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UWF Course Reviews

University of West Florida

CodeNameOverallEasinessInterestUsefulnessReviewssorted descending
AMH 6137Revolutionary America00000
AML 4990Corporate Autobiography00000
AFR 2130Team and Leadership Fundamentals I00000
AMH 4644Civil Rights And Hollywood00000
AFR 4211National Security, Leadership Responsibilities I00000
ADV 4802Integrated Communication-Campaigns00000
AML 3604African American Literature00000
ACG 5933CPA Examination Review of Auditing and Attestation00000
AFR 3221LLeading People/Effective Communication I Lab00000
ACG 6309Accounting for Decision Making00000
AMH 4420History of Florida00000
AMH 2010United States to 187700000
ADV 3216Advertising Graphics I00000
AMH 5646Civil Rights And Hollywood00000
ACG 5658Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting00000
AML 2010American Literature I00000
AFR 1101LHeritage and Values I Lab00000
AML 4054Topics in Twentieth-Century and Contemporary American Litera...00000
ACG 4151Accounting Theory00000
AML 6507Topics in American Literature 1900-Present00000
ACG 5990Forensic Accounting00000
AFR 3232LLeading People/Effective Communication II Lab00000
ACG 4501Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting00000
AFR 4214National Security, Leadership Responsibilities & Commissioni...00000
ACG 6856Advanced Auditing00000
AMH 4375Inventing the Future: The History of American Technology00000
AMH 3540American Military History00000
ADV 3101Creative Strategy & Tactics I00000
AMH 4442The American West00000
ACG 4941Accounting Internship00000
AMH 4905Directed Study in Civil Rights00000
ADV 4202Creative Strategy and Tactics II00000
AMH 5990Florida History Seminar00000
ACG 3905Directed Study00000
AMH 6905Directed Study00000
AFH 4503Africans in the Atlantic World00000
AML 2072Sex, Money, and Power in American Literature00000
ACG 5931CPA Examination Review Financial Accounting and Reporting00000
AML 4014Topics in Early American Literature00000
AFR 1112LHeritage and Values II Lab00000
AML 4640Topics in Native American Literature00000
ACG 3111Intermediate Financial Accounting II00000
AML 6455Topics in American Literature00000
AFR 2132Team and Leadership Fundamentals II00000
AML 6905Directed Study00000
ACG 4201Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AFR 3221Leading People/Effective Communications I00000
ACG 6308Advanced Managerial Accounting00000
AFR 3232Leading People/Effective Communication II00000
ACG 3180Financial Statement Analysis00000
AFR 4211LNational Security, Leadership Responsibilities I Lab00000
ACG 6805Seminar in Financial Accounting00000
AFR 4214LNational Security, Leadership Responsibilities II Lab00000
ACG 4651Auditing00000
AMH 2020United States since 187700000
ACG 6905Directed Study00000
AMH 4170The American Civil War00000
AMH 4111Colonial America00000
ADV 3000Introduction To Advertising00000
AMH 4380Disasters in American History00000
ACG 4905Directed Study00000
AMH 4427Florida Panhandle History00000
ADV 3213Advertising Graphics II00000
AMH 4575Civil Rights00000
ACG 3401Accounting Information Systems00000
AMH 4694North American Seafaring00000
ADV 3300Advertising Media Strategy & Planning00000
AMH 4990Video Games in American History00000
ACG 5205Advanced Financial Accounting00000
AMH 5905Disasters In American History 1789-194000000
ADV 4801National Student Advertising Competition00000
AMH 6116Colonial America00000
ACG 3101Intermediate Financial Accounting I00000
AMH 6149Transformations of America00000
ADV 4905Directed Study00000
AMH 6990Comparative Slavery00000
ACG 5905Directed Study00000
AML 2020American Literature II00000
AFH 6990Africans in the Atlantic World00000
AML 2905American Literature II00000
ACG 3990Forensic Accounting & Assuranc00000
AML 3624Black Women Writers00000
AFR 1101Heritage and Values I00000
AML 401519Th Century Amer Literature00000
ACG 5932CPA Examination Review of Regulation00000
AML 4302Single Author Seminar, American Literature, 1700 to the Pres...00000
AFR 1112Heritage and Values II00000
AML 4905Settler Colonial Aesthetics00000
ACG 2071Principles of Managerial Accounting00000
AML 5990Special Topics Course00000
AFR 2130LTeam and Leadership Fundamentals I Lab00000
AML 6506Topics in American Literature to 190000000
ACG 5935CPA Examination Review of Business Environment and Concepts00000
AFR 2132LTeam and Leadership Fundamentals II Lab00000
ACG 2021Principles of Financial Accounting00000
ACG 3082Accounting for Non-Majors00000
ACG 3343Cost Accounting00000
ACG 4682Forensic Accounting00000
ADV 2214Advertising Graphics I00000
AMH 4131American Revolutions, 1763-182800000