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VC Course Reviews

Victoria College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SDEV 0301Student Success Course: Learning Frameworks00000
VNSG 1238Mental Illness00000
PHED 1126Team Sports Volleyball/Basketball00000
RSPT 2261Clinical V Respiratory Therapy/Therapist00000
RNSG 1219Integrated Nursing Skills I00000
MUAP 2224Sophomore Oboe00000
VNSG 1105NCLEX-PN Review00000
INMT 2345Industrial Troubleshooting00000
PTAC 2314Principles of Quality00000
ITNW 1354Implementing ad Supporting Servers00000
RSPT 1431Respiratory Care Fundamentals II00000
RNSG 2514Integrated Care of the Client with Complex Health Care Needs00000
MUAP 1204Freshman Violin00000
RSPT 2361Clinical Respiratory Therapy V00000
ESLW 0016Writing for Non-Native Speakers (NCBO)00000
SPCH 1311Introduction to Speech Communication (010/090)00000
MUSI 1181Piano Class I00000
VNSG 1133Growth and Development00000
CHEM 1412General College Chemistry II (030/090)00000
VNSG 1334Pediatrics00000
INTC 1357AC/DC Motor Control00000
PTHA 1431Physical Agents00000
CRIJ 1306Court Systems and Practices00000
RNSG 2463Clinical IV-Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse00000
ITSY 1342Information Technology Security00000
RSPT 1361Clinical Respiratory Therapy II00000
RSPT 1113Basic Respiratory Care Pharmacology00000
MCHN 1302Print Reading Machining Trades00000
RSPT 2147Specialties In Respiratory Care00000
ENGL 1301Composition I (010)00000
RSPT 2353Neonatal/Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Care00000
MUAP 1243Freshman French Horn00000
RSPT 2425Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics00000
BUSI 2305Business Statistics00000
SPAN 1411Beginning Spanish00000
MUAP 2283Sophomore Voice00000
SPCH 1318Interpersonal Communication (010/090)00000
HIST 1301United States History I (060/090)00000
VNSG 1119Leadership and Professional Development00000
MUSI 2181Piano Class III00000
VNSG 1230Maternal-Neonatal Nursing00000
BIOL 1408Biology For Non-Science Majors I00000
VNSG 1330Maternal-Neonatal Nursing00000
PHYS 2425University Physics I (030/090)00000
VNSG 1420Anatomy and Physiology for Allied Health00000
COSC 1301Intro To Computing (090)00000
PTAC 2486Internship Process Technology/Technician00000
ITCC 1314CCNA 1: Intro to Networks00000
PTHA 2409Therapeutic Exercise00000
BIOL 2402Anatomy and Physiology II00000
RNSG 2361Clinical II Registered Nursing00000
ITSC 2339Personal Computer Help Desk Support00000
RNSG 2504Integrated Care of the Client with Common Health Care Needs00000
CRIJ 2328Police Systems and Practices00000
RNSG 2535Integrated Client Care Management00000
MATH 0024NCBO for Mathematics for Business & Social Sciences (MATH 13...00000
RSPT 1360Clinical Repiratory Therapy I00000
RSPT 1207Cardiopulmonary Anatomy and Physiology00000
MATH 1342Elementary Statistical Methods (020/090)00000
RSPT 1429Respiratory Care Fundamentals I00000
EMSP 2330Special Populations00000
RSPT 2133Respiratory Care Case Management00000
MCHN 1343Machine Shop Mathematics00000
RSPT 2231Simulations In Respiratory Care00000
BMGT 2347Critical Thinking & Problem Solving00000
RSPT 2310Cardiopulmonary Disease00000
MUAP 1223Freshman Oboe00000
RSPT 2360Clinical Respiratory Therapy IV00000
ENGL 2327American Literature I (040/090)00000
RSPT 2414Mechanical Ventilation00000
MUAP 1271Freshman Piano00000
SDEV 0012Student Success Course (NCBO)00000
BCIS 1305Business Computer Applications (090)00000
SOCI 1301Introduction to Sociology (080/090)00000
MUAP 2244Sophomore French Horn00000
SPAN 1412Beginning Spanish II00000
GEOL 1305Environmental Science (030/090)00000
SPCH 1315Public Speaking (010/090)00000
MUEN 1139Jazz Combo00000
SPCH 1321Business And Professional Communication00000
CETT 1349Digital Systems00000
VNSG 1116Nutrition00000
MUSI 1307Music Literature (050/090)00000
VNSG 1122Vocational Nursing Concepts00000
HYDR 1301Rigging and Conveying Systems00000
VNSG 1136Mental Health00000
PHED 1107Fitness Walking00000
VNSG 1234Pediatrics00000
ARTS 1304History of Art II (050/090)00000
VNSG 1260Clinical Licensed Practical/00000
PHIL 1301Introduction to Philosophy00000
VNSG 1332Medical-Surgical Nursing II00000
INTC 1301Principles of Industrial Measurements00000
PTAC 1302Intro to Process Technology00000
ACNT 1303Introduction to Accounting I00000
ARTS 1317Drawing II00000
BMGT 1325Office Management00000
EMSP 1261Clinical, Emergency Medical Technology/Technician (EMT Param...00000
MATH 0402Foundations of Mathematical Reasoning00000
RSPT 1272Clinical Blood Gases00000