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UWStout Course Reviews

University of Wisconsin - Stout

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BUFIN 227Financial Wellness55451
PM 365Principles of Real Estate55451
PSYC 350Culture and Psychology45421
BUMGT 100Introduction To Business Administration00000
BIO 749Cooperative Education Experience00000
ART 301Life Drawing I00000
APRL 590CAD For Apparel Images00000
BURTL 417Social/Psychological Aspects Of Clothing00000
ART 447Senior Seminar Studio00000
BUSCM 660Supply Chain Management Design I Capstone00000
ARTH 319History Of Design00000
BIO 425Proteomics00000
ART 200HONDrawing II00000
BUINB 260International Business00000
APRL 393Garment Engineering/Production00000
BURTL 212Trend Tracking And Forecasting00000
ART 398Field Experience00000
BUSCM 100Introduction to Supply Chain Management00000
ANTH 220HONCultural Anthropology00000
CEE 345Microprocessor System Design00000
APRL 685Studio II: collection Development00000
ANTH 400Applied Anthropology00000
ARTH 330Baroque Art00000
APSC 401Applied Science Profession II00000
ARTH 336Modern Art00000
BIO 111HONScience, the Environment and Sustainability00000
BIO 358Introductory Pharmacology00000
ART 101HONTwo-Dimensional Design Foundations00000
BIO 460Epidemiology00000
APRL 299Independent Study00000
BUACT 312Cost Accounting00000
ART 219Relief Printmaking00000
BULGL 319Business Law II00000
AEC 472Management Of Construction00000
BUMGT 380Principles of Entrepreneurship and Innovation00000
ART 315Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry II00000
BURTL 349Cooperative Education Experience00000
APRL 482Studio I: Brand Development00000
BURTL 490Advanced Merchandise Planning Control00000
ART 411Contemporary Sculptural Practices III00000
BUSCM 437Procurement, Sourcing And Supply Chain Management00000
AEC 352Building Mechanical Systems00000
CEE 235Signals and Systems00000
ARTED 208Contemporary Theory and Curricular Practices in Art Educatio...00000
CEE 355Applied Electromagnetics00000
ANTH 293HONEnvironmental Justice00000
ARTH 326Greek And Roman Art00000
APSC 349Cooperative Education Experience00000
ARTH 332Gender and Art00000
AEC 370Construction Estimating I00000
ARTH 340History of Interactive Media00000
APSS 300Quantitative Research Methods00000
APRL 166Apparel Construction I00000
BIO 132HONHuman Biology00000
APSS 397Field Experience - Elective00000
BIO 136College Molecular Cell Biology I00000
BIO 220Physiology Of Disabilities00000
BIO 351Ecology Laboratory00000
ART 100HONDrawing I00000
BIO 370Advanced Molecular Biology00000
APRL 272Quality Analysis of Sewn Products00000
BIO 451Research Capstone in Environmental Science00000
ART 103HONThree-Dimensional Design Foundations00000
BIO 489Advanced Biology Experience00000
AEC 470Construction Estimating Two00000
BUACT 201Financial-Managerial Accounting00000
ART 213Ceramics I00000
BUACT 335Accounting For Management Decisions00000
APRL 349Cooperative Education Experience00000
BUINB 567International Management00000
ART 279Comics I00000
BULGL 601Legal Environment Of Business00000
AEC 270Heavy Construction Methods And Equipment00000
BUMGT 249Cooperative Education Experience00000
ART 311Contemporary Sculptural Practices II00000
BUMKG 479Marketing Research00000
APRL 449Cooperative Education Experience00000
BURTL 319International Economic Trends in Textiles and Clothing00000
ART 375Art Photography Studio00000
BURTL 398Field Experience00000
AEC 749Cooperative Education Experience00000
BURTL 450Retail Practicum I00000
ART 403Life Drawing III00000
BURTL 651Retail Practicum II00000
APRL 498Field Experience00000
BUSCM 338Principles Of Logistics00000
ART 415Metals and Contemporary Art Jewelry III00000
BUSCM 461Supply Chain Management Design II Capstone00000
ABMB 470Applied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Senior Capstone00000
CEE 215Electronics00000
ART 499Independent Study00000
CEE 325Digital System Design00000
APRL 682Studio I: Brand Development00000
APSS 450Bricolage, Bridges, and Transdisciplinary Analysis00000
BIO 242Plant Biology00000
BIO 262Introduction to Industrial Hygiene and Occupational Health00000
ARTED 409Student Teaching In Art Education - Secondary00000
ABMB 349Cooperative Education Experience00000
AEC 171Light Construction Methods And Materials00000
AEC 458Structural Systems--Wood And Steel00000