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VCSU Course Reviews

Valley City State University

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
LMIS 680Using Information Resources00000
MUS 232Diction for Singers II00000
CTE 2000Graduate Professional Development00000
HPER 332General Medical Conditions00000
EDUC 490Student Teaching (Elementary)00000
CIS 465IS Strategy Management and Acquisition00000
MUS 109Music Theory I00000
BIOL 411Wildlife Management00000
EDUC 330Children's Literature00000
BUSI 246Introduction to Agricultural Finance00000
HPER 215Motor Behavior00000
HIST 220North Dakota History00000
CHEM 412Physical Chemistry II00000
HPER 497Internship00000
BIOL 340Research Methods00000
MATH 490Teaching Secondary School Mathematics00000
COMM 340Research Methods00000
MUS 159Applied Percussion00000
ART 351Ceramics III00000
MUS 320Applied Composition00000
BIOL 491Integrated Science Capstone00000
EDUC 399Special Topics00000
ART 497Internship00000
GEOG 300Environmental Earth Science00000
BUSI 350Operations Management00000
HPER 120Varsity Volleyball00000
HIST 400Historiography00000
CHEM 331Quantitative Analysis II00000
HPER 305Philosophy and Application of Track and Field Coaching00000
BIOL 299Special Topics00000
HPER 400Current Issues in Community Health00000
CIS 170Introduction to Computer Information Systems00000
LMIS 360Collection Development00000
ART 294Independent Study00000
MATH 266Introduction to Differential Equations00000
COMM 212Interpersonal Communication00000
MRKT 305Principles of Marketing00000
BIOL 367Ichthyology00000
MUS 133Opera Ensemble00000
COMM 655Advanced Intercultural Communication00000
MUS 206World Music00000
ART 211Art History II00000
MUS 299Special Topics00000
EDUC 277Mathematics for Elementary Teachers I00000
MUS 325Vocal Methods00000
ART 411Art History IV00000
EDUC 352Culturally Diverse Practicum00000
BIOL 499Special Topics00000
EDUC 435Kindergarten Education and Curriculum00000
ART 221Painting II00000
EDUC 613Reading and Multiple Literacies00000
BUSI 337Authoring Digital Publications00000
GEOL 399Special Topics00000
BIOL 122Fisheries and Wildlife Techniques00000
HIST 325History and Geography of England and Britain00000
BUSI 480Strategic Planning00000
HPER 113Varsity Basketball00000
HIST 491Senior Capstone00000
CHEM 121General Chemistry I00000
HPER 206Fundamentals of Teaching Health and Physical Education00000
BIOL 267Environmental History00000
HPER 258Applied Anatomy, Physiology, and Human Performance00000
CHEM 394Independent Study00000
HPER 315Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases00000
ART 266Sculpture II00000
HPER 385Introduction to Adapted Physical Education00000
CHEM 494Undergraduate Research00000
HPER 438Organization and Administration for Athletic Training00000
BIOL 312Botany00000
HPER 620Current Literature in Health and Physical Education00000
CIS 369Enterprise Systems00000
LMIS 470Current Issues in Librarianship00000
ART 150Ceramics I00000
MATH 107Precalculus00000
COMM 110Fundamentals of Public Speaking00000
MATH 331Euclidean Geometry and Topics00000
BIOL 350Environmental Contaminants00000
MGMT 270Business Ethics00000
COMM 312Gender Communication00000
MRKT 405Retailing00000
ART 345History of Graphic Design00000
MUS 121Aural Skills I00000
COMM 415Sports Information00000
MUS 144Percussion Ensemble00000
BIOL 376Yellowstone Ecology00000
MUS 201Music Theory III00000
CTE 434Leadership in Career and Technical Student Organizations00000
MUS 212Class Piano IV00000
ACCT 355Taxation of Business Entities00000
MUS 254Applied Guitar00000
ECON 460The Atlantic World00000
MUS 309The Business of Music00000
BIOL 441Cell Biology00000
EDUC 310Introduction to Early Childhood Education00000
ACCT 307Managerial Accounting and Finance00000
ART 115Introduction to Digital Media00000
ART 245Introduction to Web Design00000
BIOL 220Human Anatomy and Physiology I00000
BUSI 497Internship00000
HIST 660Readings in World History00000