Valencia West Course Reviews

Valencia College, West

CVT 2843LCardio Clinical Practicum IV00000
EAP 0400CInterm Speak Listen for ELL00000
CHM 1020Chemistry In Everyday Life00000
CTS 1120CIntro to Network Security00000
CJE 2000Policing Systems & Procedures00000
CET 2942Internship in Networking00000
DEH 2804LClinical Dental Hygiene III00000
CCJ 1010Criminology00000
CHM 2941Intern Explor in Chemistry00000
CET 2113CDigital Systems II00000
COP 2830CScripting Languages00000
CLP 1001Psychology of Adjustment00000
CET 2794CConfigure Adv Win Server Srvcs00000
CVT 1260CInvasive Cardiology I00000
BSC 1026Biology of Human Sexuality00000
DEH 1802LClinical Dental Hygiene II00000
CET 4663Computer and Network Security00000
DES 1600Dental Office Emergencies00000
BCN 1303CB.I.M. (REVIT with Dynamo)00000
EAP 1560CHigh Interm Grammar for ELL00000
CCJ 2358Criminal Justice Rep Writing00000
CIS 2943Intern in Computer Info Tech00000
BCN 2942Intern in Architec/Bldg Constr00000
CJE 2600Criminal Investigation00000
CET 2178CComputer Hardware00000
COP 2660CAndroid App Development00000
CNT 2414CCybercrime Investigation00000
CET 2675CVoice Over IP00000
CRW 2001Creative Writing and Adv Comp00000
BSC 1010HGeneral Biology I Honors00000
CTS 1155CInt to Cust Svc and Help Desk00000
CET 2881CDigital Forensics II00000
CVT 2420CInvasive Cardiology II00000
ART 2501CPainting II00000
DEH 1602Periodontology I00000
CET 4190CDigital Signal Processing00000
DEH 2605Periodontology Seminar00000
BSC 2933Selected Topics in Biology00000
DES 1100Dental Materials00000
CGS 2510CSpreadsheet Applications00000
DSC 2242Transport and Border Security00000
ARH 2050Introduction to Art History I00000
EAP 1500CHigh Interm Speech for ELL00000
CHM 1046HGn Chm Qul Analysis II-Honors00000
EAP 1585CHI Writing and Grammar for ELL00000
BCN 2563Building Systems Management00000
CIS 2941Intern Explor in Computer Stud00000
CET 1610CCisco Router Technology00000
CJC 2000Introduction to Corrections00000
ART 1201CDesign I00000
CJE 2140Introduction to Security00000
CET 2118CFPGA Design using VHDL00000
CJL 2100Criminal Law00000
BCT 2770CBldg Construction Estimating00000
CNT 2000CNetwork Automation w Scripting00000
CET 2179CA+ Concepts (Software)00000
COP 2341CLinux Shell Scripting00000
CNT 2426CCloud Infrastructure Security00000
CET 2620CNetwork Firewalls00000
COP 2805CAdvanced Java Programming00000
BSC 1005Biological Science00000
COP 3275CC/C++ Prog for Engineers00000
CET 2792CInstall & Configure Window Svr00000
CRW 2102Fiction II00000
ART 2330CLife Drawing00000
CTS 1134CNetwork Essentials00000
CET 2880CDigital Forensics I00000
CTS 2322CRed Hat Enterprise Linux00000
BSC 1011HGeneral Biology II Honors00000
CVT 1840LCardio Clinical I00000
CET 2892CEthical Hacking00000
CVT 2620CNon-Invasive Cardiology II00000
ARH 1000Art Appreciation00000
DEH 1003LDental Hygiene Instrumentation00000
CET 3464CSoftware Apps in Eng Tech00000
DEH 1800LClinical Dental Hygiene I00000
BSC 2093CHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
DEH 2400General and Oral Pathology00000
CET 4370CAdvanced Programming Apps00000
DEH 2701Community Dental Health I00000
AST 1002Astronomy00000
DEP 2004HDevelop Psychology Honors00000
CGS 2091CSocial Legal and Ethical Issue00000
DES 1200Dental Radiography00000
BUL 2241Business Law I00000
DIG 2100CWeb Essentials00000
CGS 2650Social Networking Job Search00000
EAP 0281CHigh Beg Combin Skills for ELL00000
ARC 2304CArchitectural Design IV00000
EAP 0440CInterm Comp for ELL00000
CHM 1045CGen Chem with Qual Analysis I00000
EAP 1540CHigh Interm Comp for ELL00000
CCJ 2022Contemp Issues in Crim Justice00000
CHM 2210COrganic Chemistry I00000
ARC 2303CArchitectural Design III00000
ARC 2702History of Architecture II00000
ART 1300CDrawing I00000
BOT 2501CPlant Physiology00000
CET 2544CComputer Virtualization Tech00000
COP 2220CC Programming00000