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UWYO Course Reviews

University of Wyoming

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
SPPA 1010Intro Comm Dis44441
KIN 2040Human Anatomy32221
KIN 2041Human Anatomy Lab43331
SPPA 2110American Sign Language I35341
SPPA 2210Phonetics33331
ATSC 5960Thesis Research00000
ANTH 1300Intro Archaeology00000
BOT 5130Rem Sens Ag Mgmt00000
CE 4260Struct Concr Dsgn00000
AMST 5250Harlem Renaissance00000
ANTH 4765Language Humor & Games00000
CE 5430Environmental Eng. Chem00000
ATSC 2100Global Warming: The Science00000
ANSC 5150Physiol of Ruminant Digestion00000
BOT 3600Plt Diversity Systematics00000
AMST 4020American Folklife00000
BOT 5960Thesis Research00000
ANTH 4125NW Plains Prehist00000
CE 4800Hydrology00000
AIST 2010Inter Indigenous Lang: Arapaho00000
CE 5710CE Seminar I00000
AMST 5900Practicum in College Teaching00000
ART 3350Metalsmithing II00000
ART 4120VCD: Senior Design Studio00000
AIST 4340Resource Mgt Reser00000
ANSC 1030Equine Management00000
ART 4360Metals:Lost-Wax Casting00000
ASTR 5160Astronomical Techniques II00000
ANSC 4500Probs:Animal Sci00000
ATSC 5155Weather Analysis & Forecasting00000
AMST 2110Cultural Diversity in America00000
BKCH 4021Bus. Application of Blockchain00000
ANSC 5900Prac-College Tchng00000
BOT 4664Biology Capstone00000
AIR 2020Team/Leadership Fundament II00000
BOT 5664Topics: Population Genetics00000
ANTH 3310Intro Anth Resrch Methods00000
CE 3000VISTA Studio III00000
AMST 4650Gender, Women & Migration00000
CE 4510Pavement Design00000
ANTH 4255Bioarchaeology00000
CE 5240Struc Systems Design00000
AGEC 5310Theory of Producer Behavior00000
CE 5570Transp Planning00000
ANTH 5030Linguistic Anth00000
CE 5865Deterministic Hydrology00000
AIST 3000Plains Hist/Cultr00000
ART 4005Drawing IV00000
AMST 5990Internship00000
ART 4265Photography III00000
AGEC 5630Adv Natural Resource Econ00000
ART 4425Graphics Internships00000
ANSC 2010Domes Anim Metab00000
ART 4600Exit Strats: Prof Practices00000
ART 4720Renaissance Art00000
AIST 4466Am Ind Ethnohistory00000
ANSC 2070Livestock Behavior & Handling00000
ART 4770Sem: Contemp Arts00000
ASTR 2310General Astronomy I00000
ANSC 4220Adv Beef Prod Mgt00000
ASTR 5490Planets and Their Stars00000
AIST 5466Am Indian Ethnohistory00000
ATSC 5011Physical Meteorology II00000
ANSC 5050Animal Growth and Development00000
ATSC 5700Numerical Modeling of Atmosphe00000
AGRI 5960Thesis Research00000
BE 4820Biomedical Signal Processing00000
ANSC 5790Inv Ani Physiology00000
BMS 5985Seminar00000
AMST 3100Food in Amer Cultr00000
BOT 4211Adv Rem Sens Env00000
ANSC 5980Dissertation Research00000
BOT 4965Undergraduate Research Botany00000
AGEC 4965Agribusiness Entrepreneurship00000
BOT 5600Ecological Modeling00000
ANTH 2200Understand Cult:8 Great Arch00000
BOT 5780Biogeochemistry00000
AMST 4250Harlem Renaissance00000
CE 1010Civil Engineering Tools00000
ANTH 4020Sem:Historical Archaeology00000
CE 3500Transportation Engineering00000
AIR 4020Natl Security Affairs II00000
CE 4400Water Treatment00000
ANTH 4160GIS in Anthropology00000
CE 4620Soil & Rock Slp Engr00000
AMST 5010Independent Study00000
CE 4970Design Squad Coop00000
ANTH 4310Environmental Anth00000
CE 5295Structural Timber Design00000
AGEC 4720Water Resource Econ00000
CE 5530Traffic Engr: Operations00000
ANTH 5000Special Problems00000
CE 5630Ground Improvement, Reinforce00000
AMST 5510Readings in American Studies00000
ART 4810Residency for Elementary00000
ANSC 3250Equine Beh & Welfare00000
ART 4975Ind Study & Resch00000
AS 2400Intern: Downtown Laramie00000
ANTH 5130Old World Arch00000
AGEC 1499Agbusn Pathways for Success00000