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UWL Course Reviews

University of Wisconsin - La Crosse

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
BIO 566Human Molecular Genetics00000
CHE 500Health Policy, Advocacy, and Community Organizations00000
ART 476Experimental Photography and Imaging00000
BIO 508Developmental Biology00000
BIO 315Cell Biology00000
ART 320Intermediate Metalsmithing: Forging and Raising00000
BLAW 305Business Law00000
ARC 335Human Skeletal Anatomy and the Anthropological Study of the...00000
ATS 743Athletic Training Research III00000
ARC 455Historical and Theoretical Perspectives in Archaeology00000
BIO 479Biology Teaching Assistant00000
BIO 412Mycology00000
ART 262Drawing II00000
BIO 542Plant Microbe Interactions00000
ARC 101Orientation to the Archaeological Studies Major00000
BIO 718Advanced Human Physiology I00000
ART 405Expanded Practices in Painting Media00000
CHE 360Methods and Strategies for Health Education00000
ANT 320Rites, Rituals and Ceremonies00000
CHI 301Advanced Chinese00000
ARC 372History of Women in the Ancient World00000
BIO 203Organismal Biology00000
ANT 346Ethnoarchaeology and Experimental Archaeology00000
BIO 390Latin and Greek Roots in Scientific Terminology00000
ART 164Design Foundations00000
BIO 468Human Molecular Genetics Lab00000
BIO 422Ichthyology00000
ART 218Print Media I00000
BIO 495Service Learning in Biology00000
ANT 496Honors Thesis in Cultural Anthropology00000
BIO 529Evolution00000
ART 306Drawing and Painting Media00000
BIO 556Plant Ecology00000
ANT 212Search for Economic Justice00000
BIO 583Cell Signaling00000
ART 350The Practice of Art Therapy00000
BIO 732Effective Teaching Strategies for Grad Teaching Assts in the...00000
ARC 302Egyptian Hieroglyphs: The Language and Culture of Ancient Eg...00000
BUS 730Decision Framing And Decision Making In Complex Environments00000
ART 421Advanced Metalsmithing00000
CHE 450Implementation, Administration, and Evaluation of Health Edu...00000
ACC 430Taxation II00000
CHI 100Basic Spoken Chinese00000
ATS 718Healthcare Administration in Athletic Training00000
CHI 320Introduction to Chinese Civilization00000
ANT 325North American Anthropology and Archaeology00000
BIO 100Biology for the Informed Citizen00000
ARC 404Environmental Archaeology00000
BIO 306Genetics00000
ACC 499Independent Study00000
BIO 341Limnology00000
ART 102Art Appreciation00000
BIO 405Aquatic and Wetland Vascular Plants00000
ANT 357Peoples And Cultures Of Africa00000
BIO 415Neuroethology00000
ART 204Watercolor Painting00000
BIO 444Entomology00000
BIO 429Evolution00000
ART 214Introduction to Sculpture00000
BIO 473Marine Biology00000
ANT 454Historical and Theoretical Approaches in Anthropology00000
BIO 489Independent Study in Biology00000
ART 223Introduction to Blacksmithing00000
BIO 504Plant Taxonomy00000
ANT 195Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
BIO 514Freshwater Invertebrate Zoology00000
ART 302Visual Language in the Global Classroom00000
BIO 536Molecular Biology Laboratory00000
ARA 201Intermediate Arabic I00000
BIO 544Entomology00000
ART 315Writing About Art00000
BIO 561Directed Studies00000
ACC 338Principles of Fraud Examination00000
BIO 573Marine Biology00000
ART 331Art of the United States00000
BIO 701Communication in the Biological Sciences00000
ARC 280The Incas and their Ancestors: Archaeology of the Andes00000
BIO 72321st Century Mycology00000
ART 375Special Projects in Photography00000
BIO 779Biology Laboratory Assistant00000
ANT 305Indigenous Agricultural Societies: Past and Present00000
BUS 350Career Preparation00000
ART 416Advanced Ceramics00000
BUS 755Managing in a Changing Technological Environment00000
ARC 311European Prehistory00000
CHE 400Health Policy, Advocacy, and Community Organizations00000
ART 461Field Experience in Art Education II00000
CHE 475Workshop in Health Education00000
ACC 312Intermediate Accounting II00000
CHE 560Medical Terminology for Health Education00000
ATS 704Applied Neuroscience in Athletic Training00000
CHI 102Chinese in a Global Society II00000
ARC 365Ancient Iraq00000
ATS 733Athletic Training Clinical III00000
ACC 222Accounting Principles II00000
ACC 325Cost Accounting00000
ACC 704Accounting for Management Decisions00000
ANT 375Language, Power, and Inequality00000
ART 207Introduction to Digital Art and Design00000
BIO 436Molecular Biology Laboratory00000