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Villanova Course Reviews

Villanova University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CHI 5900CHI:Independent Study00000
CHM 4229Organic Reactions & Synthesis00000
CHE 3932ChemE Lab I00000
CHE 9024CHE Thesis I00000
CHE 5530Gene Therapy Methods &Research00000
CHE 2202Heat Transfer00000
CHM 2212Organic Chemistry II00000
CEE 8435Reinforced Concrete00000
CHE 5002Prin of Air Pol Control00000
CEE 8508Urban Hyd & Storm Water Mgmt00000
CHE 8586Biomaterials & Drug Delivery00000
CHE 5842Safety Analysis00000
CGS 5990TOP:Linguistics as a Cog Sci00000
CHI 1131Advanced Chinese I00000
CEE 8106Embankments and Slopes00000
CHM 1152General Chemistry II00000
CHE 3131CHE Thermodynamics II00000
CHM 3411Physical Chemistry I00000
CEE 3913Hydraulic Egr & Hydrology Lab00000
CHM 4621Biochemistry I: Structure00000
CEE 8461Design of Bridge Superstructur00000
CHE 5132Transport Phenomena00000
CEE 4602Professional Practice In Cee00000
CHE 5632Polymer Sci and Engr00000
CEE 8602CEE Special Topics Grad00000
CHE 8565Heat Transfer00000
CHE 7595TOP:EFW Nexus00000
CGS 2000Liguistics as a Cognitive Sci.00000
CHE 8592Protein Engineering00000
CEE 7412Modern Structural Analysis00000
CHI 1111Basic Chinese I00000
CHE 2032Chem Engr Thermo I00000
CHI 1138Advanced Chinese Vi00000
CEE 3601GIS for Engineers00000
CHM 1104General Chemistry Lab II00000
CHE 2900Global Pharmaceutical Industry00000
CHM 1903Internship Elective00000
CEE 8205Highway Safety00000
CHM 3311Inorganic Chem II00000
CHE 3332ChemE Reactor Engineering I00000
CHM 3503Bioanalytical Chem Lab00000
CEE 2100Egr Mechanics I-Statics00000
CHM 4517Environmental Chemistry00000
CHE 4831Senior Project Studio I00000
CHM 4623Biochemistry III00000
CEE 4331Solid & Hazardous Waste00000
CHE 5062Chemical Engineering Economics00000
CEE 8502Watershed Modeling00000
CHE 5232Industrial Catalytic Processes00000
CEE 2301Environmental Eng. Science00000
CHE 5533Bioseparations00000
CEE 8511River Dynamics00000
CHE 5634Intro to Material Science00000
CEE 4609CEE Special Topics00000
CHE 7580CHE Economics00000
CEE 8707Phys/Chem Treatment Proc00000
CHE 8563Transport Phenomena00000
CHE 8531Zeolite00000
CEE 9032Thesis II00000
CHE 8572Separation Processes II00000
CEE 7211Water Res Planning & Mgmt00000
CHE 8589Biochemical Engineering II00000
CGS 5900Cognitive Science Seminar00000
CHE 8663Systems Biology00000
CEE 3402Structural Steel Design00000
CHE 9080Thesis Continuation00000
CHE 1205Intro to Chemical Engineering00000
CHI 1121Intermediate Chinese I00000
CEE 7829Princ Sust Devel for Ind & Soc00000
CHI 1133Advanced Chinese III00000
CHE 2102Thermodynamics 200000
CHI 1151TOP:Translation in History00000
CBN 6001Thesis Research I00000
CHM 1000Profesl Development Sem00000
CHE 2301ChE Computational Methods00000
CHM 1131General Chemistry I00000
CEE 8108Geotechnical Earthquake Eng00000
CHM 1311Inorganic Chemistry I00000
CHE 3031Heat Transfer00000
CHM 2201Organic Chemistry Lab I00000
CEE 3802Soil Mechanics00000
CHM 3211Organic Chemistry I00000
CHE 3202Reactor Design00000
CHM 3404Physical Chem Lab I00000
CEE 8303Urban Planning00000
CHM 3416Physical Chem for Engineers00000
CHE 3402Unit Operations Lab 200000
CHM 3514Bioanalytical Chemistry00000
BIO 9308Thesis Research II00000
CHM 4325Introductory Polymer Chemistry00000
CHE 4232Chemical Process Control00000
CHM 4604Biochem Tech. and Pract II00000
CEE 8439CE Materials00000
CHE 4931ChemE Lab II00000
BIO 1906Internship Elective00000
CBN 4000Cell & Behavioral Neuroscience00000
CEE 3107Mechanics III: Fluid Behavior00000
CEE 4702Construction Engineering00000
CEE 9030CE Resrch/Investigation00000
CHE 8551Chem Kinetics and Catalysis00000