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Vassar Course Reviews

Vassar College

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SWED 311Advanced Swedish II00000
WMST 130Intro Women Studies00000
RUSS 166St.Petersbrg in Russ Hist/Cult00000
STS 300Senior Thesis00000
SOCI 214Transnatl Persp on Women00000
RELI 281From Anti-Judaism to Anti-Semi00000
URBS 290Community-Engaged Learning00000
INTL 330Relig/Critical Theory/Politics00000
RUSS 253Transitions in Europe00000
ITAL 106Elementary Italian00000
STS 240Int'l Social Life of Sci/Tech00000
SOCI 298Independent Work00000
RELI 216Negotiating Identity00000
STS 376Ecological Catastrophe00000
INTL 273Development Economics00000
URBS 250Urban Geog:Space/Place/Environ00000
RELI 345Colonialism/Religion 19thC00000
URBS 380Design Workshop00000
INDP 300Senior Thesis00000
WMST 234Women in Amer Musical Theater00000
INTL 399Senior Independent Work00000
RUSS 370Russ Anim. & Pop Cult00000
INTL 106Perspectives in Intl Studies00000
SOCI 271Critical Approaches Pop. Cult00000
ITAL 217Pinocchio:Multimedia Adventure00000
STS 220Health Economics00000
SOCI 369Masculinities:Global Persp00000
ITAL 255Four Italian Filmmakers (Eng)00000
STS 268Current/Emerg Issues Pub Hlth00000
INTL 256Race/Ethnicity/Nationalism00000
STS 305Senior Thesis00000
RELI 241Land Of Israel Before State00000
SWAH 105Beginning Swahili00000
HIST 380Refugees Past and Present00000
URBS 202Public Pol & Human Environ00000
RELI 298Independent Work00000
URBS 273Modern Architecture and Beyond00000
INTL 300Senior Thesis00000
URBS 320Mapping the Middle Landscape00000
RUSS 142Dostoevsky & Psychology (Engl)00000
VICT 249Victorian Literature00000
HIST 300Thesis Prep:Srces,Meth,Interpr00000
WMST 210Domestic Violence00000
RUSS 178Russ Art/Icons to Avant-Garde00000
WMST 245Making Waves:Top in Fem Actvsm00000
INTD 150Emergency Medic Training00000
RUSS 300Senior Thesis00000
IRSH 210Intermediate Irish/Gaelic00000
SOCI 110Gender, Social Problems/Change00000
HIST 337Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany00000
SOCI 254Research Methods00000
ITAL 175Ital Renais/Engl Trans00000
SOCI 285Systemic Racism00000
INTL 211Islam in Europe & the Americas00000
SOCI 345Asian Sociotechnical Imaginari00000
ITAL 22219th&20th Century Italian Cult00000
STS 186Philosophy of Medicine00000
SOCI 386Ghetto Schooling00000
ITAL 245Life as a Comedy00000
STS 226Philosophy of Science00000
INTL 251Global Feminism00000
STS 255Forensic Chemistry00000
PSYC 375Topical Applications in Psyc00000
STS 288Machines and Musicians00000
HIST 367Strategic Thinking00000
STS 304Senior thesis00000
RELI 225Ethnography of Religion00000
STS 340Controversies in Context00000
INTL 266Popultn,Envirnmnt/Sustain Devl00000
STS 393Spcl Topics in Biology00000
RELI 255Western Mystical Traditions00000
SWAH 311Advanced Swahili II00000
HIST 290Community-Engaged Learning00000
URBS 144Living in the Ancient City00000
RELI 283Hundred Gospels/Life of Jesus00000
URBS 229Paris and London00000
INTL 290Community-Engaged Learning00000
URBS 264The Metropolitan Avant-Gardes00000
RELI 320Sage Voices from China's Past00000
URBS 276Architectural Design II00000
HIST 388Archiving Asian America00000
URBS 301Senior Thesis/Project00000
RUSS 105Elementary Russian00000
URBS 367Urban Education Reform00000
INTL 302Thesis00000
URBS 399Senior Independent Work00000
RUSS 156Cinema/S. Eisenstein (in Eng)00000
VICT 300Thesis00000
HIST 270The Black Power Movement00000
WMST 203Women in Greek/Roman Hist00000
RUSS 171Russia and the Short Story00000
WMST 221Captiv Gend/Methds of Survival00000
INTL 372Topics in Human Geography00000
RUSS 235Russian Classics00000
HISP 250Cultural Studies00000
HIST 276Democracy in America?1828-189600000
HIST 362The Cuban Revolutions00000
INTL 242Brazil in Crisis00000
ITAL 240Italy's Path in Wrld,1945-201200000
STS 111Science/Justce in Anthropocene00000