Valencia Osceola Course Reviews

Valencia College, Osceola

ETI 1701Industrial Safety00000
GRA 1203CLayout Design00000
CTS 1131CComputer Maintenance Essential00000
EMS 2930Selected Topics In EMS00000
EAP 1520CHigh Intermed Reading for ELL00000
CJL 2102Criminal Evidence and Proc00000
FOS 2201Food Service Sanitation Mgmt00000
CCJ 2358Criminal Justice Rep Writing00000
DSC 2590Intel Analysis and Security00000
CGS 1060CIntro to Computers00000
EMS 2603Paramedic I00000
ECO 1000Basic Economics00000
CJC 2000Introduction to Corrections00000
ENG 2100Intro To Film00000
BSC 2093CHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
EUH 2001Modern Western Civ00000
COP 2360CC# Programming00000
GEB 1350Intro: International Business00000
ART 2400CPrintmaking I00000
GRA 2151CIllustrating00000
CET 2179CA+ Concepts (Software)00000
EAP 0420CIntermediate Reading for ELL00000
ART 2941Intrn Explr in Art and Fine Ar00000
EAP 1586CHI Reading Speech Listen ELL00000
CGS 2545CDatabase Management Systems00000
EMS 1119LFund of EMT Practice00000
EDF 2085Int to Diversity for Educators00000
CIS 2910CIT Capstone00000
EMS 2659LParamedic IV (Prov Field Int)00000
BSC 1020Human Biology00000
ENC 1101HFreshman Comp I Honors00000
CJE 2140Introduction to Security00000
ETD 1103CEngineering Graphics with CAD00000
ART 1201CDesign I00000
ETM 2315CHydraulics and Pneumatics00000
COP 1000CIntro to Programming Concepts00000
FFP 1505Fire Prevention00000
BUL 2242Business Law II00000
FSS 2500Food Beverage Cost Control00000
COP 2830CScripting Languages00000
GEB 2942Internship in Business00000
ANT 2000Introductory Anthropology00000
GRA 1951CPortfolio Review00000
DEP 2004Developmental Psychology00000
GRA 2182CAdvanced Graphic Design II00000
ART 2701CSculpture I00000
EAP 0381CLow Interm Comb Skills for ELL00000
CET 2792CInstall & Configure Window Svr00000
EAP 0460CIntermediate Structure for ELL00000
APA 2941Intern Explor in Accounting00000
EAP 1560CHigh Interm Grammar for ELL00000
CGS 2100CComputer Fundamentals and Appl00000
EAP 1640CAdvanced Composition for ELL00000
BSC 1005Biological Science00000
ECO 2023Principles Of Economics-Micro00000
CHM 1025CIntro To General Chemistry00000
EME 2040Intro to Tech for Educators00000
EDF 2290Arts Wellness Elementary Class00000
CHM 2211COrganic Chemistry II00000
EMS 1431LEmergency Med Tech Clin Practi00000
BSC 1011CGeneral Biology II00000
EMS 2605Paramedic III00000
CIS 2943Intern in Computer Info Tech00000
EMS 2668LParamedic III Clinical00000
ARH 2050Introduction to Art History I00000
ENC 0027Dev Reading and Writing II00000
CJE 2000Policing Systems & Procedures00000
ENC 1102HFreshman Comp II-Honors00000
BSC 1026HBiol of Human Sexuality Honors00000
EPI 0001Classroom Management00000
CJJ 2001Juvenile Justice Systems00000
ETI 1486CIntro Automated Warehousing00000
AMH 2010United States History To 187700000
ETI 2644Production Inventory Control00000
CLP 2140Abnormal Psychology00000
ETS 2535Automated Process Control00000
BSC 2941Intern Explor in Biology00000
EVS 2930Sel Top/Environmental Science00000
COP 2224CC++ Programming00000
FFP 2120Bldg Construct For Fire Servic00000
ART 1300CDrawing I00000
FRE 1121Elementary French II00000
COP 2805CAdvanced Java Programming00000
GEB 1011Introduction To Business00000
CCJ 1020Intro to Criminal Justice00000
GEB 2893Supervision/MGT Capstone00000
CRW 2100Introduction to Fiction00000
GLY 2160Geology of National Parks00000
ACG 2100CIntermediate Accounting I00000
GRA 1413Professional Dev for Designers00000
CTS 1142CInformation Tech Proj Mgmt00000
GRA 2121CPublication Design00000
CCJ 2943Criminal Justice Field Exp II00000
DSC 1006Intro to Homeland Security00000
ACG 2030CAccounting Capstone00000
ACG 2450CComputer Accounting00000
ARC 1701History of Architecture I00000
BSC 1010CGeneral Biology I00000
CHM 1046CGen Chem Qual Analysis II00000
EDG 2940Experiential Learning in Educ00000