Valencia East Course Reviews

Valencia College, East

SLS 1122HNew Student Experience-Honors15211
CHM 1045CGen Chem with Qual Analysis I00000
DAA 2501CJazz Dance II00000
DIG 2930Sel Top:Media Prod for OL JOUR00000
DAA 1104CModern Dance I for Majors00000
CEN 4930CSem in Advanced Software Dev00000
DIG 2100CWeb Essentials00000
AST 1002Astronomy00000
BSC 1020Human Biology00000
CIS 2943Intern in Computer Info Tech00000
CJE 2600Criminal Investigation00000
CTS 2144CMobile Device Essentials00000
CEN 3727CUser Interface and Experience00000
DAA 1650CDance Production00000
ASL 2150American Sign Language II00000
DEP 2004HDevelop Psychology Honors00000
CGS 2091CSocial Legal and Ethical Issue00000
DIG 2292CDigital Post- Production00000
APA 1111CCollege Accounting00000
DSC 1006Intro to Homeland Security00000
BSC 1005CBiological Science Combined00000
CJC 2162Community Corrections00000
ARA 1121Elementary Arabic II00000
BSC 2093CHuman Anatomy and Physiology I00000
CLP 2140Abnormal Psychology00000
COP 2341CLinux Shell Scripting00000
CTS 1131CComputer Maintenance Essential00000
CCJ 2358Criminal Justice Rep Writing00000
CTS 2321CLinux System Administration00000
ART 2750CCeramics I00000
DAA 1204CBallet I for Majors00000
CEN 4360CMobile Device Software Develop00000
DAA 2107CInte Modern Dance II for Pre-M00000
ANT 2000Introductory Anthropology00000
DAA 2930Sel Topics: Dance for Healing00000
CET 2792CInstall & Configure Window Svr00000
DIG 1631CDigital Industry Practices00000
ASL 2510Deaf Culture00000
DIG 2132CDigital Drawing and Design00000
CGS 2650Social Networking Job Search00000
DIG 2430CDigital Storytelling00000
ACG 2360CCost Accounting00000
DIG 2943Internship in Digital Media00000
CHM 2211COrganic Chemistry II00000
EAP 0281CHigh Beg Combin Skills for ELL00000
APA 2942Internship In Accounting00000
CIS 3304CManagement Information Systems00000
BSC 1010CGeneral Biology I00000
CJE 2140Introduction to Security00000
ACG 2460CSpreadsheets for Accounting00000
CJL 2100Criminal Law00000
BSC 1026HBiol of Human Sexuality Honors00000
COP 1000CIntro to Programming Concepts00000
ARH 1000Art Appreciation00000
BSC 2941Intern Explor in Biology00000
COP 2800CJava Programming00000
COP 2822CWeb Site Development00000
CRW 2930Sel Topics in Creative Writing00000
CCJ 1020Intro to Criminal Justice00000
CTS 1142CInformation Tech Proj Mgmt00000
ART 2501CPainting II00000
CTS 2145CCloud Essentials00000
CEN 3024CSoftware Development I00000
CTS 2433CSQL Server Database & Implem00000
AML 2011Amer Lit Colonial-Civil War00000
DAA 1200CBallet I00000
CEN 4333CAdvanced Database Development00000
DAA 1520CTap I00000
ART 2930CCeramics III00000
DAA 1681CRepertory II for Majors00000
CEN 4802CSoftware Int, Config, and Test00000
DAA 2219CInter Ballet II for Majors00000
ACG 2100CIntermediate Accounting I00000
DAA 2611CDance Comp and Improv II00000
CET 2179CA+ Concepts (Software)00000
DAA 2942Internship in Dance00000
ASL 2200American Sign Language lV00000
DIG 1108CIntro to Server-Side Prog00000
CET 2942Internship in Networking00000
DIG 2000CIntro to Dig Media and Desig00000
ANT 2410Cultural Anthropology00000
DIG 2106CAdv Client-Side Programming00000
CGS 2510CSpreadsheet Applications00000
DIG 2284CAdv Digital Video and Sound00000
ASL 26011st and 2nd Lang Acquis ASL00000
DIG 2341CIntro to Motion Graphics00000
CHM 1025CIntro To General Chemistry00000
DIG 2500CFundamentals of Interactive De00000
ACG 2030CAccounting Capstone00000
DIG 2941Intrnshp Expl in Digital Media00000
CHM 1046HGn Chm Qul Analysis II-Honors00000
DIG 2950CDigital Media Project00000
BOT 2800Ethnobotany00000
COT 2104CFoundations Discrete Math00000
CIS 2910CIT Capstone00000
ACG 2021CPrin of Financial Accounting00000
ACG 2071CPrin of Managerial Accounting00000
AMH 2010United States History To 187700000
ARH 2051Introduction to Art History II00000
BUL 2242Business Law II00000