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Valencia Osceola Course Reviews

Valencia College, Osceola

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
LIT 1000Intro to Lit00000
OST 2854CMicrosoft Office Applications00000
EME 2040Intro to Tech for Educators00000
HSC 2941Intern Explor in Health00000
ESC 1000Earth Science00000
EAP 0400CInterm Speak Listen for ELL00000
NUR 1401CNursing III00000
CHM 2211COrganic Chemistry II00000
EMS 2666LParamedic I Clinical00000
CJE 2600Criminal Investigation00000
HFT 2263Restaurant and FS Management00000
GLY 2160Geology of National Parks00000
CTS 1120CIntro to Network Security00000
HUM 2454African-American Humanities00000
CET 2942Internship in Networking00000
MAN 2942Intern in Business (Mgmt.)00000
ECO 1000Basic Economics00000
OST 1257CMedical Terminology for Office00000
BSC 1010HGeneral Biology I Honors00000
PHY 2054CCollege Physics II with Algebr00000
CJC 2000Introduction to Corrections00000
ENC 1102Freshman Comp II00000
BSC 1421CIntroduction to Biotechnology00000
ETI 2542CIndustry 4.000000
CLP 1001Psychology of Adjustment00000
HFT 2210Hospitality Mangmnt and Leader00000
GRA 2113CAdvanced Graphic Design I00000
COP 2805CAdvanced Java Programming00000
HFT 2942Intern in Hosp and Tourism00000
CCJ 2943Criminal Justice Field Exp II00000
HUM 2232HHum Renaissnce and Barque Hon00000
DIG 2100CWeb Essentials00000
HUN 2202Essen Nutrition w/Diet Therapy00000
ART 2930CSculpture II00000
MAC 2311Calculus/Analytic Geometry I00000
EAP 1520CHigh Intermed Reading for ELL00000
MAT 0022CDevelopmental Math Combined00000
CHM 1020Chemistry In Everyday Life00000
NUR 2832LNursing VI00000
EDF 2290Arts Wellness Elementary Class00000
OST 2120COffice Admin Simulation00000
APA 2942Internship In Accounting00000
PHI 2010Philosophy00000
EMS 2603LParamedic I Laboratory00000
PLA 2203Civil Litigation I00000
BSC 1020Human Biology00000
ENC 0027Dev Reading and Writing II00000
CJE 2062Peace, Conflict and the Police00000
ENG 2100Intro To Film00000
ARH 2050Introduction to Art History I00000
ETI 1486CIntro Automated Warehousing00000
CJL 2100Criminal Law00000
ETM 2315CHydraulics and Pneumatics00000
BSC 2094CHuman Anatomy & Physiology II00000
GRA 1206CFundamentals Of Typography00000
CNT 2417CCybersecurity Operations00000
HFT 1000Intro Hospitality and Tourism00000
GRA 2151CIllustrating00000
COP 2341CLinux Shell Scripting00000
HFT 2245Guest Service Management00000
CCJ 2053Ethics in Criminal Justice00000
HFT 2750The Event Industry00000
COP 2830CScripting Languages00000
HSC 1004Professions of Caring00000
ART 2400CPrintmaking I00000
HUM 2220Greek and Roman HUM00000
CTS 1142CInformation Tech Proj Mgmt00000
HUM 225020th and 21st Century HUM00000
CET 2179CA+ Concepts (Software)00000
HUM 2941Intern Explor in Humanities00000
DSC 2590Intel Analysis and Security00000
INR 2002HInternational Politics Honors00000
AMH 2020U.S. History 1877 to Present00000
MAC 1114College Trigonometry00000
EAP 0440CInterm Comp for ELL00000
MAE 2801Elem Schl Math Curriculum00000
CGS 2100CComputer Fundamentals and Appl00000
MAR 2941Intern Expl in Business (Mktg)00000
EAP 1586CHI Reading Speech Listen ELL00000
MAT 2930Internship in Math00000
BSC 1005Biological Science00000
NUR 2420CHealth & Illness Reproductive00000
EDF 2005Int to the Teaching Profession00000
OST 1100CKeyboard & Doc Processing I00000
CHM 1046CGen Chem Qual Analysis II00000
OST 1461CMedical Office Simulation00000
EDG 2940Experiential Learning in Educ00000
OST 2612CMedical Transcription II00000
ACG 2100CIntermediate Accounting I00000
OST 2943Intern In Medical Office00000
EMS 1431LEmergency Med Tech Clin Practi00000
PHY 1007CPhysics with Med Applications00000
CIS 2942Internship in Computer Program00000
EMS 2659LParamedic IV (Prov Field Int)00000
ACG 2021CPrin of Financial Accounting00000
ACG 2450CComputer Accounting00000
ART 1203CDesign II00000
BUL 2242Business Law II00000
COP 2220CC Programming00000
GRA 2201CElectronic Imaging00000