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Valencia Lake Nona Course Reviews

Valencia College, Lake Nona

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
CCJ 1010Criminology00000
HFT 2750The Event Industry00000
EAP 1640CAdvanced Composition for ELL00000
AMH 2020U.S. History 1877 to Present00000
HUM 2310Mythology00000
POS 2041U.S. Government00000
DSC 2590Intel Analysis and Security00000
ECO 2023Principles Of Economics-Micro00000
HFT 2254Lodging Operations00000
HFT 1000Intro Hospitality and Tourism00000
SPN 1121Elementary Spanish II00000
MAC 2313Calculus/Analytic Geometry III00000
MAC 2312Calculus/Analytic Geometry II00000
BSC 1026Biology of Human Sexuality00000
DEP 2004HDevelop Psychology Honors00000
CHM 2211COrganic Chemistry II00000
SPN 1120Elementary Spanish I00000
ENG 2100Intro To Film00000
CCJ 1020Intro to Criminal Justice00000
INR 2002International Politics00000
ESC 1000Earth Science00000
HSC 2941Intern Explor in Health00000
CHM 1045CGen Chem with Qual Analysis I00000
MAC 1105College Algebra00000
HSC 1531Medical Terminology00000
SLS 2940HService Learning-Honors00000
MET 1010Intro To Meteorology00000
LIT 1000Intro to Lit00000
SYG 2430Marriage and The Family00000
CJJ 2001Juvenile Justice Systems00000
BSC 1005CBiological Science Combined00000
MCB 2010CMicrobiology00000
BSC 2423CProtein Biotech & Cell Culture00000
BSC 2426CBiotechnology Methods I00000
CHM 1025CIntro To General Chemistry00000
REL 2300World Religions00000
CJE 2600Criminal Investigation00000
EAP 1560CHigh Interm Grammar for ELL00000
ECO 2013Principles of Economics-Macro00000
SYG 2000Introductory Sociology00000
GEB 1011Introduction To Business00000
BSC 1010CGeneral Biology I00000
HUM 223418th and 19th Century HUM00000
ENG 2930Selected Topics In English00000
MAC 1114College Trigonometry00000
CHM 1020Chemistry In Everyday Life00000
HFT 2500Marketing and Sales in Hosp00000
FSS 2251Food and Bev Managmt00000
HUM 2232Hum Renaissance and Baroque00000
BSC 1020Human Biology00000
INR 2002HInternational Politics Honors00000
HFT 2263Restaurant and FS Management00000
MAC 2233Calc For Busn and Soc Scien00000
CHM 2210COrganic Chemistry I00000
MAT 0028CDevelopmental Math II00000
HUM 2220Greek and Roman HUM00000
PSY 2941Intern Expl in Psychology00000
PHI 2010Philosophy00000
HUN 2202Essen Nutrition w/Diet Therapy00000
SPC 1017Interpersonal Communication00000
CJE 2160Multicultural Law Enforcement00000
STA 2023Statistical Methods00000
MAC 1140Precalculus Algebra00000
ACG 2071CPrin of Managerial Accounting00000
BSC 2094CHuman Anatomy & Physiology II00000
ARH 2051Introduction to Art History II00000
MAT 0022CDevelopmental Math Combined00000
BSC 1011CGeneral Biology II00000
DEP 2004Developmental Psychology00000
BSC 2093CHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
OCE 1001Intro To Oceanography00000
BSC 2427CBiotechnology Methods II00000
AST 1002Astronomy00000
CCJ 2053Ethics in Criminal Justice00000
PSY 2012General Psychology00000
CHM 1046CGen Chem Qual Analysis II00000
EAP 1520CHigh Intermed Reading for ELL00000
CJE 2000Policing Systems & Procedures00000
SOP 2772Human Sexuality00000
CLP 2140Abnormal Psychology00000
BSC 2941Intern Explor in Biology00000
EAP 1500CHigh Interm Speech for ELL00000
STA 1001CIntro to Statistical Reasoning00000
ENC 0027Dev Reading and Writing II00000
EAP 1620CAdvanced Reading for ELL00000
EVR 1001Intro to Environ Science00000
EAP 1540CHigh Interm Comp for ELL00000
HFT 2240Guest Service Management00000
AMH 2010United States History To 187700000
HUM 1020Intro To Humanities00000
ENC 1101Freshman Comp I00000
HUN 1001Basics of Personal Nutrition00000
ENC 1102Freshman Comp II00000
FOS 2201Food Service Sanitation Mgmt00000
ACG 2021CPrin of Financial Accounting00000
ARH 2050Introduction to Art History I00000
BSC 1421CIntroduction to Biotechnology00000
CHM 2941Intern Explor in Chemistry00000
HUM 225020th and 21st Century HUM00000
PSY 2012HGeneral Psychology-Honors00000