UWEC Course Reviews

University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

GEOG 104The Physical Environment22111
BCOM 216Business Writing II00000
CHEM 411Survey of Industrial Chemistry00000
CJ 550Human Resource Development00000
BSAD 300Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the Workplace00000
ART 384Artist Books: Image & Text00000
CJ 201Introduction to Interpersonal Communication00000
AIS 543Contemporary American Indian Communities00000
ANTH 422Anthropology Of Law00000
BIOL 104Marine Biology00000
BIOL 250Microbiology00000
BIOL 499Independent Study - Seniors00000
ART 352Printmaking - Serigraphy-Intermediate00000
CHEM 161Chemistry and Culture of Food and Cooking00000
AIS 343Contemporary American Indian Communities00000
CHEM 491Special Topics00000
ARTH 111Survey: Ancient to Medieval Art00000
CJ 318Topics in Communication and Social Advocacy00000
ACCT 703Accounting Foundations for Business Decisions00000
CND 454Community Health Nursing00000
ANTH 234Museum Curation00000
BIOL 195Plants and Society00000
AIS 102Introduction to American Indian Expressive Cultures00000
ART 110Foundations: Three-Dimensional Art00000
BIOL 317Animal Physiology00000
BIOL 324Genetics Inquiry00000
BIOL 405Advanced Cell and Molecular Lab00000
ART 332Illustration Narratives00000
BME 201Introduction to Biomedical Engineering00000
AIS 244American Indian Literature of Healing00000
BSAD 702Statistical Analysis Foundation00000
ART 375Digital Design I: Website Development00000
CHEM 344Modern Applied Separations and Spectrometry00000
ACCT 617Governmental and Nonprofit Organization Accounting00000
CHEM 444Modern Applied Separations and Spectrometry00000
ART 443Advanced Studio - Illustration00000
CHEM 653Biochemistry Laboratory00000
AIS 399Independent Study00000
CJ 250Introduction to Organizational Communication00000
ARTH 350Travel Opportunities in Art00000
CJ 365Advertising Message Strategy00000
ACCT 417Governmental and Nonprofit Organization Accounting00000
CND 399Independent Study00000
BCOM 499Independent Study - Seniors00000
CND 495Directed Studies00000
ACCT 797Independent Study00000
BIOL 130Human Sexual Biology00000
ANTH 315Language in Culture and Society00000
BIOL 221Foundations of Biology I00000
ACCT 470Data Analytics for Accounting00000
BIOL 308Evolution00000
ART 105Introduction to the Visual Arts00000
BIOL 321Ecology00000
AIS 122Beginning Ojibwe II00000
ART 244Introduction to Painting00000
BIOL 331Trees And Shrubs00000
BIOL 351Systems Neuroscience Lab00000
BIOL 399Independent Study - Juniors00000
ART 312Digital Imaging and Design00000
BIOL 423Collaborative Research in Biology00000
AIS 222Intermediate Ojibwe II00000
BIOL 602Current Topics in Virology and Immunology00000
ART 347Water-Media Process00000
BME 340Biomaterials00000
ACCT 601Advanced Financial Accounting00000
BSAD 491Selected Topics in Business00000
ART 364Intermediate Sculpture00000
CHEM 105General Chemistry I Lecture00000
AIS 322Native Geographies00000
CHEM 318Bioinorganic Chemistry00000
ART 381Intermediate Photography: Darkroom00000
CHEM 399Independent Study - Juniors00000
ACCT 395Accounting Internship I00000
CHEM 433Physical Chemistry I00000
ART 402Advanced Studio Practice00000
CHEM 454Biochemistry II00000
AIS 368Studies in American Indian History00000
CHEM 499Independent Study - Seniors00000
ART 497Student Academic Apprenticeship00000
CJ 100Introduction to Forensics00000
ACCT 625Ethics in Accounting00000
CJ 206Human Communication Theory00000
ARTH 319Renaissance Art00000
CJ 300Research Methods00000
AIS 491Special Topics00000
CJ 351Strategic Event Planning00000
ARTH 399Independent Study - Juniors00000
CJ 397Student Academic Apprenticeship00000
ACCT 301Intermediate Accounting I00000
CJ 695Directed Studies00000
BCOM 490Internship in Business Communication00000
CND 446Research and Evidence-Based Practice00000
ANTH 161Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
BIOL 365Animal Behavior00000
BCOM 695Directed Studies00000
ACCT 201Introduction to Accounting00000
ACCT 313Auditing00000
ACCT 502Intermediate Accounting II00000
AIS 161Introduction to Cultural Anthropology00000
ART 276Introduction to Visual Identity Design00000