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UWStout Course Reviews

University of Wisconsin - Stout

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
PM 365Principles of Real Estate55451
BUFIN 227Financial Wellness55451
PSYC 350Culture and Psychology45421
CEE 455Fundamentals of Wireless Communications00000
BURTL 249Cooperative Education Experience00000
ART 415Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry III00000
APRL 590CAD For Apparel Images00000
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese I00000
BIO 111HONScience, the Environment and Sustainability00000
CNIT 441Scalable Internetworks00000
BIO 306General Microbiology00000
BUMKG 335Sales Management00000
ART 313Ceramics II00000
CEE 205Circuit Analysis and Design00000
APRL 449Cooperative Education Experience00000
CHEM 311Biochemistry00000
ARTH 319History Of Design00000
CNIT 362Server Applications00000
ANTH 220HONCultural Anthropology00000
CNIT 499Independent Study00000
APRL 685Studio II: collection Development00000
ANTH 400Applied Anthropology00000
BIO 355Entomology00000
APSS 100Introduction to Applied Social Science00000
BIO 434Cadaver Dissection00000
BIO 489Advanced Biology Experience00000
BUMGT 498Field Experience00000
ART 217Printmaking I00000
BUMKG 479Marketing Research00000
APRL 373Advanced Pattern Development00000
BUSCM 437Procurement, Sourcing And Supply Chain Management00000
ART 399Independent Study00000
CEE 355Applied Electromagnetics00000
AEC 471Project Scheduling And Cost Control00000
CHEM 136College Chemistry II00000
ARTED 208Contemporary Theory and Curricular Practices in Art Educatio...00000
CHEM 414Protein Chemistry Laboratory00000
APRL 485Studio II: Collection Development00000
CNIT 201Cybersecurity Operations00000
ARTH 33519Th Century Art In Europe00000
CNIT 382Network System Design00000
AEC 191The Built Environment00000
CNIT 449Cooperative Education Experience00000
BIO 141HONPlants and People00000
CNIT 582Network Systems Design00000
ANTH 293HONEnvironmental Justice00000
BIO 336Infection and Immunity00000
APSC 249Cooperative Education Experience00000
BIO 370Advanced Molecular Biology00000
AEC 273Concrete And Masonry Technology00000
BIO 452Wetland Ecology and Delineation00000
APSS 397Field Experience - Elective00000
APRL 167Textiles I: Theory, Fibers and Structures00000
BIO 799Independent Study00000
APSS 497Field Experience - Elective00000
BUACT 207Introduction-Corporate and Managerial Accounting00000
BUFIN 340Business Finance00000
BUMGT 380Principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation00000
ART 209Painting I00000
BUMIS 333Management Information Systems - Decision Support Systems00000
APRL 290Specifications and Fit Development00000
BUMKG 370Integrated Marketing Communications00000
ART 300Drawing III00000
BURTL 127Basic Merchandising00000
AEC 458Structural Systems--Wood And Steel00000
BUSCM 338Principles Of Logistics00000
ART 375Art Photography Studio00000
BUSCM 538Principles Of Logistics00000
APRL 390CAD For Apparel Images00000
CEE 315Power Electronics and Renewable Energy Systems00000
ART 410Painting III00000
CEE 425Data Communications and Computer Networks00000
AEC 120Construction Industry Orientation and Documents00000
CHEM 105Visualizing Chemistry00000
ART 479Comics III00000
CHEM 241Chemistry of Materials00000
APRL 464Functional Design and Development00000
CHEM 341Chemistry Of Materials00000
ARTH 222Introduction To Art00000
CHEM 452Environmental Regulations Management00000
AEC 749Cooperative Education Experience00000
CMG 495Cross-Media Seminar00000
ARTH 328Italian Renaissance Art00000
CNIT 349Cooperative Education Experience00000
APRL 499Independent Study00000
CNIT 371Cloud Computing Design, Implementation, & Security00000
ARTH 340History of Interactive Media00000
CNIT 391Wireless Systems00000
ABMB 201Introduction to Research in ABMB00000
CNIT 444Internetwork Troubleshooting00000
BIO 132HONHuman Biology00000
CNIT 484Advanced Network Security and Auditing00000
APRL 654Knit Design, Fabrication and Technology00000
ART 100HONDrawing I00000
BUINB 567International Management00000
BULGL 473Legal Aspects Of Construction00000
BIO 242Plant Biology00000
BUMGT 490Strategic Management And Business Policy00000
ABMB 398Field Experience00000
AEC 357Site Engineering00000