research00000
AFST 2644Intro African-American Lit00000
AOE 3114Aerodynamics & Compressibility00000
AAEC 6304International Trade & Finance00000
AOE 3224Ocean Structures00000
AFST 3444African American Image in Film00000
AOE 4024Intro Finite Elements00000
AAEC 2974Independent Study00000
AOE 4066Air Vehicle Design00000
AFST 4964Field Study00000
AOE 4114Appl Comput Aerodyn00000
AAEC 6984SS: Econ Valuation of Environ00000
ACIS 4554Networks & Telecomm Business00000
ALCE 4064Ag Mechanical Lab Management00000
ALCE 4754Internship in Education00000
AFST 5614Race Ethnic Health Disparities00000
AAEC 1006Econ Food Fiber Syst00000
AAEC 3014Analytic Methods Applied Econ00000
AAEC 3454Small Bus Mgt and Ent00000