UWG Course Reviews

University of West Georgia

HESA 7152Research and Program Evaluation00000
HIST 4432The Roman Republic00000
GEOG 3644Atlanta's Geographies00000
GRMN 1001Elementary German I00000
GEOG 5563Remote Sensing00000
FREN 4310Identités Postcoloniales00000
HIST 3341Britain to 168800000
ENGL 5295Studies in Young Adult Literature00000
GEOG 4700Global Environmental Change00000
EURO 4130EU Law & Legal Systems00000
GFA 2030GFA Grip & Rigging00000
GEOL 3024Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology00000
FORL 4586Teaching Internship00000
HESA 6170Foundations of College Student Affairs00000
ENGL 4405Publishing and Editing00000
HESA 9224Institutional Assessment and Program Effectiveness00000
GEOG 1013World Geography00000
HIST 4285The First Crusade00000
ENGL 2132American Literature II00000
HIST 4469The Civil Rights Movement00000
ENGL 6105Seminar in British Literature I00000
GEOG 4985Economic Geographies of Sports00000
ENGL 3400Pedagogy and Writing00000
GEOL 1121LPhysical Geology Laboratory00000
EURO 4830Governments of the Euro Union00000
GFA 1000Introduction to Film & Television Production00000
GEOL 4014Geochemistry00000
FINC 6532Finance00000
GFA 3140GFA Professional Assistant Sound Engineering with Avid ProTo...00000
ENGL 4300StudiesEnglishLanguage:Grammar00000
GRMN 3102German Composition00000
FREN 3210La littérature antillaise00000
HESA 6177Theory and Assessment of Educational Environments00000
ENGL 2110World Literature00000
HESA 9214Analysis of Higher Education Literature00000
FTA 3860Emerging Payments Technology00000
HIST 2302Methodology00000
ENGL 5109Film as Literature00000
HIST 3363African-American History Since 186500000
GEOG 2503Cultural Geography00000
HIST 4403Introduction to Museum Studies00000
EDSI 9943Advanced Principles of School Improvement00000
HIST 4452The American Revolution, 1763-178300000
GEOG 4400Energy and Sustainability00000
HIST 4476The Old South00000
ENGL 3160Philosophy in Literature& Film00000
GEOG 4893Practicum in GIS00000
ENGL 6385Sem in Spec Topics: Teach Writ00000
GEOG 5553Geographic Information Systems00000
EDSI 9998Research for Doctoral Dissertation00000
GEOL 1011KGeology I and Lab00000
EURO 4730EU Foreign Policy00000
GEOL 1122LHistorical Geology Laboratory00000
ENGL 4000BritLitI-PoliticalBodies00000
GEOL 3603Environmental Geology00000
FILM 2100History and Theory of Film00000
GEOL 4501Geology Seminar00000
GEOL 4044Engineering Geology00000
FINC 4542Portfolio Management00000
GFA 1500Introduction to Digital Entertainment, Esports & Game Develo...00000
ENGL 4185LitByWomen:AmIntersections00000
GFA 2060GFA Production Accounting & Office Management00000
FORL 3111Sci-Fi&Horror in Hispanic Film00000
GFA 4040GFA Professional Editing—Post Production Digital Imaging &...00000
ENGL 1102English Composition II00000
GRMN 2001Intermediate German I00000
FREN 2001Intermediate French I00000
GRMN 4250Contemporary German Cinema00000
ENGL 4384Sen.Sem. Bad Girls & The South00000
HESA 6175Student Affairs Practicum00000
FREN 3220La France à l'âge classique00000
HESA 6179Capstone Seminar: Student Affairs00000
EDSI 9923The Culturally Proficient Leader: Building Inclusive Environ...00000
HESA 9212Advanced Seminar in Leadership00000
FREN 4785ÉChange Virtuel00000
HESA 9218Higher Education Finance and Advancement00000
ENGL 5003Am Lit I00000
HIST 1112Survey of World History/Civilization II00000
FTA 4003Commercial Banking in FinTech00000
HIST 3319Modern Africa, 1820-Present00000
ENGL 2120British Literature00000
HIST 3351Imperial Russia00000
GEOG 1112LWeather and Climate Laboratory00000
HIST 4209Greek and Roman Warfare00000
ENGL 5185Studies in Literature by Women00000
HIST 4385Slavery in the Middle East00000
GEOG 3020Political Geography00000
HIST 4420The Holocaust00000
EDRS 8301Educational Research Design00000
HIST 4440Modern Germany00000
GEOG 4083Faculty-Mentored Research00000
HIST 4464American Sports History00000
ENGL 5310Studies in Literary Theory00000
GEOG 4564Contemporary Remote Sensing Applications00000
EDLE 7312Schools and Community Engagement00000
EDSI 7385Spec. Topics in School Improve00000
EDUC 2130Exploring Learning and Teaching00000
ENGL 4109Film as Literature00000
FINC 4531Intermediate Corporate Finance00000
GEOL 4084Hydrogeology00000