Vanderbilt Course Reviews

Vanderbilt University

ENGM 3700Program and Project Management35321
PSY 3750Perception42541
CS 2201Program Design and Data Structures21241
ECON 1111First-Year Writing Seminar - FYS:Freakonomics45441
CREO 5302Advanced Haitian-Creole II00000
DIV 5356Episcopal Liturgy: The Book of Common Prayer and its Resourc...00000
DIV 6510Empire and Canon00000
DIV 6645Political Biblical Criticism00000
CMA 3892Special Topics in the Study of Film - Native Lens: Indigenei...00000
CS 4959Computer Science Seminar00000
DIV 6821Thomas Aquinas00000
DIV 5232Prophetic Ministry in Mainline Congregations00000
COMP 4970Senior Composition Recital00000
DIV 5442Witnesses Who Were Not There: Literature of the Children of...00000
CMA 2260Digital Production Workshop00000
DIV 6603The Gospel of Mark00000
CS 3270Programming Languages00000
DIV 6760Black Churches and the Quest for Economic Justice00000
CLAS 3220The Trojan War in History, Art, and Literature00000
CMAP 8004Media Ecology00000
DIV 6907Preaching the Headlines00000
CS 6387Topics in Software Engineering00000
CSET 2200Crafting the Science Podcast (The Sounds of Science)00000
CLAS 4998Senior Honors Thesis00000
CMST 2850Science, Rhetoric, and Public Controversy00000
CSET 3257Virtual Reality Design00000
DIV 5211Justice, Mercy, Mass Incarceration00000
COMP 2303Intermediate Composition III (Composition Majors Freshmen/So...00000
DIV 5252The Reformed Traditions and Practices of the Presbyterian Ch...00000
CLLO 2200Cello (Performance Majors Freshmen/Sophomores)00000
DIV 5412Survey of Christian Congregational Song00000
CPBP 8327Data Analysis for the Biomedical Sciences00000
DIV 5465Devotional Traditions of South Asia: Hindu, Muslim, Sikh00000
CLAS 2250Roman Art and Architecture00000
DIV 6548Introduction to Middle Egyptian Hieroglyphs00000
CS 3250Algorithms00000
DIV 6618Christian-Jewish Relations in Medieval and Early Modern Euro...00000
CMA 3771Global Korean Cinema00000
DIV 6714Early Christian and Byzantine Art00000
CS 4269Project in Artificial Intelligence00000
DIV 6775Seminar in Black Religion and Culture Studies00000
CLAR 2200Clarinet (Performance Majors Freshmen/Sophomores)00000
DIV 6844Contemporary Theology00000
CS 5266Topics in Big Data00000
DIV 6926Collaborative Preaching00000
CLAS 3850Independent Study00000
CS 9999Ph.D. Dissertation Research00000
CMST 2120Business Communication00000
CSET 3200WTechnical Writing00000
CLAR 4200Clarinet (Performance Majors Juniors/Seniors)00000
CMST 3002Rhetoric of the American Experience, 1945-Present00000
CSET 3840Directed Study00000
CSET 3890Special Topics - Ethics in Science and Technolo00000
CSET 6200Crafting the Science Podcast (The Sounds of Science)00000
CLAS 5180From Late Antiquity to Islam00000
CMST 3250WEthics in Science and Technology Communication00000
DHUM 1400Introduction to Video Games00000
DIV 5113Intermediate Arabic00000
COMP 1100Composition Workshop00000
DIV 5224Liberation and Spirituality00000
CLAS 6220The Trojan War in History, Art, and Literature00000
DIV 5244Spiritual Community and Social Witness00000
COMP 4301Advanced Composition I (Composition Majors Juniors/Seniors)00000
DIV 5351Evangelism in the Wesleyan Tradition00000
CLAS 2150History of the Roman Republic00000
DIV 5404Religious Questions in the Canon of Albert Camus00000
CPBP 8310Graduate Seminar In Chemical Biology00000
DIV 5431Modern Critics of Religion00000
CMA 1002WMoving Images and Analytical Thinking - Musical Film: Art, T...00000
DIV 5452The Qur'an and Its Interpreters00000
CPBP 8999Non-Candidate Research00000
DIV 5472Chinese Religions through Stories00000
CHIN 4406Readings in Modern Literary Chinese00000
DIV 6528Eighth-Century ? Prophecy00000
CS 1104Programming and Problem Solving with Python00000
DIV 6573African American Biblical Interpretation00000
CMA 2600WAdvanced Screenwriting00000
DIV 6614The Parables of Jesus00000
CS 3254Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming00000
DIV 6643Materialist Biblical Criticism00000
CLAS 3120Humor, Ancient to Modern00000
DIV 6701Introduction to Christian Worship00000
CS 4260Artificial Intelligence00000
DIV 6736America's Bibles00000
CMA 3881Internship Readings and Research00000
DIV 6767Cultural Significations and Black Religion00000
CS 4283Computer Networks00000
DIV 6809Eucharistic Theology00000
CHIN 2212Chinese for Heritage Learners II00000
DIV 6825Seminar in Rahner, Schillebeeckx, and Metz00000
CS 5253Parallel Functional Programming00000
DIV 6859Theology, Visual Culture, and New Media00000
CMAP 8001Media and the Senses00000
DIV 5008Readings in Reformed Theology00000
CMST 3710Cultural Rhetorics of Film00000
DIV 5062Readings in Jewish Theology00000
DIV 5104Beginning Greek II00000
CS 6315Automated Verification00000
CHEM 5209Organic Chemistry Structure and Mechanism00000
CHIN 40024th-Year Conversational Chinese II00000