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UWG Course Reviews

University of West Georgia

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
ASTR 2313Astronomy22431
PSYC 1040Career and Job Search Strategies55551
POLS 4200Principles of Public Administration00000
PHED 2000App Con of Fitness & Wellness00000
POLS 5405Politics in the European Union00000
PHYS 4323Nuclear Physics00000
NURS 6119Health Systems Leadership Leader/Manager Practicum I00000
POLS 4515Terrorism and Counterterrorism00000
MUSC 5800PSmall Ensemble: Basketball Band00000
PHED 3671Physical Education in Elementary Schools00000
MUSC 6600OPrincipal Applied: Euphonium00000
PHED 7660Developing the Whole Child for 21st Century Learning00000
PHYS 2212KPrinciples of Physics II with Laboratory00000
NURS 6101Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice00000
POLS 3101American Political Institutions00000
MUSC 5160Instrumental Pedagogy & Lit00000
POLS 4301Constitutional Law I00000
NURS 9016Distance Education in Nursing00000
POLS 5102The Presidency00000
MUSC 4610CSecondary Applied: Voice00000
POLS 6285Emergency Management00000
MUSC 6220Music Theory00000
PHED 4640Coaching the Mental Side of Sport00000
MUSC 4730Jazz Ensemble00000
PHIL 311018th-19th Century Philosophy00000
NURS 3202Health Care of the Client II00000
PHIL 3220Christian Thought00000
PHYS 1112LIntroductory Physics II Laboratory00000
NURS 4502Pathophysiology for RNs00000
PHYS 3413Optics00000
MUSC 4942Full Recital00000
PHYS 4985Biophysics00000
NURS 6110Teaching Strategies and Evaluation00000
POLS 3401Comparative Politics00000
MUSC 4600CPrincipal Applied: Voice00000
POLS 4215Management of Non-Profit Organizations00000
NURS 9004Teaching the Adult Learner00000
POLS 4406British Politics00000
MUSC 5730Jazz Ensemble00000
POLS 4602Modern Political Thought00000
ORGL 2100Writing for Leadership00000
POLS 5215Management of Nonprofit Organizations00000
MUSC 4321Applied Jazz Improvisation00000
POLS 6202Research Methods for Public Administration00000
PHED 3220Health Prom, Ed, and Prog Eval00000
PSYC 1030Personal Relationships00000
MUSC 4700Wind Ensemble00000
PHED 4501Contemporary Health Issues00000
MUSC 6600PPrincipal Applied: Tuba00000
PHED 6630Assessment and Program Evaluation in Health and Physical Edu...00000
MUSC 4600GPrincipal Applied: Oboe00000
PHIL 2020Critical Thinking00000
NURS 3100Pathophysiology and Pharmacology II00000
PHIL 3160Philosophy in Literature& Film00000
MUSC 4770Opera Workshop00000
PHIL 4110Philosophy of Law00000
NURS 3303Competency-Based Clinical Performance00000
PHIL 4130Feminist Philosophy00000
PHYS 1111LIntroductory Physics I Laboratory00000
NURS 4301Clinical Practice III00000
PHYS 2211Principles of Physics I00000
MUSC 4800OSmall Ensemble: Jazz Combo00000
PHYS 3113Mechanics00000
NURS 4508Nursing Leadership in Healthcare Communities for RNs (Capsto...00000
PHYS 3521Experimental Physics II00000
MUSC 4600KPrincipal Applied: Saxophone00000
PHYS 4513Mathematical Physics00000
NURS 6105Leadership for Quality, Safety, and Health Policy00000
POLS 2201State and Local Government00000
MUSC 4945Full Composition Recital00000
POLS 3110Political Parties00000
NURS 6114Intro to Health Sys Leadership00000
POLS 3601Political Analysis00000
MUSC 4188Teaching Internship00000
POLS 4210Public Management00000
NURS 6125Health Systems Leadership Clinical Nurse Leader Seminar00000
POLS 4219Public Human Resource Management00000
MUSC 5700Wind Ensemble00000
POLS 4402Russian Politics00000
NURS 9011Ethics in Educational Leadership00000
POLS 4504International Political Econmy00000
MUSC 4600PPrincipal Applied: Tuba00000
POLS 4519Genocide00000
NUTR 4100Nutrition Education and Counseling Strategies00000
POLS 4606Politics of Asia00000
MUSC 5770Opera Workshop00000
POLS 5211State & Local Pol & Administr00000
ORGL 3000Reflective Seminar I: Self as Learner00000
POLS 5217Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations00000
MUSC 2600IPrincipal Applied: Clarinet00000
POLS 5985African Politics00000
PHED 2605Functional Anatomy00000
POLS 6205Administrative Law and Procedures00000
MUSC 6083Research Methods and Materials00000
PHIL 4220Hermeneutics00000
PHED 3503Skills/Stra-Net and Wall Games00000
ART 4405Graphic Design V00000
MUSC 4182Piano Pedagogy II00000
MUSC 4600APrincipal Applied: Piano00000
MUSC 4800PSmall Ensemble: Basketball Band00000